• Top Four Kinds of Carefully Selected Thanksgiving Gifts for You

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    Thanksgiving Day is getting nearer and nearer with its approaching tread on the slipping-away time. Generally speaking, the thanksgiving season is a really good time to remember life’s blessings which are actually gifts from people around you. So it is also marked as a pretty good chance for you to convey your thankful feelings and express your sincere gratitude to your loved ones.

    Picking up the ideal gifts and sending to your loved ones is equivalent to providing them with a bed of roses, both of you derive enjoyment and happiness from it. From this point, how to select the suitable ones from millions of tons of gifts can be defined as an intellectual discipline to a large extent. Are those sweet yet painful gifts still bothering you? Hey, guys, just throw away the annoying thought and look at here. I’ve already prepared some carefully selected Thanksgiving gifts for you, go for it now!

    Common Thanksgiving Gifts As busy as you are, you may not have enough spare time to wrack your brain and prepare a gift. Some common gifts like flowers, chocolates and candies can be your first option. Although stale and boring they are, they can always work well in gift-giving. Waves of flowers’ fragrance refreshing mind and heart, chocolates’ flavor melting sorrow and suffering, candies’ sweetness bringing warm and happiness. You do not have to worry about that you have sent the wrong present for they are comprehensively applicable.

    Hand-crafted Thanksgiving GiftsI guess you can not find out a gift that can express your good will flawlessly except the one you made by yourself. So you can try something unique. A Thanksgiving card filled with your sincere words, a Thanksgiving photo frame full of your caring, a Thanksgiving letter covered with your gratitude, and a fruit basket along with your comfort, which can transfer your considerate feeling to your loved ones directly though they are not so delicate as the ones sold in the boutique.

    Special Thanksgiving GiftsSpecial gifts like diamonds: rare but precious. With the advent of information era, gifts are added some high-tech elements. Stylish modern people like you should apply to computer technology to DIY your special Thanksgiving gift. I think you must possess a lot of videos that carve the beautiful memories you have spent with your loved ones. Why not try to edit them to Thanksgiving-themed videos and burn them to DVDs? Only a smart little helper is needed here – DVD Creator, which can create DVD from video of popular formats. I am sure that the receiver will be amazing at this glorious individualized Thanksgiving gift. Come on to send them a big surprise.

    Practical Thanksgiving GiftsSome people like to receive gifts that can be used in meaningful ways. So you have to think of something practical to these people who adhere to pragmatism. A film or a sports ticket can please your friends who belong to movie fans and sports fans. As to ones prefer in doing exercises, a body-building card can satisfy them undoubtedly. And a comfortable spa can be the best gift for your female friends.

    Do you have some ideas about Thanksgiving gifts? If you are vacillating, trying out the special ones – using DVD Creator to create Thanksgiving-themed DVDs. It will never let you down. Have fun!

  • Thanksgiving Tools–Top 4 Necessaries for Thanksgiving Video Creating

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    Again, it is Thanksgiving Day, a favorite and popular festival full of tasty Thanksgiving food and Thanksgiving happiness. Some people are preparing materials for the opulent Thanksgiving food like the nice roasted Thanksgiving turkey, cranberry source, green beans, hominy, and others, while some other people are doing prepare work for creating Thanksgiving videos. For people who plan to record their Thanksgiving celebration and then make videos, these 4 top necessaries would serve a fairly perfect performance: the all-in-one video converter, Blu-ray ripper, PowerPoint to video Pro, and, DVD creator.

    The All-in-one video converter: the best Thanksgiving video converting tool for people to convert Thanksgiving videos to different video file formats. If you have recorded your Thanksgiving celebration videos with your camcorder, and you want to play back it on another player or your portable devices like iPhone or iPod, this All-in-one video converter would be your best choice.

    Blu-ray ripper: why Blu-ray ripper a necessary for Thanksgiving Day celebration? All for its powerful functions and strong performance in decrypting both Blu-ray Thanksgiving discs and DVD Thanksgiving discs. With this, your Thanksgiving celebration could last longer than ever before. If you like, you can also edit your Thanksgiving video by trimming, cropping, watermarking or adjusting effect.

    PowerPoint to Video Pro: for those people who took photos for the Thanksgiving celebration and tried to make all photos viewed in videos, what kind of tools should be chosen for the video creating? This PowerPoint to Video Pro just simply helps solve this problem. The process is quite simple: firstly to make your photos a PowerPoint slide and then convert the PowerPoint to video formats you like with this PowerPoint to Video Pro. Also, as this converter is a Pro edition, it owns more professional editing functions than the free edition, like batch processing and retaining original music and video clips. It would be a great helper for you to recall your happy Thanksgiving Day.

    DVD Creator: as well, the DVD creator is the right Thanksgiving video creating tool for you if you want to retain your Thanksgiving Day celebration in DVD discs for convenient review. Just think about that you have recorded all the Thanksgiving Day celebrations in your life, and when you get aged, what a great happiness for you to take out these DVD discs to review your happy life.

    Well, with these top 4 necessary tools of Thanksgiving video creating for you, you can create videos whatever you like. With their help, you would find that Thanksgiving Day celebration would not only become a celebration day, but a happiness creating time as well.

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  • Easy Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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    Aha! Hour after hour, day after day, I’ve already heard the hurry footsteps of Thanksgiving and felt the smell of Thanksgiving in the air. No festival is awaited so eagerly or welcomed so warmly as Thanksgiving Day, I guess you-my friends from foreign land, are looking forward to the arrival of that day every moment.

    On the eve of this divine Thanksgiving, I notice that people are still busy in doing the preparation work. Some of them are annoyed by the setting of dinner table. Frankly speaking, decorating a dinner table would be out of the question in common daily life, but on special Thanksgiving Day, you have to pay much attention to these seemingly trivial matters. Have you got an idea about how to decorate your Thanksgiving dinner table? If not, the following suggestions may be of some help to you:

    Thanksgiving table clothWhen choosing the table cloth, you should pick up the one that can create an atmosphere of jubilation. In some special occasions like Thanksgiving, you can choose the table cloth with bright color and lively printing. By the way, the color piece area should be controlled to a certain extent or it will usurp the role of the stuffs spreading on it.

    Thanksgiving candlesCandles play an indispensable role in a festival of warmth and romance, just like Thanksgiving Day. Candles of different size, different heights and different colors, constituting a beautiful scenery line of Thanksgiving dinner table.

    Thanksgiving table ornamentsThe beautiful porcelain, crystal cup, archaized plates should be placed at dinner table. To entertain the guests with the best tableware also can be called gratitude. Besides, the leaves, twigs and gourds in your courtyard are very suitable for decoration. The delicate ornaments can let you feel exceptionally warm and comfortable.

    Thanksgiving wine“A feast can not be called a feast without wine”. Port wine should be your favorite. It is the most famous grape wine in Portugal with sweet taste and alcohol degree around 20. If you can not find port wine, champagne is a pretty good substitute.

    Thanksgiving pumpkinPumpkin is the hot topic during festivals in foreign countries. It is a tradition to eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. You can either put a whole pumpkin on the table as ornament or set the pumpkin pie on the plates to serve as food. The shining golden color will absolutely bring you a sense of harvest.

    Thanksgiving turkeyTurkey is the constant centerpiece on thanksgiving dinner table. Have you ever thought about decorating the yummy big turkey? By using apple, grape, cherry you can make a fruit plate, and then put the turkey over it. Fruit matches with turkey, great!

    Thanksgiving cornTo eat the sweet food on this sweet Thanksgiving, I guess you will smile from ear to ear. The bright color will evoke your beautiful mood in an instantly.

    Maybe you have got another good idea about decorating your Thanksgiving dinner table. Why not share with us? And maybe you’ve got another problem about during Thanksgiving preparation or just want to find more information about Thanksgiving, please let me know and I will be always there waiting for you, guys!

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  • You Wanna Be An Ultraman or “Out” Man?

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    Last Saturday, when I was video chatting with an American friend, Trent, a Daddy of 17-month old twins, he told me that he would record every growth crumb for his kids. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, so I asked him what he planned to do for this Thanksgiving celebration. He said that he would again record everything of the twins with the camcorder and then transfer the videos and photos to the computer for recalling when his children grow up. Then I asked whether I could share the videos he made or the video sharing sites he uploaded the videos to, he just gave me a bitter smile and told me he did not know how to do this. OMG, really an “Out” man.

    Do you have the same difficulty just like Trent? If yes, you are unfortunately to become a member of “Out” men. LOL

    It is quite simple for you to throw away “Out man” and make you become an Ultraman in video creating for Thanksgiving celebration or other important days.

    Yet not believe? Well, I would prove it for you.

    What you need to do for video creating is just to download a video creator or a DVD creator from http://www.leawo.com/, where you can get as many tools as you want. After downloading and setup the tools, do as the instructions indicate and then you would experience a really relax and enjoyable experience for video creating, no matter what your sources are.

    A video or DVD creator is far from enough to meet your needs, or not sure about what kind of tools to adopt for best performance? There is a list for you to choose from, in which the best video tools are included. Various tools to perfect your work:
    video tools are included. Various tools to perfect your work:
    http://www.leawo.com/packages/: video creating suite especially suitable for veterans.
    http://www.leawo.com/video-converter/: convert videos among different video formats.
    http://www.leawo.com/dvd-converters/: if you want to create a DVD or decrypt and convert a DVD to other video formats, this would be your best helper.
    http://www.leawo.com/portable-solutions/: convert different video formats right to your portable devices like iPhone.
    http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-converter/: these PowerPoint to video tools also work for pictures/photos to video converting.

    The videos created by these tools would be used on both portable devices and video sharing websites to show off your happy time, other than to review the Thanksgiving happiness yourself.

    OK. Now, you find it really a piece of cake for you to create videos. Would you continue to be an “Out” man? Join the move and make yourself “Ultraman”.

    In the end, may all “Out Men” and Ultramen a happy Thanksgiving. LOL

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  • A Letter to Foreign Friend about Thanksgiving Background Music

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    Dear Jane,

    Many thanks for your kind and warm letter. At the dawn of Thanksgiving Day, wish you a kind word, a reassuring touch, and a warm smile in everyday life.

    The annual Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, you and your family must be busy in preparing everything for the upcoming festival. I’ve got that Thanksgiving is the holiday of thankfulness, of warmth, and of togetherness. For many Americans like you, Thanksgiving is the only time when all members of a family can get together, share together, and have fun together. Ah-ha! That sounds great! A huge Thanksgiving dinner and a large group of intimate members, eating and drinking to full content, chatting this and that till the end of the night, soaking up the festival atmosphere as hard as you can. WOW…so wonderful!!!

    So attracting the Thanksgiving is! If I were you I do not have to daydream about the heartwarming scene. Just kidding! OK, in you letter, you ask me to recommend you some ideas about background music during Thanksgiving dinner. You ask the right person this time, my dear!

    I remember you have ever told me that you were really fond of the background music in “the Thanksgiving dinner” scene in the TV play “Gossip Girls”. You can extract the background music directly and save it for displaying during dinner time. Before you get the target audio, you may need some tools to push you to achieve the effect. Good things need to be shared between bosom friends, so now I share my favorite tools with you. When I have to handle with my videos & audios & photos I will access to these handy software tools which are available for me. I believe it will certainly help you a lot. For extracting the pure music from video, I list two tools that I commonly used here: DVD Ripper & Video Converter, by using which you can obtain the needed background music in almost any audio formats according to your music player. Wait, I nearly forgot that you have got an iPad, and then you have to turn to DVD Ripper for Mac & Mac Video Converter. Well, you can use what I recommend for you or choose the one to your preference.

    Well, to share the delicious food in the lilting melodies, both the harmonious atmosphere and the appetite are enhanced. I admire you can appreciate such beautiful music in such sweet and placid day. I guess it will not only be a marvelous travel of music, but also be the impressed Thanksgiving-colored memory in your life.

    Believe it or not, I can feel the anticipation of Thanksgiving in the air now and I can not wait to see you pictures about your special Thanksgiving potluck. Have fun!

    Best regards,


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