• 20 Halloween iPhone Apps to Get You into Halloween Mood on iPhone

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    It’s time of year again when ghosts and goblins come in, pumpkins get faces and exciting costume parties comes… Ah, yeah, it will soon be Halloween time; Halloween is just around the corner!

    I have to admit that Halloween is a thrilling festival which comes as my favorite. Knocking on the neighbor’s doors, taking part in costume party, or just watching some hair-raising movies…We just have to say that Halloween is about more than having an exciting time.

    Well, at the time of Halloween celebration, why not bring the Halloween mood to your iPhone? Then here are 20 Halloween iPhone apps for you to have Halloween fun with iPhone.

    1. Halloween Countdown

    You can see how many days to Halloween accompanying the haunting background music. And an animated skull shows on your iPhone screen will get bigger and bigger as the Halloween day approaches. There are also 5 musical soundtracks for your choice and you can also choose music from your own store

    2. reMovem Halloween

    This is Halloween edition of the original game. There are colored ball filled with scary pictures and ghostly figures. Tap the balls to get scores. And the more balls in one tap the higher the score is. You can play this game with spooky sound effects and unlocking achievements.

    3. Frootrees Halloween

    Pick the ghostly characters from the tree and put them in their correct crate. This is definitely new game experience with new are and soundtrack.

    4. Halloween Wallpaper HQ

    Select Halloween wallpaper from the great selection to decorate your iPhone in Halloween style.

    5. Halloween Wordseardch

    It is a puzzle game to find the scary Halloween words and spooky sayings. Just tap and slide your fingers along the words you find. And a variety of themed backgrounds are available.

    6. Toddler Time

    This is an educational app with 40+ Halloween themed pictures to view and spoken. You will see monsters and bats. Tap on the monsters then it will describe it with scary sounds.

    7. Pumpkin Maker

    It is totally free. You can create and design your own pumpkins to make it as scary as possible. Then you can email or post your “carvation” to facebook. And this free version includes a sampling of pumpkin making items. If you want to use all of the items, you can go to the Supply Store inside Pumpkin Maker and purchase the Master Pumpkin Maker pack.

    8. Zombie Me

    With this app, you can make your own pictures into zombies by adding lots of scary features to your faces like changing your mouth and eyes or adding gory words. Then you can save your masterpiece to your own library.

    9. Cookie Doodle

    There are cookie dough choices and 25 different frostings for you to cerate your own little cookies. And then you can use the toppings to decorate your scary pumpkins.

    10.  iSoundlike Halloween

    It is a frightening collection of Halloween sound effects. With a tap of the screen you can trigger one of the 16 spooky and scary Halloween sounds to entertain your family and friends.

    11.  Scary Piano Free

    This app is for you to play piano with scary guy laughing voice effect. This is a free and spooky gadget to carry with you at Halloween party.

    12.  Halloween Postage

    You can dress your photos up with Halloween costumes with this app. You can also add your owns words to the photo and then share the decorated photos via email or facebook or even send them as MMS.

    13.  Halloween +

    This is a Halloween countdown app including several features such as scary sounds, wallpaper images, ringtones, trivia, costume ideas and a Halloween flashlight.

    14.  Halloween Chicktionary

    This is a Halloween word game. You are to create words with the letters the hens show and the more you create the higher your point is. There are 300 fun puzzles and lots of Halloween scenery available.

    15.  True Ghost Stories From Around The World

    True ghost stories and photos from the world are available with new stories added everyday and you can also add your own stories as well.

    16.  Halloween Scary Sounds

    There are 16 different sounds in Halloween soundboard for your iPhone or iPod touch. Click any of the 16 icons to play a scary sound. You can use it to scare your children or annoy your co-workers

    17.  Ghost Capture

    You can super impose a ghost image on to your own photo and a large collection of images for you to choose from, ranging from children to ghost orbs.

    18.  Mystery Mania

    In this game, you will direct a robot around a mansion to solve puzzles. There are 27 rooms to have adventure and you will meet different characters along the way.

    19.  All-In-1 ZoombieBox

    This is an app with 10 zombie apps for the price of one, including zombie games, a zombie animated head, survival tips for surviving a zombie attack, a kart racing zombie and much more.

    20.  Wordsearch Halloween

    This is a Halloween themed wordsearch with 3 word categories. 150 words are available and you can also get hints for the game.

    I bet these 20 cool iPhone Halloween apps will entertain you to your heart and get you into the spirit of things. Well, there are other two useful tools for you to make your iPhone more Halloween by watching everything about Halloween on your iPhone! Guess what? iPhone Converter and DVD to iPhone Converter! With these two apps for iPhone, you can “feed” your iPhone with all the videos you like. Well, just for more fun on Halloween. And have a happy Halloween with the best wishes from Leawo Software!

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