• Time-limited Giveaway – MP4 Converter from Leawo Software

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    There are many file formats and extensions that are in wide use today, so there is bound to be discrepancies as for which media player plays which video format. Well, never be trapped in video format for your video enjoyment, just leave the whole matter to a suitable video converting software.

    Let us say, you have lots of videos and want to convert them to MP4 format for playback on mobile devices or uploading to Youtube or any other purpose, then you need to first obtain a qualified MP4 converter to accomplish the task.

    Of course, you can pick one from the multiple video converters available over internet, all of which are wrapped with lush rhetoric. Some of them are free while others require a small amount of pay. You can download a free version and use it instantly, leaving your computer to the possible virus, or pay for the so-called pro version for more features while uncertain about whether it will meet your demands.

    Then before you are too hyped up and ready to download or take out your credit card to purchase the MP4 video converting software, here is good news for you from Leawo Software. Leawo time-limited giveaway is on the go, and you can free get Leawo MP4 Converter now! The most important is that the Giveaway MP4 Converter is a totally clean, powerful MP4 video converter without any function limit. You can have a relieved try and enjoy the full capability of the pro version of this MP4 converter.

    How to get GIVEAWAY MP4 Converter?

    Since this Giveaway is for Leawo Facebook Fans only, you have to be a fan of Leawo Facebook first, enter your first name, last name as well as E-mail address to get the registration code. The E-mail will be sent to you immediately after your submission.

    You can get more information about Leawo MP4 Converter from here.

    Note: one thing need to specify, Leawo doesn’t support free upgrade service, nor free technical support for the Giveaway version. More information at http://www.leawo.com/software-giveaway.html

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  • The easiest way to make video effects better with Leawo Video Converter

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    Do you want to make your video look sharp and clear and get rid of the dull color and dark scene? We certainly can do it with a handful of softwares, like the famous Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas. Although these video edit softwares are very strong in doing everything with the videos, they may be too down to the details in edit functions to accommodate simple and quick enhancement on videos. Now you have a light-weight video editor, Leawo Video Converter, to manage it for you. It is a slim and neat video converter, but can suit the need to better video effects in the easiest way. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, audio volume and even deinterlace your videos with Leawo Video Converter, and convert the videos to any format you like via its dedicated feature in video conversion. In this article, let’s learn how to make video effects better step by step.

    First of all, Open Leawo Video Converter and import the video you want to edit. Unlike Windows Movie Maker, most of the videos are supported for input, because Leawo Video Converter is a universal video converter program.


    Then, select any one of the videos on the list and click open the Customization panel. It will set up a control pad where you can start to do changes with the videos.


    Let’s see how to use the settings above to enhance the video effect.

    If the source video shows a little dim, just slide up the brightness so that more details will be revealed on the screen. The brightness control usually works in company with the contrast to compensate for color distortion. Move the sliders and search for the best enhancement you need. It is easy to feel the changes since the adjustment is displayed real-time in the preview window.

    Deinterlace can also contribute to video enhancement. Sometimes you may have videos which are sequence of interlaced picture frames, that is, frame composed of even scanlines followed by frame of odd scanline and repeated. This composition of video is usually generated by some video recorders and works originally on TV with electronic scanlines. Leawo Video Converter offers deinterlace function that will combine the scanlines of even field and odd field, making the video more comfortable for watching on LCD screen and more suitable for further editing.

    Same way goes for Audio Volume enhancement. It is rather disturbing when you have to struggle to tell apart the voice in the movie or feel intense of striking shouts and cries. Leawo Video Converter can help put the sound volume back to acceptable level.

    Apart from video effect enhancement, Leawo Video Converter is capable of trimming, cropping, logo and text applying. Although the terms may be a little raw to your ears, it is not difficult to adapt at all. Finish the video customization and save the video in any format you like. Leawo Video Converter is a powerful video converter all right.

    It is capable of more than 100 kinds of output which are canned in profiles and optimized. Just choose any of the output profile and start converting and saving.



    Congratulations! So far so good. You have already got the ability to better every video you have. With a slim body and ultimate format support plus genuinely useful video edit features, Leawo Video Converter can best suit your need to do essential things with diverse videos. Download it and have a try for yourself!

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