• Top 10 Interesting and Useful iOS Apps for iPad and iPhone

    Posted on July 8th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    Anyone who has an iPhone/iPad (or is looking for an excuse to get one) would spend a bit of time in the App Store on iTunes looking through the thousands of iPhone apps that are available. However, you busy work and fast life might let you have little time to choose proper apps for your iPad and iPhone. And meanwhile, it is really hard to get the right ones from such a wide selection of apps on App Store. Here, I have listed some top 10 interesting yet quite useful iOS apps for you iPad and iPhone.

    Chargeable IM app with wonderful interface – Verbs


    In the Verbs 2.0, developers add the Push Notification for up to one week of online state for this IM app. Verbs 2.0 owns ultra excellent interface and provides instant messaging function only with no annoying customizations. It can also send the links in the message received to Instapaper – an iOS app for reading. It charges US $2.99, with additional US $4.99 for the Push Notification function, totally pricing at US $7.98.

    Wrapped inside serial game – Continuity 2 (US $0.99)


    Continuity is in fact a serial game, in which users could rearrange video game levels to open the “red door”. Different levels require for different procedures and users have to connect with the wire. It is a really challenging game for all users.

    History record app for Facebook – MyLine for iPad (US $1.99)

    Myline for iPad

    MyLine is a fresh new iPad application, which collects the original Facebook data and shows the record to users via beautiful charts, Timeline and maps. Users could check the record of status renewal, photo, sign in and others. The only shortage existing is that still some bugs are not fixed.

    Nevus check for cancer prevention app – SkinScan (US $4.99)


    SkinScan is a quite creative iOS application. It could tell whether users have the symptoms of melanoma by analyzing the nevus of skin for cancer prevention. Of course, it should not replace diagnosis from doctors.

    Play Dead –disguise app for battery out (Free)


    This funny Play Dead app could launch the background picture of your iPhone’s battery is running out (1%-2%) so as to cheat other people who want to use your iPhone for a call or message.

    Music Producer – TNR-i (US $19.99)


    TNR-i lets users adjust time crosswise and adjust musical note. It could automatically play music customized by users. The fatal function of this app is that it could send your customized music to your friends or other users and allow them to modify. It has both iPad and iPhone versions.

    MedCoach –remind users to take medicine (Free)


    MedCoach could record the medicine note and time to take medicine for users with its Push Notification function. MedCoach also features with built-in tools to record detailed information of medicine, contacts, additional medicine, etc.

    TriviaFriends – get to know everything of your Facebook friends (Free)

    Trivia Friends

    TriviaFrinds app lets users compete with Facebook friends to get who knows more about each other. This application will provide users with multiple questions like which city your friend comes from and which movie is his/her favorite.

    Tumblr – for Tumblr blog management (Free)


    The iPhone application Tumblr performs well in managing multiple Tumblr blogs. Browsing dashbard, viewing blog, replying notes, and changing blog templates are all very convenient.

    Bizzy app – unify Yelp and Twitter (Free)


    Bizzy is a new crowdsourcing social network app. It allows users to “sign in” restaurant and entertainment spots and make a simple evaluation by marking. Users could write a short comment after marking, and add image to it. It also allows users to send the news to Twitter. It could make a recommendation to users via the marks of other users.

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  • Top 10 of the most useful super powers

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    If you were fed up with the heavy traffic, you probably hope you can fly or get the super speed. If you could not finish your work, you mostly want to stop the time. Those super powers are so practical that we really hate some bad guys with it in the screen. Why we cannot get such super power?

    So, if you can get a super power, which kind of it you most want to have? Which kind of it can ensure you enjoy your life better without protect the whole world? Let’s check the top 10 most useful super powers from movies!

    1. Invisibility

    Jessica Alba - Invisibility

    Representatives: Sue Storm – Fantastic Four, Sebastian Caine – Hollow Man, Harry Potter

    Guide: If you can be invisible, you can watch your boss, and catch the shortcoming; or you can give some bad students a lesson, like as Harry Potter.

    Negative: When you are invisible, you must keep very quiet so that nobody can hear your breath. And you need move fast, keep away from other people.

    2.  Super Strength


    Representatives: Superman, Bruce Banner – The Incredible Hulk, Hancock

    Guide: If your car stuck in the drain well, or tire burst in the highway, do you still need to call trailer, car servicer or police? Nope! Just pick up your car with a finger!

    Negative: If you became famous, I believe more and more people will ask you: Can you do me a favor? And with this super power, maybe you should work in the construction site.

    3. Fly


    Representatives: Storm – X-men, G-Girl – My super Ex-Girlfriend, Superman

    Guide: With this power, you can just say bye to the heavy traffic. You would never get up so early to catch the bus and subway. Have you ever count how much money you can save from plane tickets?

    Negative: Before you fly away, please made some previous preparation, and keep safe in the air. If you have acrophobia, or be terrible with directions, this power is really a burden.



    Representatives: Mystique – X-men

    Guide: Control someone, and enjoy his/her live for one day or week, awesome? Or with this ability, you can get the privacy and secret easily. If you want impute to somebody, just commit a crime with his/her face and body shape.

    Negative: This is one of the most immoral abilities in all of those super powers. And to be another people is very hard and miserable. You can learn it from Face Off.

    5. Super Speed

    Super speed

    Representatives: Superman, Vampire – Twilight, Dash – The Incredibles

    Guide: You can create a unique worldwide record and break the theory of human body limitation. 100 meters with 9 seconds is really a long time for you.

    Negative: Traffic accident always comes with you. Everything will mash up when you pass by. And please build up your body, when you run rapidly, you may hurt your lumbar.

    6. Super Sense

    Patience Phillips – Catwoman

    Representatives: Peter Parker – Spider-Man, Patience Phillips – Catwoman, Matt MurdockDaredevil

    Guide: With super sense, performing Fly Trapeze in acrobatic troupe is a lead-pipe cinch for you. If you do not want to show your face in public, you can also be a substitute in Hollywood. And what’s more, you can remove the security system in your house.

    Negative: You should get enough sleep every day because you may receive lots of useless information and waste your energy. And prepare some pills.

    7. Mind Control

    Professor Charles Xavier – X-menRepresentatives: Professor Charles Xavier – X-men, Edward Cullen – Twilight

    Guide: The future and usable range of this ability is really so unpredictable. With it, you can control anybody to do anything what you want. You just read other’s mind, control it and at last sync with your mind. If you didn’t want go outside shopping with your friends, didn’t want be punished because of work later or be caught a shortcoming, this power is really so practical to you.

    Negative: Mind control is not so interesting. You must feel so bad when you read some bad impression about you. And you may get the migraine because of staying too long in other’s mind.

    8. Telekinesis

    Jean Grey – X-menRepresentatives: Jean Grey – X-men, Dr. Manhattan – Watchmen

    Guide: When you laying into soft sofa, watching TV, but you can’t change the channel because remote control is so far away from you. So, you just need to think about it and catch it with your hand.

    Negative: This power can make you become lazy, and lazier. You will become heavier because you are lack of exercise.

    9. Teleportation

    TeleportationRepresentatives: Dr. Manhattan – Watchmen, David Rice – Jumper

    Guide: With such ability, you can come and go freely in the universe. You can go to the Statue of Liberty’s torch, have a short stay; or enjoy kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower; or have a daze in the Grand Canyon. If those are not stimulating enough, then go to the bar have a drink or the restaurant to have a dinner, and then instantly disappeared, save your money.

    Negative: Considering your power, the Government may ask you to do some dishonorable things, such as help with landing on the moon or lead humans have a visit on Mars.

    10. Time Control

    Time ControlRepresentatives: Neo – Matrix, Hiro Nakamura – Heroes

    Guide: This is ability allows you to use it as you wish, and it offers almost unlimited possibilities in life. With this ability, you can complete your work in “real time” ultra-effectively. You can even freeze the time, and then to save lives.

    Negative: The only drawback is that if you can only freeze time, then you will be very lonely. Because you had freeze time, but cannot skip work and go to Disney, because no traffic and cannot operate the funny tools in Disney. The worst thing is that you can’t watch TV and no friends on the Internet.

    Actually, there is an ultimate super power God! It creates all of the super powers. But with it, everything means nothing to you. And even that you can’t finish your life, is it so boring?

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    Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Our Dear Fathers: Wish All Fathers in the World a Happy Father’s Day

    8 ways to save and prolong iPhone 4 battery life to maximize iPhone utility

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  • Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Our Dear Fathers: Wish All Fathers in the World a Happy Father’s Day

    Posted on June 14th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    It is known to all that the third Sunday of June is a special day for both sons and their dear fathers, the Father’s Day, a worldwide celebration day for our dear fathers. And this year, Father’s Day comes on June 19th. Father’s Day is a great time to let Dad know how much you appreciate all he does and has done for you. Have you ever prepared your special gifts for your dear and great father?

    Happy Father's Day

    Many people would lose their heads when choosing gifts for their father on this special celebration day as it is really quite hard for them to choose the proper gifts. Here is a top 10 list of Father’s Day gift ideas for you to choose to present your love towards your dearest and greatest Daddy and let he know how much you love him. These top 10 Father’s Day gift ideas are just for reference.

    Leather Wallet

    Money clips are nice and represent a classic men’s gift, but wallets are generally a little more practical for everyday use. For Dad, choose a nice leather wallet that will last longer and keep its contents better protected. Just do not forget to add a small picture of your family to the wallet. This would make it sweeter.


    Watches are an accessory that most men wear. If your dad leads more of an active lifestyle, he may fare better with the solid construction of a watch that has a stainless steel band such as the Burberry Men’s Round Check Engraved Bracelet Watch. If your dad is more of a digital guy, opt for a sleek digital watch with a classical style like Casio Men’s AQ160WD-1BV.


    It would be a fantastic gift to buy your Daddy the book he has always been planning to collect but has nowhere to get, especially some old classic style books.


    Some people would say that sunglasses are too average to be a special gift for the dearest person in his celebration day. The reason why sunglasses should be one of the top 10 is that it always makes people young. Don’t you think your father would seem to be much younger in sunglasses?

    Exercise tools

    Nothing is better than father’s health, so some sporting tools would be the right wonderful gifts for your dear father, like a treadmill, massager, etc.

    DIY Father’s Day cards

    A card is just simple and easy to make, but also the most straight forward way to tell your dear Daddy how you love him with your own inner words written on. There are various cards for you to choose, like E-cards and flash cards. You can find some flash cards making here: http://www.swfkits.com/.

    New phone

    On Father’s Day, a new phone as a Father’s Day gift would also become a good choice. Most fathers would have very old mobile phones, especially for some aged fathers. A new mobile phone or a mobile phone designed especially for old men would be a popular choice.

    Blu-ray/DVD disc of a classic movie

    Some fathers love watching classic movies on television, just like my father. Now these old fashion movies are quite rarely seen on television. But there are DVD discs of these classic movies. So buy some classic movie DVD discs for fathers as Father’s Day gift would be superb for them. You can visit the Blu-ray/DVD Hut blog for some latest released Blu-ray and DVD discs.

    Blu-ray Player

    Blu-ray players are the latest and greatest way to watch HD movies, so why not show your appreciation for Dad by giving him one? Whether his favorite flick is Kill Bill or Planet Earth, your dad is sure to enjoy the Blu-ray experience.

    DIY video about your father

    This would be absolutely an excellent idea for you to please your father all time. All you need are just a video maker, pictures or video clips of your father, and a computer. You can DIY this video with your in heart words written on this video. Just imagine how happy it would be for your whole family to watch this video. You can refer to this guide for DIYing videos: How to create videos and make DIY settings.

    Anyway, these top 10 advices for Father’s Day gift ideas are just form my own personal experience and point of view, there may be a lot of other top 10 or top 5 and anything else. Whatever, all these advices are wishing all fathers to have a happy Father’s Day and happy life.

    Happy Father’s Day, dear Daddy!

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