• Updates and Changes from iOS 7 Beta 1 to iOS 7 Beta 5

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    iOS 7 was unveiled on the WWDC 2013, and now is updated to its Beta 5 version. Looking back to the updates and changes from iOS 7 Beta 1 to Beta 5, it’s not hard to find the new elements and ideas in this totally new and revolutionary iOS 7 system.

    Maybe you have familiar with the iOS 7, or you are just interested in this operating system, whatever, you will find the information you need. I will list the updates and changes from iOS 7 Beta 1 to Beta 5.If you want to use iOS 7 on your iDevices, this post may be helpful for you.

    Updates and Changes in Beta 1: (Jun 10th, 2013)

    1.Flat Design of UI, makes this operating system simple outside, but absolutely complex inside.

    2.Control Center, which is new from iOS 7 on. The Control Center makes it easy for you to get to multiple apps on your device, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on.

    3.Multitasking: Switching between apps with ease, and a preview screen of the app you have opened.

    4.iTunes Radio: New streaming service in iTunes, simply a radio service, but new for iTunes.

    5.Calendar: Big updates in calendar, makes users easy to make memos and looks clear and pretty.

    6.Siri and Maps: Slightly bettered, Siri answers more but Maps changes less.

    Updates and Changes in Beat 2: (Jun 24th, 2013)

    1.Welcome Screen: New in this Beta version, asks for an iCloud password, allow user to turn on iMessages and set up passcode on the device.

    2.Voice Memos: Brings back with the Beta 2, fully functional as it always does.

    3.Find My iPhone: Help users “remotely locate, lock, erase and prevent reactivation” of a lost iPhone.

    4.Control Center: A clock icon is added to the Beta 2.

    5.Siri: Male/Female voice on English, it runs faster on this version.

    6.Reminder: Slightly redesigned, the list layout is more compact than the previous one, and the clock next to the search bar allows user to locate scheduled reminders.

    7.iCloud: iCloud backups are available again on Beta 2. The Beta 1 doesn’t support auto-backup.

    8.Messages: The “Send” button turns green or blue when the message is being typed. A new bubble animation shows when then message is sent.

    9.Camera: Adds an HDR option to the camera on the iPad.

    Updates and Changes in Beta 3: (July 8th, 2013)

    1.Fonts: Redesigned for some apps such as Message app, weather app, the fonts become thicker.

    2.Calendar: Displays scheduled events on monthly view, using small gray dots below the dates.

    3.Status Bar: Becomes slightly larger on the lock screen for the Status bar items, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and battery life.

    4.New Animation for Downloading: When downloading apps from the App Store, users will see a new animated icon. Download bar is replaced with a round download timer.

    5.Safari: the “.com” icon is changed with a multiple choice button. Users are allowed to choose .com, .net, .org, .edu and .us with this icon.

    6.Music: While playing music on lock screen, users are able to see the time.

    Updates and Changes in Beta 4: (July 29th, 2013)

    1.Lock Screen: New Slide to Unlock Screen icon on the Beta 4. New icons for Notification and Control Center.

    2.Phone App: “Answer”, “Decline”, “Message” and “Remind Me” icons in the Phone App.

    3.Notification Center: Swipe between panels instead of tapping buttons.

    4.Photo App: Slightly redesigned on UI.

    5.iCloud: users can once again download playlist from iCloud in the music program. The Beta 4 brings it back.

    Updates and Changes in Beta 5: (Aug 5, 2013)

    1.Settings: Icons are redesigned. Background colors are gained to the icons.


    2.Control Center: Control Center now allows to be turned off within apps. It prevents the Control Center comes out from the bottom while playing games.

    Control Center

    3.Twitter: The icon of Twitter on Beta 5 is redesigned. Now the icon is a blue bird on a white background.


    4.Phone: The icons while calling are redesigned. They are larger than before.

    Call Icon Changes

    5.Boot Screen: The boot screen of iPhone matches the user’s iPhone. The white iPhone has a white background with a black logo.

    Boot Screen

    6.Accessibility Options: There are now on/off toggle options under the accessibility options.

    7.Power Off: the “Slide to Power Off” icon is redesigned.

    Power Off

    8.Sound: The unlock screen sound is gone in this Beta 5.

    The main updates and changes from iOS 7 Beta 1 to Beta 5 have been listed above. These updates and changes have shown a totally new iOS is coming, if you are eager to update your iPhone to iOS 7, I suppose you do the iPhone backup work in advance. By the way, according to the rumors, the next-generation iPhone may have a fingerprint scanner on the home button. Just can’t wait to have a look!

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  • 8 Changes of iOS 7 Beta 5 in Interface and Function Seem to Make iOS 7 More Popular

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    Apple just released iOS 7 Beta 5 version. The new beta version was released to developers a little earlier today and comes with quite a number of changes, improvements and bug fixes, like brand-new design of app icons in settings, disabling Control Center options, etc. Besides these, the iOS 7 Beta 5 version also includes many minor changes in UI, which makes iOS 7 more smoothly and popular among iOS device users. Here I would like to conclude 8 changes of iOS 7 Beta 5 version, compared to its previous version. Let’s take a look at what these changes are.

    The icons in Settings have been tweaked like so:

    Settings icons

    Slide to power off has also been tweaked. Beta 5 is on the left and beta 4 is on the right:

    Brand new Power Off design

    Control Center

    As you can see, users now have the option to turn off access to Control Center while using apps. That option prevents accidentally activating the feature while playing a frantic swiping game (like Fruit Ninja) or other app.

    control center

    In-Call Buttons

    In a much welcomed change, the icons displayed while on a call have been made somewhat bigger and now feature circles around them to match the look of the keypad.

    in-call buttons

    A New Look for the Twitter Icon

    The Twitter button also has a new look in the most recent beta version. Instead of a white bird on a blue background, the colors have now been switched to feature a blue bird on a white background.

    redesigned Twitter icon

    Reboot screen is white if you have a white iOS device


    New bar for grabbing banner notifications

    notification drop-down

    “Slide to unlock” sound missing on iPhone

    "Slide to unlock" sound missing

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  • Apple iOS 7: How To Download And Install iOS 7 Beta 2 To Your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini Or iPod Touch

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    It’s been just two weeks since Apple unveiled iOS 7 at WWDC 2013, and after that, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 7 for testing. On Monday, Apple chose to release its second beta for iOS 7, which features several enhancements and bug fixes, but more importantly, the second iOS 7 beta release means owners of the iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch can now test iOS 7 on their devices, not just iPhone users.What is better than beta 1?

    • Beta 2 is available not only for iPhone and iPod touch, but also iPad and iPad mini. However, the first beta released alongside the WWDC keynote did not include official iPad support.
    • In line with previous hints, the Voice Memos app has returned in beta 2, which had been previously listed as “not available” in the first seed for iOS 7.
    • The new male and female Siri voices showed off by Apple at WWDC are now available in English.
    • Siri has received a speed boost in the second beta release of iOS 7, thus multiple users are reporting that Siri is much faster than in beta 1.
    • An overhauled Reminders app and a variety of other small tweaks.

    Apple said iOS 7 will have its release date sometime this fall, but the company has released the beta version of iOS 7 for developers to download and install right now. Apple app developers can access the iOS 7 beta for free, but iOS 7 fans can also pay the yearly $99 fee to access the beta software ahead of its release date.

    How to Download and Install iOS 7 Beta 2 to Your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini Or iPod Touch?

    Prior to downloading iOS 7, users should back up their iPhones, iPads and iPods to iTunes, and definitely make sure iTunes is running the latest version. Once you have everything’s backed up and up to date, you may now begin the process of downloading and installing iOS 7.

    Step 1: Download the iOS 7 BETA File
    Download the iOS 7 Beta file for your specific iPhone model off Apple’s website. We’ve listed the direct links to the iOS 7 download pages below, so find the right model and download away – just remember, you need to be an Apple developer or pay that $99 registration fee.

    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad (4th generation Model A1458)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad (4th generation Model A1459)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad (4th generation Model A1460)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad mini (Model A1432)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad mini (Model A1454)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad mini (Model A1455)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad Wi-Fi (3rd generation)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (AT&T model)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (Verizon model)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad 2 Wi-Fi
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPhone 5 (Model A1428)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPhone 5 (Model A1429)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPhone 4S
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPhone 4 (GSM)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPhone 4 (CDMA)
    iOS 7 beta 2 Download for iPod touch (5th generation)

    If you’ve downloaded and installed iOS 7 Beta 1, you can easily upgrade to Beta 2 by just going to the Settings app, selecting General, and tapping Software Update. Once Apple recognizes the upgrade, just follow the steps and you’ll get the new build.

    Step 2: Back Up Your Device (to avoid losing your personal data via the restore process).
    Connect your device to your computer using the appropriate cable. Open iTunes, and click “Back Up Now” to start the back up process.

    Step 3: Install Connect your device to your computer and make iTunes open. On a Mac, make sure you’re holding down alt/option when you click Restore, and on Windows, hold down Shift when you click Restore. Find the IPSW file, double click and the install process should start automatically.

    Tips: The entire process to convert your iPhone’s or iPad’s OS to iOS 7 should take some time, about 40 minutes to a full hour or more, so definitely keep your device plugged into a power source, and you will be able to experiment with iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, or iPod touch.

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  • Apple Released iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 with “Biggest Change Since the Original iPhone”

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    Apple has brought out quite a lot of wonderful devices based on iOS, just like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Every update of iOS would bring different and astonishing new features to Apple users. The very latest version of iOS is iOS 7. There’ve been quite bunch of iOS 7 rumors and reports. People have made different expectations on iOS 7 specs. All these rumors and reports come to an end since the official release of iOS 7 at WWDC 2013. Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced iOS 7, calling it “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone” at WWDC 2013.

    As rumored, iOS 7 has a less skeuomorphic look, with a more flat design and lots of whites tinged with color. That doesn’t mean, however, that the new iOS is free from gradient or panache. Instead, it’s a more modern take on what makes iOS iOS. Let’s take a look at the new features or what’ve been improved in iOS 7 below.

    iOS 7

    Control Center

    New in iOS 7 is a Control Center. It’s an area that can be activated from within any app that brings control to Wi-Fi, brightness and other frequently accessed settings. From Control Center you can access a flashlight, start a song, toggle AirPlay and more.


    iOS 7 will bring better multitasking and background processing to all apps. It will monitor which apps you use frequently to help determine which ones need more full-functioning multitasking. When apps send push notifications, for instance, the phone will know to start to give that app background processing so that it will work more quickly and intuitively.

    Apple has taken a major cue from webOS (RIP) and added full-previews of running apps for multitasking. No more tiny icons!


    Apple is bringing OS X’s AirDrop to iOS. AirDrop will let users share photos or files peer-to-peer with other iOS users who are nearby. “No bumping required.”

    AirDrop will only work on iOS devices running the latest wireless chipsets, meaning the iPhone 5, fourth generation iPad, iPad mini, and the latest iPod touch.

    Photos and Camera

    The Camera and Photo apps received a major overhaul. Not only is it easier to manage large numbers of photographs, users can now create Shared Photostreams — think group albums — into which other users can post photos as well as share with others.

    Users can also share video with iCloud Photo streams in iOS 7.

    Visually, the app looks similar to the latest Flickr redesign, is less focused on 4 x 4 grids of thumbnails, and offers users a better look at their photographs.


    Siri has a new look and a new voice. Users can choose between male and female voices for Siri. Siri is also getting smarter: It will now pull in data from Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing.


    Safari for iOS 7 has a new look and feel — more similar to Chrome on iOS, we must say — including a new tabbed view. It also integrates with iCloud Keychain for password management.

    The unified search menu, which was removed with iOS 3.0, is back. There is also access to shared links and the reading list improvements shown off with OS X Mavericks.

    Tabs are now 3D and fully integrated with iCloud tabs. Users are no longer limited to eight tabs (hooray) and tabs can be reordered or removed with a swipe.

    iOS in the Car

    Apple is going to bring iOS to the dashboard of your car. Support for iOS in the car will be coming to Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Chevy, Kia, Volvo, Acura and others. Music and iTunes Radio

    The Music app gets the same visual overhaul as the rest of the system but the big feature with music and iOS 7 is iTunes Radio. Think of it as a hybrid between Pandora and Songza, built into iOS.

    Users can listen to theme-centric playlists or stations (“Songs for summer”) or listen to artist-centric stations. And, like Last.fm, iTunes Radio keeps track of all the stuff you listen to across iTunes, Apple TV and on iOS 7.

    It’s free with ads, though iTunes Match subscribers get it free without ads.

    New App Store

    The App Store has a new design and will show apps that are popular nearby, as well as apps popular with your friends. The best part? Your apps now update automatically.

    Apple WWDC 2013 iOS 7


    Notification Sync

    Audio-only Facetime

    Weibo Integration in China

    Per-app VPN for Enterprise

    Plus more than 1500 APIs, support for third-party game controllers, new multitasking APIs.

    Apple is also introducing a feature called Activation Lock, which will prevent thieves from activating your iPhone on another network unless they know your iCloud password.

    As for the availability, the iOS 7 would be accessible to developers in Monday and official come to iOS devices this fall.

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  • 10 new features people expect to get in Apple iOS 7

    Posted on April 22nd, 2013 David Brooks No comments

    Without doubt, iOS is a wonderful platform and mobile fans are all familiar with this mobile operating system. Based on iOS, Apple has brought quite a lot of wonderful devices to the world, which greatly improved our daily entertainment and drove the fast development of mobile industry. However, even the unprecedented level of polish cannot prevent Apple’s mobile operating system from looking somewhat stale. And no wonder, after all, iOS hasn’t seen a major overhaul since its first release in 2007. Sure, Apple has been perfecting the platform ever year, adding numerous new features and improvements, but its look and feel have remained largely the same, making it appear boring and static compared to its rival, Android.

    With the fast development of smartphone and mobile industry, since the first iPhone release, people are much more knowledgeable about mobile tech, applications and the possibilities our favorite gadgets hide, which results in that people have become more desired in greater control over their smartphones. People start to want more advanced features, higher customizability, and a more open environment that allows their smartphones to be even more useful and reliable in their daily grind. With the upcoming of iOS 7, we don’t know what it would bring to us, but we could have our own expectations on what the next iOS should include.

    USB mass storage and file browser

    USB connection

    Apple will probably never allow USB mass storage mode and an open file system in iOS, but they can’t take our dreams, can they? We’re looking forward to the time when we’ll be able to just plug our iPhones in and start transferring any type of files freely.



    From all the things we’d love to see in iOS 7, widgets, or at least some form of live icons, is probably the most wanted. Sure you can do things pretty quickly with iOS right now, but this can never beat the comfort of getting info that updates in real-time by just glancing at your home screen. Widgets also unlock many new possibilities for app developers, who will be able to use them to complement their apps. Widgets for iOS do not necessarily need to take huge amounts of space, they can simply be live-updating icons, or something like that. Whatever it is, though, it’s time for Apple to make that home screen a bit more dynamic.

    Vertical App Store lists

    Verticla App Store list

    Do you remember the old App Store design? Well, we think it was actually better than the current one. The thing is that your phone screen, which has a portrait orientation, can show more items if they are listed vertically, instead of horizontally. We understand the need for a more contemporary look of the UI, but that could have been easily achieved while keeping the good old vertical orientation.

    Animated and parallax wallpapers


    Static wallpapers are cool, but how about something with a little bit more eye candy, like animated wallpapers or parallax ones? That’s surely a leaf Apple can take from Google’s book. Sure, those are going to be a bit more demanding on the system, but having a more appealing home screen will easily make up for it.

    Open access to Nitro Java Script engine

    Nitro Java Script engine

    Safari is probably the fastest browser available for iOS devices, and that includes other notable offerings such as Google’s Chrome. However, it’s worth knowing that Apple has reserved the fast Nitro Java Script engine for itself, while it’s forcing others to use a slower Java Script processing. Now, don’t get us wrong, Safari is an absolutely wonderful browser, but we think that it’s not very cool of Apple to force third-party browsers to be slower. All apps should be on an equal footing, because that would mean more competition and faster progress.

    Quick settings in Notification Center

    Notification center

    So, why do we have to go to the Settings app and then navigate the sub-menus each time we want to tweak the brightness or enable/disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? Every user nowadays would prefer to have those frequently used toggles in an easily accessible part of the interface, like the Notification Center, for example.

    Flash Player support

    Flash Player

    If there’s one thing Apple could use to blow us away with iOS 7, that’s Flash Player support! That’s actually super-unlikely, considering that even Adobe and Google discontinued Flash support for Android, but c’mon, guys, there’s still tons of Flash content out there in the web – content that’s not really accessible on a mobile device. And by the looks of it, that whole HTML5 thing is moving at a very slow pace, so why don’t these companies just do us a favor and bring Flash back to mobile?

    Changeable default applications

    Changeable default settings

    Once again, it’s all about freedom, as some people may prefer having Opera, Chrome, or some other browser set as their default one, or Google Maps set as their default maps application. Yes, we can have those apps running now, but what happens when we click on an address somewhere? It takes us to Apple Maps, without any way to set Google Maps as the default choice. That probably won’t happen, but we wanted to express our willingness to have this feature anyway.

    UI themes

    UI themes

    When you want to make your device feel like new, the easiest way to do that is by applying a new UI theme. Let’s face it – the stock UI of iOS is gorgeous, but even it can get a bit boring after a while. Here’s what we suggest: if Apple could add a number of cool themes that drastically alter the looks of the interface, then maybe people won’t complain so much about the stale appearance of the OS?

    Bigger folders


    Folders is one feature that iOS customers use a lot, but why should iPhone folders be limited to just 16 apps for the iPhone 5 and just 12 apps for all previous iPhones? Why can’t we just have an infinite amount of space inside a folder? While you can’t have that now, unless you’re jailbroken, that’s actually a very good idea for Apple here – make folders infinitely big, and let users store as much apps inside a single folder as they can. Break those useless chains!

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