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    FIFA World Cup 2010

    FIFA World Cup 2010 will be the most heated global sport event in the next few weeks. To be held in South Africa on June 11, this world football tournament is the first of its history to narrow the global attention down to the African continent. Some of us have the chance to put their feet on the mysterious land to watch the Game in the real scene, leaving millions in jealousy and grumble. Maybe we can’t soak ourselves into the jubilance of thousands, or witness the real moment our favorite team goals, but at home and local we are accompanied with a couple of HD viewing options to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2010 more comfortably.

    1. Install a big screen HDTV and subscribe to the HDTV signal by your local television service provider. A 1080p Full-HD TV is preferred, and a decent 50" set is just around $800 so that you can see the clearest pictures of the game and the fabulous details of the players’ move. When you can see the faces clearly as if you are at the first bench, why bother to envy those who have to bring a binocular to the stadium?

    2. Go to the local cinema which will broadcast 3D World Cup Games. FIFA World Cup 2010 is the first game ever to introduce 3D filming technology to its live broadcasting. If you have watched Avatar or Alice in Wonderland in 3D form and you are ready for another 3D movie, here is your chance. The difference of 3D World Cup Games is that it is not a computer 3D creation but a real scene recorded by advanced 3D filming equipments, so you can expect more natural viewing experience than normal 3D movies.

    3. Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2010 alone at home and record the wonderful moments of the Game with your Media Center PC. With a PC installed of Windows XP Media Center Edition and a HDTV card, you can watch World Cup 2010 directly on your PC and record the best scenes on the field. In the case you will unfortunately have to work during the Game period or you would like to relive the Game later, you can schedule a recording on your Media Center PC and time shift the Game to watch at any convenient time. Afterwards, you can use Leawo HD Video Converter to convert the HD recordings of World Cup 2010 to video files to enjoy on your iPod or any other personal video player conveniently.

    After four years from the FIFA World Cup 2006 held in Germany, HD TV and devices have become an affordable and must-have option in today’s households. Just think about this: it may cost you more than $800 to watch the Game in South Africa, so why not take advantage of the HD and 3D live broadcasting and comfortably enjoy World Cup 2010 at home? If you have any more good suggestions for viewing World Cup 2010, it will be nice of you to let me know. 🙂

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