• Canon announced WiFi-enabled VIXIA Mini camcorder Made for Social Media

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    Though Canon has brought out widely-welcomed Vixia camcorder product line for a long time, it doesn’t mean all people would like a full-size camcorder, even the size is comparatively small for consumer. To meet people’s needs, Canon has now brought a new version of Vixia camcorder – Vixia Mini, which is designed for users looking to share their videos and photos using social media. The VIXIA Mini also supports 1080P video recording and provides multiple shooting modes and WiFi connection function.

    Vixia Mini

    Measuring 3 x 0.9 x 3.8 inches (76 x 22 x 96 mm) and weighing in at about 6.3 oz (180 g) with battery, the mini does indeed live up to its name. It features a Canon f/2.8 fisheye lens with a 160° viewing angle for video and a 170° viewing angle for photos. You can also choose between a Wide or Close-Up shooting mode. The VIXIA Mini has a 12.8MP High-Sensitivity CMOS image sensor and a DIGIC DV 4 image processor for capturing Full HD video and up to 12MP photos. The camcorder records using the web-friendly MP4 format as well.

    Vixia Mini

    This new camcorder has different video and audio recording modes to choose from, upon what sorts of sights and sounds users are going to capture. Users could also choose Smart Auto Mode, which includes 38 different video/audio recording mode combos and the camera would automatically choose one of them that it thinks would suite the current situation most. 2 different recording speeds: fast and slow are available. Others features include an integrated adjustable camcorder stand, and a tripod mounting socket.Vixia Mini

    Still, this XIVIA Mini camcorder adopts a removable SD card as memory storage. Users could record footage and stills into SD card, or transfer them to portable devices or personal computer via the built-in WiFi connection. The WiFi connection allows users to stream footages live and additionally remotely control camera by using their tablet or smartphone. Besides, there’s also a USB port for wired data transferring.Vixia Mini

    A 760mAh batter is built in this camera and 45 minutes of recording time could be reached per charging (differing upon the shooting modes). An 8GB SD card might store 1080P MP4 video less than an hour or 4’20” long 720P video.  Currently, this new camcorder is available in both white and black, with the market release in September at $299.99.

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