• Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift ideas to show love and appreciation to mom on Mother’s Day 2012

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    Well, with the coming of Mother’s Day 2012, you may have been busy preparing for gifts to give your dear mom to show how much you love and appreciate her. But you may meet some difficulties to select the perfect gifts you want. Yesterday, I wrote a post namely Top 10 Mother’s Day movies for Mother’s Day 2012 celebration with moms. Watching movie might be a good idea. However, if you think it’s for from enough to show your love and appreciation to your mom with only movies, you have come to the right place to get some good ideas on Mother’s Day gifts. That’s it, Mother’s Day gift idea, today’s topic.

    Mentioning Mother’s Day gift ideas, usually the things that come to our mind immediately would be flowers, cards, etc. Those are our traditional gifts for Mother’s Day celebration. Nowadays, there have been more gift options for Mother’s Day celebration, and a lot of people even try to DIY their own gifts to tell mom their love and appreciation in a unique way. Well, in this post, I would like to share some 10 great Mother’s Day gift ideas with you. You can choose to DIY your own Mother’s Day gift or no to. See what they are below:

    Happy Mother's Day1. Flowers
    Flowers would be suitable gifts for almost all festivals. And different flowers are applicable to different festivals. On Mother’s Day, sending flowers to mom would be no doubt a good idea, especially carnations. There’s a reason why giving flowers on Mother’s Day is popular. Like flowers, being a mom is a beautiful thing, and beautiful things definitely deserve each other’s company. Thus, flowers indeed should be the first idea popping in your mind.

    2. Gift cards
    As a traditional Mother’s Day gift, card also helps you to fully explain your love and appreciation to your mom perfectly. Sending a warm Mother’s Day card with your sincerely inner words to your mom would make your mom know your love and appreciation. It would be more perfect if you send your mom carnations with a wishing card on Mother’s Day.

    3. Gift basket
    This idea may seem better suited for a corporate convention, but not every gift basket is created equal. Packed with her favorite gourmet foods, and useful tools to make cooking them a real pleasure, a customized gift basket from Dean & DeLuca is a very classy gift. However, if you’re really looking to earn good-son brownie points, you should be the one to prepare this gift’s goodies for her as an added way to show you care. This kind of gift is practical and shows your care.

    4. Home spa treatment
    This is a relaxing holiday gift for your mom. By giving the gift of home spa products like a pomegranate salt glow scrub, she can treat herself to a relaxing day at home while marveling at all she has accomplished. More importantly, though, her day of home pampering will also give her skin a more youthful appearance akin to the days when she focused on herself and not her kids.

    5. Perfume
    No doubt that perfume is always a good thing for ladies. It would make ladies more elegant, gorgeous, and graceful. Some moms wear perfume every day, while others save it for special occasions. Regardless of what bucket your mom falls into, giving her a bottle of her own favorite fragrance will save her a trip to the department store and keep her smelling like she prefers.

    6. Shopping together
    Have to admit that in fact all women have the impulse for shopping. On Mother’s Day, shopping with your mom and buying her some wonderful clothes, jewelry or craftworks would be excellent idea all time. Moms are not enjoying things you buy for them, but the time you can accompany with them.

    7. Mother’s Day video
    It’s quite common we could take photos or record videos in our daily life. As for Mother’s Day, a video made with family pictures, happy memory and sincere words to mom would be unique and go right into your mom’s heart. You can DIY a Mother’s Day video, in which you show your love and appreciation clearly to your mom.

    8. Homemade Shea Butter Cream
    Shea butter is one of the best natural products for our skin, and with a few simple additions and a little melting, stirring and pouring you can have a skin rejuvenating shea butter cream that your mother will love just a few hours from now. You can try to use this receipe of Shea butter cream.

    9. Photo frame
    As I mentioned above, you may have took a lot of pictures of your family or your mom. For that, a DIY or non-DIY photo frame would be a perfect gift for your mom. Of course, if you like, you can also get an electronic photo frame which helps you to show more than one picture.

    10. Lemony Foot Scrub
    Mother’s Day is a day for your mom to relax, and there’s no better way for her to do that than with an at-home pedicure. Make your mom this lemony foot scrub, and she’ll be thankful forever. You can find the complete recipe at ADelightfulHome.com.

    Again, remind you that Do Not forget to tell your mom you love her. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms.

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  • Leawo launched big Mother’s Day promotion with over $100 saving of special offer and 30% off coupon code

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    Shenzhen, China, May 4th, 2012, on the approaching of 2012 Mother’s Day, Leawo Software Co., Ltd., in order to make your Mother’s Day celebration more perfect and happier, officially rolls out its big Mother’s Day promotion online for all. The promotion would provide you with up to $100 saving on specified product on the Mother’s Day promotional page, and as well a 30% off coupon code, which is applied to all products on Leawo home website.

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner so it is beyond doubts that everybody is sparing no efforts and means to dope out a way to thank mother on this unique special Mother’s Day. For so many years, mothers have been teaching us how to be a man painstakingly. And this is the special day for mothers. In this special day, a gift to mother is a must. Various people own various thoughts and ideas on what to be gifted to dear mother. As our dear Mothers getting aged, the happiest thing for them is the time which we accompany with them and the happiness we have in the past. So it would be a quite nice idea for you to bring your mom to the back to re-experience the happy time. Leawo has just held a special Mother’s Day promotion for you to have the chance of DIY your own Mother’s Day gifts for your mom and re-experience happy days before, with its excellent multimedia solutions suits and tools.

    Leawo Mother’s Day promotion will continue for days, from May 3rd to May 15th, during which time you can freely take part in the promotion for a big Mother’s Day discount. On the promotional page, you can buy the Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate at only $59.95 as a special offer for Mother’s Day from Leawo, which is originally priced at $164.85, saving you more than $100. The other bonus you can get from Leawo’s 2012 Mother’s Day is a 30% off discount coupon code, which is applicable to all products on Leawo home website.

    What Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate can do for you to DIY your own Mother’s Day gifts?

    Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate is a full-featured multimedia solution tool which could act as HD video converter, Blu-ray Ripper, DVD Ripper, DVD Creator, Blu-ray Creator and YouTube Accelerator. With this program, you can burn the happy family video you recorded before to DVD or Blu-ray discs, download online excellent Mother’s Day themed movies to watch with dear mom, or sharing your happy family Blu-ray/DVD discs videos online with your friends.

    You can check the home website of Leawo to know exactly what the others tools in this promotion could do for you. Happy Mother’s Day.

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  • Top 8 Best Movies to Watch on Mother’s Day – Best Mother’s Day Movies

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    This Sunday, May 8, is the Mother’s Day of this year. On Mother’s Day, what we often do is gift our dear old mother some cards, candy or small kitchen appliances. In fact, Mother’s Day is the day to spend time with dear mommy and make her feel special. What better way to enjoy you’re the day together with mom than by watching a movie based on the relationship between a mother and her children? Here I have listed some famous movies for you to watch with your dear mom on Mother’s Day. Just be sure your picked movies would be suitable for this special day.

    Happy Mother's Day

    1. Terms of Endearment

    Adapted from a book by Larry McMurtry, this 1983 comedy/drama stars Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Jeff Daniels, and John Lithgow. This one is especially great for daughters to watch with their mothers, as the central plot of the story revolves around the thirty-year mother-daughter relationship between Aurora Greenway (MacLaine) and her stubborn child, Emma (Debra Winger). As with Steel Magnolias, you’d better have some tissues handy.

    2. Erin Brockovich

    Erin Brockovich is a movie starring Julia Roberts, Albert Finny, Aaron Eckhart and Peter Coyote. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the movie was released in 2000. Erin Brockovich is the story of a single mother, who fights against the injustice meted out to the common people.

    3. Parenthood

    The story of Parenthood revolves around the sensitive relationship between parents and their children. It shows what happens when the parents set too high standards for their children. Directed by Ron Howard, the film stars Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen, Jasen Fisher, Dianne Wiest and Keanu Reeves.

    4. Stepmom

    Another tearjerker, it starred Julia Robert, Ed Harris and Susan Sarandon. When Luke (Harris) and Jackie (Sarandon) get divorced, both she and her children must get used to the idea of a new woman in Luke’s life (Roberts). For her role as the bitter divorcee, Susan Sarandon received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress.


    5. Gone With the Wind

    If your mom’s a romantic at heart, she’s sure to love this 1939 classic. It nabbed 10 Oscars, plus it’s the highest-grossing movie of all time when adjusted for inflation. Set during the time of the Civil War, this sweeping epic revolves around the complicated romance between Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) and Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh). It also includes a few of the most famous lines in movie history, including, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

    6. Steel Magnolias

    Your mother is sure to love this chick flick extravaganza about a bunch of women living life to the fullest in northwest Louisiana. Starring the powerhouse cast of Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis, Julia Roberts, Tom Skerritt, Dylan McDermott, and Sam Shepard. Keep the Kleenex close on this one.

    7. Throw Momma from the Train

    Larry Donner (Billy Crystal) and Owen Lift (Danny DeVito) both have problems with women in this 1987 comedy. Larry wants his scheming wife dead, while Owen wants to be rid of his domineering mother (played by Anne Ramsey). Sure, the lead characters are trying to kill people, but it’s still a really fun movie to watch with your mother. Anne Ramsey is hilarious as the unlikable Mrs. Lift, and the scene where Owen shows Larry his coin collection gets to me every time.

    8. Dirty Dancing

    The film makes women the world over lust after Patrick Swayze. This is a great movie to watch with your mom, especially if she grew up in the ‘50s or ‘60s. It features a soundtrack full of hits and loads of sultry dance numbers (especially the final one).

    Also, there are also some other famous movies for Mother’s Day watch, like Cheaper By the Dozen, Forrest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle, Mr. Mommy, Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mommie Dearest, A League of Their Own, etc.

    For you reference, here is a link which includes some free resources for you to make free flash Mother’s Day E-cards: http://www.leawo.com/promotion/flashgiftcards.html

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