• 4 Best iTunes Cleanup Tools to Remove Duplicates in iTunes

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    “Any good free iTunes cleaner uppers? Something to fix the track, album, and artist name. And maybe even the album art? If it’s not free, I guess that’s ok too. Thanks in advance.”    “What is a good program to clean up iTunes library? Duplicates are my biggest problem!”

    As a matter of fact, the iTunes cleanup questions just like above mentioned are now flooding in the internet. I bet you guys no matter owning an iPad, iPhone or iPod, your iTunes music library is surely quite messy. Possibly you have many duplicate songs in iTunes. Most likely many of your songs are without album cover artwork, or even with mismatched and incorrect tags. The messy iTunes music library is really a nightmare. Under such a bad situation, You need to have your iTunes cleaned so that the songs in your iTunes music library will look complete, and you also need to find the best iTunes cleaner to fix your iTunes messy problems.

    Now the cool thing is that there are actually some professional iTunes cleanup programs around, which could help you fix and clean those iTunes messy problems, so as to make you enjoy your music better than ever in iTunes. Below I will share you guys with 4 best iTunes cleaner to help you get the iTunes organizing job well done.

    Top 1: Tunes Cleaner (Win/Mac)
    Most popular and powerful iTunes cleaner to date. Actually no matter you want to delete duplicates in iTunes music library, get album artwork for iTunes, or correct the mislabeled song tags, all jobs could be perfectly done by this iTunes cleaner tool. It could intelligently detect and delete duplicates in iTunes, filling in missing song tags via downloading from world’s most powerful and richest online database. Besides the intelligent fixing, it also provides you with built-in music editor to manually fix mislabeled song info. Its unique scoring system also brings you totally different experience to view the iTunes music library health before and after cleaning. Indeed, with Tunes Cleaner, your music listening experience will be better than ever.

    Top 2: TuneUp (Win/Mac)
    Besides Tunes Cleaner, TuneUp is another red-hot and professional program there to help clean up iTunes. As your one-stop-shop to fix disorganized music collection, TuneUp could help you find missing album covers, fix your songs (such as missing titles/information/artist names/etc.), remove duplicates to save space, and even something called Tuniverse which alerts you when your favorite artists are in town. My 2 favorite features of TuneUp is its “Clean” and “Cover Art” feature. The clean feature will go through all of your songs and fixes misspelled songs title/artist with the correct information, while the cover art feature will find album art for your albums.

    Top 3: Tagalicious (Win/Mac)
    The third iTunes companion I should add it to my list. Actually you cannot do iTunes clean up without Tagalicous, which could help you easily complete the metadata of your songs with just a few clicks. Tagalicous allows you to scroll through all your songs, and find the missing metadata for whichever song that you want to, whether it be the artist, album lyrics, year, genre or artwork. It automatically finds the right information and tags for songs in your music collection. Quickly convert files and tracks with indecipherable names and labels to an organized library of songs. The amazing feature is that Tagalicious uses audio analysis to determine the correct track information. The result is more reliable tagging regardless of variations in track length and encoding quality. Actually, the music on your iTunes has never been easier to organize with Tagalicous.

    Top 4: Song Sergeant (Mac)
    The last intelligent iTunes cleanup tool I should mention – Lairware’s Song Sergeant. Actually this tool is only available for Mac. Song Sergeant could intelligently identify and remove duplicates in iTunes, renames inconsistently named artists and albums, reunites orphaned song files to your library and cope with missing song files. The stunning features of Song Sergeant is that it is capable of merging song files together instead of just crudely deleting extras, letting you keep the best song information and best audio quality even if they are from different song files. Besides, you can easily preview songs and browse through related track information and artwork in order to ensure that they’re keeping exactly what you want in your iTunes music library. With Song Sergeant, whipping your music library into shape will never be a dream.

    That’s it! The best iTunes cleanup programs thus far. Actually you take all of them a try and then choose your most desired one as your iTunes life companion. If you come across any other great iTunes cleaner, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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