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    The Apple iPhone 5 has got a large amount of anticipations from Apple iPhone fans and mobile phone users, and there are so many rumors about the new features of Apple iPhone 5 and its release date. However, various indications have shown that Apple will cancel its tradition to release new iPhones in June/July, and have delayed to release the long anticipated iPhone 5 on September.

    Apple iPhone 5

    Will the next generation of iPhone be redesigned? Or the iCloud music service is going to be included? Here I have listed 18 new anticipated features of Apple iPhone 5 that are popular online and the possibility of anticipated features. Just think which one would be included by iPhone 5 when released.

    1. Larger touchscreen (possible)

    Now, all Android OS mobile phones have adopted the 4 inch large touchscreen for better user experience. It is reasonable and possible for Apple to go with the tide to configure a larger touchscreen on iPhone 5.

    2. 4G support (unlikely)

    The Apple iPhone battery has been unsatisfied for long. Apple has spent a whole year on iPhone 3G performance. It is evaluated that the same time duration would be needed for the next iPhone, and maybe the iPhone 5 to be available in September would support 4G.

    3. Both Verizon and AT&T network connectivity (very possible)

    It is said that the iPhone 5 would be a “global” device, which means supporting both CDMA and GSM network connectivity. Therefore it is not hard for us to predict the iPhone 5 would support both Verizon and AT&T network connectivity.

    4. iOS 5 operation system, based on iOS 4 (very possible)

    One reason for delaying Apple iPhone 5 to hit market in September is that Apple developers need time to complete the new iOS 5 operation system. There have aroused many problems in iOS 4, especially in messaging service, which are expected to be solved by the new iOS 5 operation system.

    5. Wipe off Home key (unlikely)

    It is rumored that Apple might get a design inspiration from Android OS phones to wipe off the “Home” key. Apple may not adopt single touchscreen control, but both the “Home” key control and touchscreen control.

    6. Brand new touch gesture control (possible)

    iPhone and iPad in fact have included this somehow, like the support of 4 or 5 fingers gesture control for revolving programs or back to menu. This may become a clear standard of iPhone 5. BlackBerry PlayBook also adds this, which means the touch gesture control has produced quite good touch control experience.

    7. High definition camera (possible)

    Ever since the first iPhone, camera has been a standard configuration. The present 5MP camera of iPhone has enabled users to recording high definition videos well. But the 8MP high definition camera with 1080P HD video shooting capability from Apple iPhone’s strong competitor, Android phones, has pushed Apple to upgrade its iPhone 5 camera. And there are rumors which say Apple would also adopt 8MP HD camera for iPhone 5.

    8. Share the same appearance as iPhone 4 (unlikely)

    Some rumors that the iPhone 5 would share the same appearance as iPhone 4 with few minor changes. However, the two generations would differ largely in inner configuration, like faster processor and larger RAM.


    9. Totally new appearance (quite possible)

    Some rumors that Apple will redesign the appearance of iPhone 5: thinner and lighter phone body, and larger screen. As most Apple’s new products tend to be thinner and lighter, so does iPhone 5.


    10. 32GB and 64GB included (possible)

    Early before the release of iPhone 4, many people predicted 64GB Apple iPhone. So, the next generation of iPhone may mostly probably include both 64GB and 32GB for users.


    11. Near Field Communication (NFC) support (possible)

    NFC is at the earliest rumor of iPhone 5. Some said Apple iPhone 5 would adopt NFC chipset, which could bond iPhone and credit card or bank account for convenient payment. But once there is a rumor in which Apple said there is no NFC standard currently thus no NFC in iPhone 5.


    12. A5 processor (for sure)

    iPad 2 has adopted A5 processor. To keep pace with iPad 2, iPhone 5 is nearly for sure to adopt A5 processor.  


    13. Be the first Apple iCloud device? (possbile)

    Consomac recently discovered Apple MobileMe service in Mac OS X Lion test changed to Castle which is the upgraded version of MobileMe. This means Castle may become the development code of iCloud stream music service.


    14. No antenna problem (for sure)

    The iPhone 5 would adopt either built-in antenna or redesigned outward antenna for signal receiving, no “death grip” again.

    15. Cheap iPhone 5 “nano” (impossible)

    Every new iPhone would be accompanied with the rumor of nano version, and iPhone 5 is no way to make an exception.


    16. 3D display for movies and games (impossible)

    Though 3D display is highly anticipated from phone users, it is impossible for Apple to adopt 3D display in the near few years. It is very expensive and high electric consumption.


    17. No glass case on the rear (possible)

    There are rumors that the Apple iPhone 5 would adopt metal back case, rather than the traditional glass case.

    18. To be released in September (quite possible)

    A lot of proofs show that the Apple iPhone 5 to be this September. It is quite convincible for the September release, especially since the white iPhone 4 released recently.  

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