• You Wanna Be An Ultraman or “Out” Man?

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    Last Saturday, when I was video chatting with an American friend, Trent, a Daddy of 17-month old twins, he told me that he would record every growth crumb for his kids. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, so I asked him what he planned to do for this Thanksgiving celebration. He said that he would again record everything of the twins with the camcorder and then transfer the videos and photos to the computer for recalling when his children grow up. Then I asked whether I could share the videos he made or the video sharing sites he uploaded the videos to, he just gave me a bitter smile and told me he did not know how to do this. OMG, really an “Out” man.

    Do you have the same difficulty just like Trent? If yes, you are unfortunately to become a member of “Out” men. LOL

    It is quite simple for you to throw away “Out man” and make you become an Ultraman in video creating for Thanksgiving celebration or other important days.

    Yet not believe? Well, I would prove it for you.

    What you need to do for video creating is just to download a video creator or a DVD creator from http://www.leawo.com/, where you can get as many tools as you want. After downloading and setup the tools, do as the instructions indicate and then you would experience a really relax and enjoyable experience for video creating, no matter what your sources are.

    A video or DVD creator is far from enough to meet your needs, or not sure about what kind of tools to adopt for best performance? There is a list for you to choose from, in which the best video tools are included. Various tools to perfect your work:
    video tools are included. Various tools to perfect your work:
    http://www.leawo.com/packages/: video creating suite especially suitable for veterans.
    http://www.leawo.com/video-converter/: convert videos among different video formats.
    http://www.leawo.com/dvd-converters/: if you want to create a DVD or decrypt and convert a DVD to other video formats, this would be your best helper.
    http://www.leawo.com/portable-solutions/: convert different video formats right to your portable devices like iPhone.
    http://www.leawo.com/powerpoint-converter/: these PowerPoint to video tools also work for pictures/photos to video converting.

    The videos created by these tools would be used on both portable devices and video sharing websites to show off your happy time, other than to review the Thanksgiving happiness yourself.

    OK. Now, you find it really a piece of cake for you to create videos. Would you continue to be an “Out” man? Join the move and make yourself “Ultraman”.

    In the end, may all “Out Men” and Ultramen a happy Thanksgiving. LOL

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  • A Letter to Foreign Friend about Thanksgiving Background Music

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    Dear Jane,

    Many thanks for your kind and warm letter. At the dawn of Thanksgiving Day, wish you a kind word, a reassuring touch, and a warm smile in everyday life.

    The annual Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, you and your family must be busy in preparing everything for the upcoming festival. I’ve got that Thanksgiving is the holiday of thankfulness, of warmth, and of togetherness. For many Americans like you, Thanksgiving is the only time when all members of a family can get together, share together, and have fun together. Ah-ha! That sounds great! A huge Thanksgiving dinner and a large group of intimate members, eating and drinking to full content, chatting this and that till the end of the night, soaking up the festival atmosphere as hard as you can. WOW…so wonderful!!!

    So attracting the Thanksgiving is! If I were you I do not have to daydream about the heartwarming scene. Just kidding! OK, in you letter, you ask me to recommend you some ideas about background music during Thanksgiving dinner. You ask the right person this time, my dear!

    I remember you have ever told me that you were really fond of the background music in “the Thanksgiving dinner” scene in the TV play “Gossip Girls”. You can extract the background music directly and save it for displaying during dinner time. Before you get the target audio, you may need some tools to push you to achieve the effect. Good things need to be shared between bosom friends, so now I share my favorite tools with you. When I have to handle with my videos & audios & photos I will access to these handy software tools which are available for me. I believe it will certainly help you a lot. For extracting the pure music from video, I list two tools that I commonly used here: DVD Ripper & Video Converter, by using which you can obtain the needed background music in almost any audio formats according to your music player. Wait, I nearly forgot that you have got an iPad, and then you have to turn to DVD Ripper for Mac & Mac Video Converter. Well, you can use what I recommend for you or choose the one to your preference.

    Well, to share the delicious food in the lilting melodies, both the harmonious atmosphere and the appetite are enhanced. I admire you can appreciate such beautiful music in such sweet and placid day. I guess it will not only be a marvelous travel of music, but also be the impressed Thanksgiving-colored memory in your life.

    Believe it or not, I can feel the anticipation of Thanksgiving in the air now and I can not wait to see you pictures about your special Thanksgiving potluck. Have fun!

    Best regards,


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  • Appetizer before Thanksgiving Dinner

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    Chocolate Silk Pecan Pie,Crescent Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels,Crescent Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels,Awesome Pumpkin Pie,Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole,Moist and Savory Stuffing,a Simply Perfect Roast Turkey (like the picture shows), have these Thanksgiving food made your mouth water?So many delicious and tasty Thanksgiving foods are provoking your appetite. But, what about if you are the kitchen master who has to prepare all these opulent foods for those who have started gnawing on the table legs for eating, what is your feeling now? Scalp creepy or try to provide foods in a rush only to find endless troubles?

    Well, in such occasions, you’d better do something that attracts their attention and let they forget their stomach, like playing games, assigning some housework, etc. Well, here is another very nice suggestion for you to stop their annoying noise, and make an appetizer before Thanksgiving dinner as well. That is to let them view your last Thanksgiving Day videos.

    Your DVD player can’t read the video you recorded? Or “Invalid Format” appears on your player display? Take it easy. You can just spend a few minute to solve this problem and then go back to your position. Before telling you the method, let’s take a look at the picture bellow.

    Well, you got it? You even needn’t to get a DVD writer, what you need to do is just launch your computer and then come to a online software solution provider to download a DVD Creator, which would act like a DVD writer for you to burn your recorded video to DVD, thus you can play it in your DVD player. Well, done.

    If you have enough time, and, you want to make the video funnier to make all the gnawing totally forget the foods, this Leawo DVD Creator would also meet your needs. You can add a funny family picture or interesting text as a logo.

    Now, with all annoying sounds far away, you can focus yourself on becoming the Kitchen Master to make delicious Thanksgiving food.

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  • Easy to Get Your Thanksgiving Walking Movies

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    Thanksgiving is a magical festival permeated with a spirit of eternal warmth. Whatever your mind conceive and believe, your mind can achieve on this special day. Have you got some especially good Thanksgiving DVD movies and are tired of watching them on the age-old DVD player? Why not appreciate them in another way? What about seeing those fantastic movies while walking? Sounds incredible and going to jump to have a try? Just follow me to witness how this magic moment strikes.

    The realization of a dream needs carrier, so before you can get your walking movies at hand you need a little extra help, a software names Leawo DVD Ripper which can rip and convert DVD to any formats for playback on lots of portable devices such as iPhone, iPhone4, iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3, Apple TV, Zune, Xbox 360, Blackberry, Archos, Creative Zen, etc..

    I guess you can not wait to have a try now. But it’s best to not to be so hasty and not be in such a rush to try it. Trust me, the excellent Thanksgiving walking movies wait for nobody but you, unless you have got the full story of this little helper from me. You may stuck in an illusion that this so-called DVD Ripper can only output the original Thanksgiving movies with no additional effects, right? Actually, it will always bring you with unexpected surprise: making your Thanksgiving walking movies unique to you by apply to its powerful functions of trimming, cropping and parameter setting. I bet you would love Leawo DVD Ripper and it will surely become your buddy-buddy friend when you are trying to get Thanksgiving walking movies.

    It is amazing that you can appreciate the Thanksgiving walking movies without any binding. Who says that movies can not walk? Hurry to get them…Seeing those thanksgiving movies on the go, imagining you are in some scenes, then the world around you will takes on a festival air immediately.

    In order to free you hand and heart and promise you a comfortable and special Thanksgiving Day, I carefully choose ten top Thanksgiving movies which are tailored for you:
    Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
    Pieces of April
    One Special Night
    Home for the Holidays
    Holiday Inn
    A Thanksgiving of American Folk Hymns
    Hannah and Her Sisters
    Alice’s Restaurant

    Hey, everybody! What are you waiting for? Action! With Leawo DVD Ripper and the above recommended Thanksgiving movies, this year, enjoying the moving fun that Thanksgiving walking movies bring to you. Come on, buddy!

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  • Turkey: Invite Me to Thanksgiving Dinner?

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    Although Thanksgiving is not a traditional gift giving celebration day like other festivals, if you are invited to your friends’ house for the Thanksgiving dinner,

    a holiday gift becomes a must for you if you won’t go empty-handed.

    What kind of gifts to take might be a tough choice for you as you may not know which to choose. Here I’d like to provide some suggestions for you.

    When invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, it is necessary to make clear whether the host asks you to take something or not. Usually, the gift options include a dish (well, if you are not confidential with your own cooking skill, forget this), a traditional Thanksgiving dessert, some drinks, or a side dish. Also, you can take
    some special food items if you can make it.

    Does it come to the end when you plan to go home after the Thanksgiving dinner? Of course not. Most hostesses prefer to receive a thanksgiving note in the second day after the celebration, in which they could feel your heart thanks for the feast. Thus, it is suggested that you send a Thanksgiving note or card to show your thanks.

    Well, sending a Thanks card like the above would make your Thanksgiving celebration much more perfect and let the hostess know your heart thanks. If this is still not enough, you can make a video show upon the pictures recorded on Thanksgiving Day to manifest your sincerity. Download DVD creator software from the online video solution suppliers and then to create what you want.

    Now, with all these things in your head, you can fully enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration with your friends without any embarrassment. Have a nice Thanksgiving Day.

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  • Teaching Kids to be Grateful on Thanksgiving Day

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    Thanksgiving Day is approaching with kids’ watering mouths for yummy Thanksgiving meal. For kids, the biggest temptation about this day is delicious food. But for you, a parent, an instructor, an aspiring high school student or a pillar of society, will never let this rare moment slip through your fingers wastefully. Something appealing must come into your mind at this time. Wonderful festival like Thanksgiving Day can always stimulate people’s beautiful inspiration. Except for this divine day, you can not find another such perfect opportunity to teach kids around you to be grateful. Gratitude is the most important virtue as well as the gateway to harmonious future life. Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it, so it is quite necessary for you to teach kids around you to say “Thanks!” in time.

    Playing is the nature of kids, so “edu-tainment” can promise you an unexpected effect absolutely. Then holding a Thanksgiving party will be your first choice. You can launch a campaign in your living community that calls on ordinary people go in for this meaningful Thanksgiving theme party. If everything is all set, let’s have a look at how to teach kids to be grateful through practice now.

    Thanksgiving theme party—let kids learn to be grateful!
    Theme: “Please let me say thank you.”

    OK, the party will start soon. Don’t forget to bring with your camera or DV. In the history of kids’ growing up, the Thanksgiving theme party will be marked as the bright spot. If not make it an unforgettable memory in the form of video, it must be a pity in life. So use your camera or DV to catch kids’ steps to learn to be grateful on this Thanksgiving Day. Want to DIY the memorable video? Want to make it an unique one for your kids? Or want to appreciate it on kinds of portable devices like iPod, iPhone or mobile phone, etc.? I recommend my old buck here Leawo Video Converter, which helps me to get videos and audios of any formats and assists me to manage the dribs and drabs in my life.

    Well, since everything is in place, let’s take a look at the flow of Thanksgiving theme party, ready to shoot:
    Thanksgiving Knowledge Giveaway: Adults tells kids about the reason of being grateful and the Thanksgiving Day origin, including tasty Thanksgiving meal (apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts and grapes and puddings, pies, turkeys and pumpkin pies). By doing this, kids can have a general idea about Thanksgiving Day.

    Thanksgiving Tree: Guiding the kids to make Thanksgiving trees with papers. Shape them and color them as they like. Writing down the names of people kids want to express their appreciation to on every leaf. Let kids add the leaves above the tree trunk, turning it into a beautiful colored Thanksgiving tree.

    Thanksgiving Cards: Kids and adults making cards together. And then the wonderful-made cards will be sent to someone kids want to thank for. Accompanied by a soulful kiss and a sincere saying “Thanks…”, kids will know how to treasure everyone around them and cherish every moment that they have.

    Have you shot all the precious moments? Well done! It is my old buck’s show time now. Just look how capable it is:
    1. Convert all videos and audios among all pop formats for portable media players.
    2. Offer additional ingenious features to assist you to enhance effects and make it unique for you.
    3. Snapshot special images for storage.

    Fine! After the “Conversion” is already done. You can send the customized output to kids. I guess it will become the most treasured memory in kids’ life, right?

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  • Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Pumpkin Race

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    Absolutely, Thanksgiving Day is a great festival, not only for the delicious food we can taste but the great fun we would experience as well. The well roasted Turkey, awesome pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, moist and savory stuffing, chocolate silk pecan pie, cranberry sauce, etc. all these tasty food lick our lips. Also, the after-dinner games would push the festival to the real high tide, like stringing bilberries, counting corn, fancy ball, among which the most popular game should be the Pumpkin Race.

    When mentioning the “Pumpkin Race”, the scene firstly arouses in head is like this: some people are rolling their big pumpkins towards the finish with a tiny spoon while the winner would be prized a gift. Fun and laughter accompany hosts and guests during the entire race. It would be the right time for take your camcorder out and make a series quick click to retain such happiness for future playback. Then you can recapture your funny Pumpkin Race anytime as you like.

    Don’t let such flaw “Invalid Format” make your review an untimely death. When you plan to transfer your short video to other portable devices like iPhone or your Nokia mobile phone for future reviewing, you can download a Leawo video converter and then convert to video formats compatible with your devices. What you should do is firstly to download the Leawo video converter and then begin the conversion.

    After you have set the Leawo video converter, launch it and you would see the following picture which tells you the total process of the conversion.

    Follow steps the above picture shows to add your race video, choose the output file formats, make the customize settings and then you can get what you want.

    Well, if you want to make some changes to your recorded video or pictures, you can also make it done by clicking “Edit” where you can preview the output effect after you edit, either by trimming, cropping, changing video effect or watermarking:

    After all these settings, then you can press the big convert button. Thus you can enjoy your funny and happy Thanksgiving Pumpkin Race anytime anywhere with your portable devices. Of course, you can enjoy many other Thanksgiving-Pumpkin-Race-like time by this method. Dozens of Leawo video converters would surely meet your needs and add fun to your Thanksgiving.

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  • Thanksgiving Gift Ideas – 5 Best Thanksgiving Gifts for Your Family and Friends

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    November brings Thanksgiving Day again. Thanksgiving is a day to thank God for all His blessings and also those who have helped, supported and cared for us throughout the year.  And there is no better way to thank our loved ones than gifting them thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts.

    Well, the harvest festival of Thanksgiving has brought with it the needs to shop for Thanksgiving gifts. And you? Have you prepared for the Thanksgiving gifts? Or are just worrying about the proper Thanksgiving gifts?

    It is surely great to select the right Thanksgiving gifts for the beloved ones and see the surprise look on their faces when they open them. So here, we list 5 best Thanksgiving gifts for you to choose for your family and friends, it will be a surprise to them, and a pleasure to yourself.

    Thanksgiving Gift 1: iPhone

    Apple iPhone is an innovative gadget, which has a great display, good web browser, improved voice quality and sleek design. With these excellent features, it is really a cool Thanksgiving gift that all people want to have.

    Thanksgiving Gift 2: iPod

    The iPod (iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iPod classic) caters to people’s every need to have a personal entertainment: browse and buy video/audio from iTunes, auto-create playlist and watch movies. However, the video and audio entertainment is just the start of iPod’s robust functionality. So, iPod is undoubtedly another cool Thanksgiving gift.

    Thanksgiving Gift 3: Thanksgiving DVDs

    Wonderful DVDs come as the collectible Thanksgiving gift to make the Thanksgiving Day extra special. Send your family and friends some popular movies on DVD and they can enjoy them year after year.

    Thanksgiving Gift 4: Kodak Zi8 HD

    Kodak Zi8 HD is a pocket HD camcorder. This may be the most full-featured pocket-size camcorder we have seen. And it has three unique features: the ability to record 1080 full-HD videos, digital image stabilization and a microphone-in jack. This is surely a perfect Thanksgiving gift to record all the wonderful moments during Thanksgiving holiday as well as in daily life.

    Thanksgiving Gift 5: Video Converter

    People love to record the happy moments in holiday, whether Halloween, Thanksgiving or Xmas, to keep the sweet memory permanent. Then there are a lot of recorded HD videos, recorded by Kodak Zi8 HD or other HD camcorders, added to their video collection. Since there are always problems of video format discrepancies regarding video playback, a video converter comes as a definitely practical Thanksgiving gift to solve the format issue. Here, don’t get cold feet at choosing the suitable video converter software from the millions of products on market. Leawo Video Converter is a proven program for your best choice, handling video conversion among all the popular video and audio formats, both SD and HD. Gift your loved ones a best solution to enjoy all the videos on portable devices will be the best Thanksgiving gift for them.

    Well, have got an inspiration on Thanksgiving gifts? Act now, express your love and gratefulness to your family and friends with the wonderful gifts. Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving Day!

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