• Leawo Mac Video Converter V1.6.0.3 Upgrades for Better Watermark Display and Smoother Video Preview

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    Leawo Software today released its new version of Mac video converter for better user experience. Leawo has made some improvements in Mac Video Converter V1.6.0.3, such as better watermark display, smoother video preview, exact aspect ratio acquisition, more detailed feedback log as well as enhanced interface with perfect information display.

    Shenzhen, PR Newswire-20 August 2010-Leawo Software (www.leawo.com) today officially announced the release of Leawo Mac Video Converter V1.6.0.3 with several improved features. Leawo Mac Video Converter, used on both Mac Intel and Mac Power PC, is a powerful all-in-one video converter to convert videos among all popular formats on Mac OS for playback on all portable media devices. With this program, Mac users can convert video among all popular formats such as AVI, FLV, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPEG, VOB, etc, meanwhile, they can convert videos to audios in most formats including MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, WMA, etc. Flexible edit features are also available with this program. Now armed with improved algorithm and more advanced technology, Leawo Mac Video Converter is blessed with much better performance. Mac users are recommended to upgrade to this new version for better experience.

    Highlights of Leawo Mac Video Converter V1.6.0.3:

    1.Better watermark display-Leawo Mac Video Converter empowers Mac users to apply logo or text as watermark and place it anywhere on their video. With this new version, users will never be trapped in the problem as for abnormal display of watermark when they resize their video using “Crop” function.

    2.Smoother video preview-Leawo Mac Video Converter is equipped with built-in player, letting users preview video. When users fast forward or draw back the video by dragging the progress bar below the preview window, this upgraded version free them from the trouble of AV asynchrony or the program freezes when they drag the slider frequently.

    3.Exact aspect ratio acquisition-Aspect ratio would be sometimes mistaken when the program read the video file, while this new version solved this problem and will give a default value when the aspect ratio displayed is judged to be wrong.

    4.More detailed feedback log-Having been improved, the feedback log from customers offers much more detailed information for Leawo R&D to test the video.

    5.Enhanced interface-This upgraded Leawo Mac Video Converter provides users with perfect information display. Wrong information showing on the interface during users’ operation is the impossible.

    About Leawo: 

    Leawo Software is a pioneering multimedia technologies provider specialized in software of audio and video recording, conversion, editing for home users, developers and small businesses. We are committed to promoting media over Internet as well as in daily life.

    Pricing and Availability:

    Leawo Mac Video Converter is available on Leawo official homepage. Single license purchase is $35 with free update and preferential customer service. It provides a secure portal for immediate purchase online while free evaluation copy of the program can be downloaded in Leawo’s Download Center. For more information, please visit Leawo Mac Video Converter homepage.
    Leawo Mac Video Converter: http://www.leawo.com/free-mac-video-converter

    Free download: http://www.leawo.com/download/mac/macvideoconverter_intel_setup.php

    Buy now: http://www.leawo.com/free-mac-video-converter/purchase.html

    Contact: contact@leawo.com

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  • Leawo Mac Video Converter V1.5.0.1 Loads Video Fast & Strengthens VOB Conversion and H2.64 Encoding

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    http://www.leawo.com/ ): a professional multimedia solution provider and an award-winning video/audio converting software supplier, today officially announces the release of its latest version V1.5.0.1 of Leawo Mac Video Converter with the smooth VOB video file conversion, fast video loading speed and optimized H.264 encoding process, etc.

    Leawo Mac Video Converter is the most complete and powerful utility for Mac OS users to convert all kinds of videos and audios among popular formats like AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, WMV, MOV, MPEG, VOB, etc. and MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, WMA, etc. respectively for playback on various portable devices. Its excellent video editing features enable customers to edit source video files by cropping, trimming, watermarking, customizing the effect and codec parameters in any way they want.

    Upgraded Features of Leawo Mac Video Converter V1.5.0.1

    1. The power to guarantee a smoother VOB video conversion – even a little enhancement can bring better performance. The new version has removed all the hazards that may exist in the previous versions when converting VOB files from DVD video. The VOB conversion is much stabilized now and will not cause program break-down at all.

    2. Fast speed to load videos – the way to input source videos is easy and the speed to load them is extremely fast as well. Customers no longer have to wait for a long time for program to load videos. Instead, it will respond immediately with just a click and allow the users to proceed to the next operations with accelerated speed.

    3. Improved H.264 encoding process – Leawo Mac Video Converter provides the bonus-like profile settings option where the professional users can set advanced video and audio parameters like video codec and many other more, H.264 is one of them. It is such a useful video codec that ensures the playback on some video sharing websites like YouTube, Video Google and so on.

    4. The enhanced ability to save profile and other program optimizations – the changes made in profile can be completely and accurately saved now with V1.5.0.1. This improvement contributes a lot to a better and more customized output effect. Besides, the continuous bug-fixings and program optimizations perfect the user experience and visual enjoyment.

    Price and Availability of Leawo Mac Video Converter V1.5.0.1

    Leawo Mac Video Converter has both free trial version which can be downloaded via the link below and registered version costs only $35.00 with lifelong updates and prior technical support.

    System Requirement of Leawo Mac Video Converter V1.5.0.1

    It works well with Mac OS and asks for at least 60MB free hard disk space for installation. The Windows version for Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista and the latest Windows 7 is also available.

    Company Website: http://www.leawo.com/
    Product Webpage: http://www.leawo.com/free-mac-video-converter/
    Product Download Link: http://www.leawo.com/download/mac/macvideoconverter_intel_setup.php

    Contact Person:
    Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Email: contact@leawo.com

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  • Leawo Mac Video Converter upgraded to convert video better and faster for Mac users

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    Mac Video Converter is an all-in-one video format solution for Mac users. This versatile video converter for Mac possesses capabilities to convert between AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV, VOB, WMV and many more popular video/audio formats in a snap of finger. Today it paced to version with several improvements. Here is the official announcement.

    Leawo Software, professional video converter developer of all times, today announced Leawo Mac Video Converter was upgraded to This latest version has full compatibility with the latest Mac OS 10.6. The convert engine has been optimized with better codec interface. Users can anticipate faster and smoother video conversion process with good ratio of quality to compression rate.

    Leawo Mac Video Converter features these salient points:

    1. Total compatibility with Snow Leopard OS and its later editions. This clean program uses its own codec library without causing conflicts between other media software.

    2. Faster and smoother video conversion. With the video codec interface optimized, the efficiency of the video encoding has been satisfactorily increased. The upgrade also embraces multiple computing technology, divides the encoding processing into more threads to further lubricate the video conversion process.

    3. Optimized output video quality based on presets. The video format presets have been optimized for a better ratio of quality to compression rate. It affects the conversion using presets only but the custom setting by the users.

    4. Some improvements in video edit function. The accuracy of the playback slide bar for video trim has been increased. The compressing algorithm has been optimized to keep output video quality after video edit.

    5. Fixed bugs in update function. The program update parameters have been corrected due to a recent change in the official update server.

    “Leawo Mac Video Converter is developed and maintained as an easy-to-use, multitask-capable and reliable video format exchange solution by our professional and attentive engineers. If you are looking for a Swiss army knife of Mac video converter, I am sure you would find our product very competitive.” Said Sophia, manager of Leawo’s marketing department.

    Pricing and availability:

    Leawo Mac Video Converter is sold for $35 US per license on Leawo’s official site. Bunch purchase of over 5 licenses can expect good discount. Users can download a trial copy of the program for free evaluation with watermark limit. For more information, please visit Leawo’s website or contact Leawo.

    Leawo Mac Video Converter

    Free trial download link (for Intel)

    Free trial download link (for PowerPC)

    Email: contact@leawo.com

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  • Christmas blockbuster: Leawo kicks off up to 40% discount on all video converter products

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    Note: Leawo debuted Christmas offer with up to 40% discounts applied to all of its products, including Leawo Video Converter, DVD Ripper, Mac Video Converter and a series of AVI, MP4, 3GP, iPod/iPhone and PSP converters. It is a real boon to those who are searching for video format solutions.

    As a professional media format solution provider, Leawo Software today debuted a full-scale discount on all of its video converter products, boasting an up to 40% rebate rate for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Leawo applied discounts to all of its video converters for Windows, DVD rippers and converters and video converters for Mac. The discount is available through direct online purchase page on Leawo official site. The offer will last till Jan 1st. For those who would like to convert their holiday videos, it is the best opportunity to get an effective solution yet with great savings.

    "We have received compliments and good suggestions from our Thanksgiving promotion, which has been our confidence to do it better in this Christmas offer. All of our products are embraced in this discount. We wish all of those who have selected us a merry Christmas with our offer and welcome any valued suggestions to help us work out much better products." Said the manager of Leawo Marketing Department.

    Product discount information and pricings:

    Leawo all-in-one Video Converter, which features Windows 7 compatibility, over 100 convert profiles, HD video conversions, convert parameter settings and edit & trim & crop & watermark customizations, is now at $19.95 per license.

    Leawo DVD Ripper, which features Windows 7 compatibility, copying and converting protected & commercial DVD, subtitle and soundtrack selections, convert parameter settings and edit & trim & crop & watermark customizations, is now at $29.95 per license.

    Leawo Mac Video Converter, which features Snow Leopard compatibility, over 100 convert profiles, HD video conversions, convert parameter settings and bi-window customizations on edit & trim & crop & watermark, is now at $29.95 per license.

    Buy more, get more. More discounts are available for bunch purchase. Please contact Leawo to request the value you deserve.

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  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard on Sale- Splendid and Innovative

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    Refrigerant water for the thirst of Mac OS fans!

    Apple Inc has recently confirmed its latest OS product, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, is on sale. This splendid and innovative system pack wraps about 900 features, utilities and updates for OS X applications. According to official’s announcement, upgrade from Mac OS X Leopard only charges for $29, an astonishing low price compared to its main competitor Microsoft windows 7. A source from the net told that Mac OS X Snow Leopard puts its stake on GPU optimization that can enhance the system performance by exploiting the latent power available in the GPU, the Graphic Process Unit. By now, can you deny Snow Leopard’s potential to be the best OS ever in history? Can you resist the lure of money saving and performance enhancement?




    Snow Leopard Photos. Let’s see the real living wildlife at large.

    Snow Leopard Photo 1

    Snow Leopard Photo 2

    Snow Leopard Photo 3

    Snow Leopard Photo 4

    Snow Leopard Photo 5

    Leawo Mac Video Converter Family has obtained compatibility with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Better performace of video conversion will be expected in this new OS. Visit the product page of Leawo Video Converter Family for Mac.

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  • Share Meteor Shower Video on YouTube!

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    Meteor Shower Video on YouTube

    Annual Perseid Meteor Shower does really entrance us with its spectacular large scale of meteors streaking over the mid-night sky during these days. If you happened to be at the live scene of Perseid with your camera or video recorder shooting the event, you must also want to share the recorded videos on YouTube with everyone and fill them with ecstasy. Let’s start the journey of broadcasting your personal live report of Perseid on YouTube.

    After you register the membership of YouTube, the course of video upload is as simple as one might think. You only need to enter the your experience of Perseid and input the video file. Click the upload button, and it’s Done! But somehow you may not be familiar with TWO facts of the video upload requirements of YouTube. They are the key to a better and trouble free result. Let’s get to know them once and for all.

    Fact 1: If you were using a HD-video recorder, the generated file size may be enormously large. Luckily Youtube has recently loosened the rope and accepted a video file size up to 2GB. It is more than enough to preserve as many details of Perseid as possible. But be aware that the length of video is limited to 10 minutes. You have to trim your video into the appropriate length. Using a video converter like Leawo Video Converter or Leawo Mac Video Converter to trim your video is a solution for those who prefer precision. When trimming your video, it can show you the trimmed video in real time and allow you to set the duration time down to milliseconds. You can see exactly where the splendid moment occurs and then trim the before and the after.

    However, there are still videos which are longer than 10 minutes, because it is the privilege only for those YouTubers who had registered before the limit was set.

    Fact 2: YouTube accepts a wide range of video file formats as listed below:

    Meteor Shower Video on YouTube

    Meteor Shower Video on YouTube

    Behind the scene, YouTube will automatically convert the uploaded video file to flv format. Loss of quality inevitably comes along each round of conversion. The more rounds the same video is converted, the less favorable quality you will get in the end. It is especially a letdown when the meteor is hardly visible in the video which is badly converted.
    The original is on the left while the badly converted is on the right:

    Share Meteor Shower Video on YouTube

    Share Meteor Shower Video on YouTube

    To avoid the unnecessary loss of video quality by the automatic conversion, a manual conversion prior to upload is recommended. The officially recommended file format is MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid, or SVQ3 rather than h.264) at 640×480 resolution with MP3 audio (64k mono). YouTube will happily accept videos of this format and the quality will be preserved as high as possible.

    Maybe you have little knowledge of the file format. But don’t worry. Just leave it to the video converter developers. You just need to tell the converter about the recommended file format by YouTube, and the ideal video file is generated. In this case, using an easy-to-use video converter like Leawo Video Converter or Leawo Mac Video Converter is a good choice.

    Now, you can share meteor shower video on YouTube free of trouble. More of that, you are capable of exhibiting your live view of Perseid as living as possible. So why still wait to have a try yourself?

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  • Enhanced GUI Boosts the Experience – Leawo Free Mac Video Converter V1.2.0.0 Released

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    For Immediate Release

    Shenzhen, P.R. China – August 11, 2009: Leawo Software Co., Ltd, a developer of various free Video Converters, today announced the release of the newly upgraded version of Leawo Free Mac Video Converter. This free video converter for Mac OS features a more friendly GUI and an easy-to-access format category. More of that, the conversion core should gain more stability in the Mac video converter.

    What’s new in Leawo Free Mac Video Converter V1.2.0.0?
    Users will have a totally fresh and comfortable experience of video conversion in this Mac video converter.

    1. Upgraded GUI brings a more pleasant appearance. Compared to the previous version, Leawo Free Mac Video Converter V1.2.0.0 has shaked off the stiff and plain look and replaced with a comfortable greeting picture on the startup interface.
    2. Renewed profile and improved base library structure. The major changes take place in the style and the profile drop-down boxes. The user may find their device model in the style drop-down list, and further select the desired format in the profile drop-down box. It facilitates the user’s selection.
    3. Optimized core increases the stability of the conversion.

    Leawo Free Mac Video Converter is a totally clean and free mac video converter, which converts videos among all popular formats on Mac OS. It supports almost all available video formats, such as AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, MPEG, VOB, etc. It is also capable of converting video to audio in many popular formats including MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, WMA, etc. It is a useful and handy tool in video conversion.

    Pricing and Availibility:
    You can download and use Leawo Free Mac Video Converter V1.2.0.0 for free. No charge or limitation will be required.

    If you want to learn more, please visit: http://www.leawo.com/free-mac-video-converter/
    Direct download link:
    Intel: http://www.leawo.com/download/mac/macvideoconverter_intel_free.zip
    PowerPC: http://www.leawo.com/download/mac/macvideoconverter_ppc_free.zip

  • Upload Ice Age 3 Trailer Clips to YouTube

    Posted on July 20th, 2009 admin | No comments

    Today, I would like to share my experience of uploading Ice Age 3 trailer clips to YouTube with the help of Leawo Mac Video Converter.

    As we know, Ice Age is extremely popular since the showing of Ice Age 3 in cinema on July 9, 2009. There is a truth, ‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,’ to be fully produced in 3-D, is the latest installment to the hit ‘Ice Age’ franchise, which has grossed more than $1.2 billion around the world.

    I have not seen Ice Age 1 & 2, so my friend sent me the Ice Age 3 Trailer to help me to figure out if I go to the cinema or not. Frankly speaking, I was excited and only have one thing in my mind after watching that. I should share this this meaningful film trailer with more people on YouTube.

    However, I found that this Ice Age 3 Trailer is a VOB file from a DVD, which is not supported by YouTube for directly upload. That’s to say I have to use a tool to convert the VOB file to the video file that YouTube supported if I want to upload this Ice Age 3 Trailer to YouTube.

    Then, Leawo Mac Video Converter can help me!

    Convert Ice Age 3 VOB to MP4 to upload to YouTube

    Convert VOB format of Ice Age 3 Trailer to YouTube compatible MP4 file!

    As we know, YouTube accepts a wide range of video file formats.The video files below are all accepted by YouTube. Some video formats work best and are most compatible with certain computers, software or devices. Currently, these formats include WMV, 3GP, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, SWF, MKV(h.264).

    Here I set converting VOB to MP4 as the example, although Leawo Mac Video Converter support most of these videos conversion. It’s really an easy job to convert VOB to MP4 for Mac.

    Step 1: Load Ice Age 3 Trailer VOB file into the program.
    Step 2: Make settings.
    a. Select MP4 format as the output profile.
    b. Customize the output MP4 effects. For customizing output effect, Leawo Mac Video Converter enables you to get video cropped, trimmed, brightened, watermarked, etc.
    c. Start converting Ice Age 3 Trailer VOB to MP4 file.

    Upload Ice Age 3 Trailer to YouTube!

    It’s also an easy job! You just need sign up an account in YouTube. If you have one already, just sign in the account, then, browse the video on your computer and upload to YouTube.
    Then we can enjoy and share Ice Age 3 with friends on YouTube Now!

    Enjoy Ice Age 3 Trailer Clip on YouTube Now!

    Frankly speaking, I felt the true self-achievement after completed this job. I’m happy that other friends can share my work. Similarly, if you have any other video or movie and want to share with other people on YouTube, you also can use Leawo Mac Video Converter. This is really a practical utility.

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