• Nokia Lumia 910 leaked online shows off a main 12MP camera for HD video shooting

    Posted on January 31st, 2012 David Brooks No comments

    Not long ago, the Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 900, released on CES 2012 has attracted people’s eyes and made a heat for Nokia. The flagship Windows Phone would be hitting store shelves nationwide via AT&T. And barely a few days after that, a new device known as Nokia Lumia 910 has been leaked online to media. Dutch online cell phone retailer Typhone.nl has posted a listing for this smartphone it says will become available in the coming months. Using an image of AT&T’s flagship Lumia model, the company lists the Nokia Lumia 910 as featuring the same solid specs as its North American counterpart with the addition of an improved 12-megapixel camera.

    Nokia Lumia 910 leakedFrom the picture above, we could see that the Typhone.nl used an image of AT&T’s flagship Lumia model and leaked something about this new device, the most shinning point of which should be the 12 Megapixels camera resolution.

    For those who aren’t familiar with the Nokia Lumia 910 rumors, the device is rumored to be exactly the same in specifications as the Lumia 910, with the exception of a larger 12MP camera sensor. The new smartphone would come featured with the same 4.3 inch screen display as Nokia Lumia 900 owns, thus you can own a large screen display to watch DVD videos on Lumia 910 just like 900 does. Other main features of Nokia Lumia 910 would include: 1.4GHz processor, 16GB of internal storage, front-facing camera and Windows Phone 7.5 on board.

    Whether the rumors are true or not are still to be seen in the near future. But we may greatly believe that the MWC 2012 would provide an ending to rumors and tell us the truth. I would continue to provide more information about this new smartphone. So stay tuned for more.

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