• Freely download the most popular YouTube video – the T-Mobile Royal Wedding

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    I just find a really interesting and exciting YouTube video about the royal wedding of William and Kate, the T-Mobile Royal Wedding, and want to download this YouTube video to my computer for freely playback, but I don’t know how to download YouTube videos and, what if I want to watch YouTube videos on my iPod should I do? Thanks very much for any help.“Christine asked on Yahoo.com.

    Royal Wedding of William and Kate

    As one of the big events of this century, the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has gained great concern from people all over the world. Ever since the royal wedding party, there have been so many wonderful online videos about this big event. To help Christine, here is a method to download YouTube video: the T-Mobile Royal Wedding to computer and then convert YouTube videos to iPod for unlimited enjoyment.

    To download YouTube videos, you can use Leawo Free YouTube Downloader. This free YouTube video downloader is a combination of a browser, a YouTube video downloader and a Flash video player. The following is a brief guide on how to download YouTube videos with Leawo Free YouTube Video Downloader:

    Leawo Free YouTube Downloader

    Step 1: After download and install this free YouTube video downloader, launch it and search for your desired YouTube videos via the browser.

    Step 2: After you entered the address of your liked YouTube videos, you will see the FLV monitor message prompt dialog, just click “Download” to start downloading.

    With these two steps you can download YouTube videos to your computer. However, if you want to watch YouTube videos on your iPod, then you need to convert YouTube videos to iPod video file formats like MP4. The following step will help you realize this:

    Step 3: Click the “Convert” to convert your downloaded YouTube videos to iPod video file formats. If you have downloaded Leawo Video Converter, then the program would automatically start. If you have not downloaded the video converter, you would be prompted to download this.

    Leawo Video Converter

    Step 4: If you have already downloaded Leawo Video Converter, then the downloaded YouTube videos would be automatically imported to the video converter. If not, you need to download and install this program and then launch it to add your downloaded YouTube videos to the video converter.

    Step 5: Click the “Profile” to select iPod video file formats as output profile.

    Step 6: Click the convert button to start converting YouTube videos to iPod video files.

    With all these finished, then you can transfer the converted YouTube videos to your iPod for unlimited playback. For detailed information, please check the following guides:

    How to download YouTube video with Leawo Free YouTube Downloader

    How to convert YouTube videos to iPod video files with Leawo Video Converter

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  • Convert YouTube Videos to PSP with Unwatermarked Video Converter

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    Want to enjoy YouTube videos on PSP? Then you need to convert the YouTube FLV videos to MP4 or AVI video formats which are supported by PSP. And a totally free PSP Video Converter is your best choice.

    Someone asked the key of enjoying YouTube videos on PSP. Of course, the most important is to convert YouTube videos to PSP. And as far as I see, there are two facts involved. Now let’s get to know them once for all.

    Fact 1: It is of course downloading YouTube videos. As for downloading YouTube videos fast and with high quality, choosing a free YouTube downloader like Leawo Free YouTube Downloader is a wise choice. It is a program without any viruses and accelerates the video downloading speed greatly. All you need to do is throw the video website into it and then leave all the remaining work to it. You can also watch the video in real time in the process of downloading.

    Fact 2: Most YouTube videos are in FLV format, while PSP supports MP4 and AVI video formats. Thus the second step of enjoying YouTube videos on PSP is to convert YouTube videos to PSP. There are a lot of video converter programs available on the market, or you can even get a free trail online. However, most of are for paying ones and even you get a trail version you will find that it only allows you to convert 20% or less of your whole video. The last but not least is that some of the freeware you have got online are ones with virus, causing trouble to your PC. Therefore, a free PSP video converter without viruses is most needed.

    Fortunately, there are a few video converters meet all the demands, among which Leawo Free PSP Video Converter is an outstanding one.

    On one hand, it lets users download YouTube videos directly with the built-in YouTube downloader, saving the users’ efforts to search for a qualified YouTube downloader.

    And on the other hand, this PSP Converter is a clean and powerful video to PSP Converter free software with no time and watermark limits. It can convert videos to PSP video formats for playback videos on PSP. With this Free PSP Converter, you are able to extract music files from popular video formats to convert MP4 to MP3, and also convert video file to M4A, AAC, MP3, etc., and then enjoy the music. With easy-to-use interface and fast conversion speed, this free PSP video converter can convert video to MP4 file with excellent output quality and without source limitations.Versatile, right?

    So, with Leawo Free PSP Video Converter, you can download and convert YouTube videos to your PSP for enjoyment with an easy mind. Free, without viruses, easy, fast and quality-loss, want to have a try? You can free download this PSP Video Converter here: http://www.leawo.com/download/video2psp/video2psp_install.exe. Have your own experience of enjoying YouTube videos on PSP and maybe you can share your wonderful experience with us here. Have fun!

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  • Leawo Blu-ray Ripper Enhances Your Enjoyment of Blu-ray “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

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    Family comedy “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is my favorite movie which arrives in March. It is based on the best-selling illustrated novel by American author Jeff Kinney. A kid starts middle school, making the transition from grade school and this film nicely deals with that chapter in a kid’s life. The “cool” older brother who lives to antagonize you, the “yukky” baby brother who embarrasses you, the nerdy friend who makes you look bad, they are all there. The direction is perfect and the film is paced properly and exactly.

    And now “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” has arrived on Blu-ray disc on August 3 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. It is really good news for the HD movie fans. The first thing you’ll notice about 20th Century Fox’s 1080p/AVC-encoded transfer of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is how spectacularly colorful it is. The image pops off the screen with vivid red wrestling outfits, bright yellow gym uniforms, crisp blue skies, and rich green grass…I think a SD movie will not satisfy the visual needs who have seen the charm of blu-ray HD movies. Nevertheless, the high price of the blu-ray players as well as discs discourages many HD movie fans. So how we can enjoy the HD feast brought by blu-ray with no additional money?

    Then Blu-ray Ripper will be a big help! I bet we really have plenty of choices from internet. However, there is only a few powerful Blu-ray ripper tools really help a lot and Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is one of them. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is a proven Blu-ray ripper which makes it quite convenient to rip blu-ray or DVD discs while retaining the original HD quality. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is a shareware and you can first get a trail version here. It doesn’t matter as it allows you to have a 3-minute conversion to have a try and this is exactly reasonable for users to make a personal choice. With a registered Blu-ray Ripper, you can not only rip and convert Blu-ray movies, but also edit the movie to get a personalized output and share it on YouTube. Well, here I have a clip of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” from YouTube to share with you:

    Just rip and convert the movie with Leawo Blu-ray Ripper for playback even on your mobile devices, then the kid’s experience will bring you more fun!

    The latest version of Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is V1.3.0.1 and it perfectly supports Avatar BD+. So with help of this Blu-ray ripper, you can convert all the latest blu-ray movies as “Alice in Wonderland”, “Avatar”, “Shrek”, “How to Train Your Dragon” and so on. Just convert any Blu-ray discs as you like with Leawo Blu-ray Ripper and have fun.

    BTW, if you want to get a fast and smooth video download from Youtube, just try Leawo Free YouTube Downloader and it will absolutely help a lot!

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  • Movies for Hot Summer (4): Watch Movies on DVD

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    What is DVD?
    DVD, also known as Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc, is an optical disc storage media format. Its main uses are video and data storage. DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs (CDs), but are capable of storing more than six times as much data. The variations of the term DVD includes DVD-ROM (read only memory); DVD-R and DVD+R (recordable); DVD+RW and DVD-RAM (random access memory).

    What’s DVD Creator?
    DVD Creator is a combined tool which acts as a converter and a burner. It is used to convert the video to DVD VOB format and burn them to a DVD disc or a DVD ISO image.

    Why choose Leawo DVD Creator?
    Leawo DVD Creator is a best solution to convert and create DVDs (standard DVD and high definition DVD) from videos and audios in popular formats as in the following manifest:

    Supported video formats

    ASF, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, RMVB, RM, M4V, DV, 3GP, 3G2, DAT, MPG, MPEG, VOB, MKV, Divx, Xvix, TS, etc.

    Supported audio formats

    MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, MP2, AC3, AMR, AIFF, OGG, AU, etc.

    You can also make customizations to get personalized DVDs.

    How to use Leawo DVD Creator to create DVD from downloaded movies?

    Step one: Launch Leawo DVD Creator, click “Add” to load movie or directly drag in the movies from file browser.

    Step two: Choose your favorite DVD menu template, press “Menu” and you can change the background music or picture to increase personal sense.

    Step three: Click “Customize” to prune the movie with video edit functions. You can raise the value for video brightness and contrast, trim the length of poor recordings, crop for best display size and tack a watermark on the recordings.

    Step four: Choose the profile that matches the display mode and aspect ratio of your DVD-TV system.  If you are not clear with the configuration, you can just leave it to the default setting.

    Step five: Click the start button to start burning the movie to DVD.

    WARM NOTE: When you download movies online, fast speed and high quality must be what you want, and then you need a professional Youtube Downloader. Here is a good recommendation: Leawo Free Youtube Downloader. You just need to click here to free download it and then fast downloading speed and perfect quality are available. Have fun.

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  • Movies for Hot Summer (2): Watch Movies on iPad

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    Do you want to watch free Hollywood movies on your iPad? Well, everyone does! However, the biggest disappointment of iPad users is how to upload the free movies online onto their cool iPad gadget. Never mind, Leawo iPad Video Converter comes as a best solution for you. By this means you can save a lot of money rather than buy expensive movies on iTunes. Learn the thoughts of watching Hollywood movies on iPad:

    What’s Leawo iPad Video Converter?
    Leawo iPad Video Converter is a stable, flexible and format-rich tool that can easily and effectively converts any video to Apple iPad. It also supports batch conversion, which is time-saving. What’s more, you can edit the videos as you like during conversion like trimming, cropping, adjusting effect and adding watermark. If you are still frustrated with converting free movies online for watching on iPad, then take Leawo Free iPad Video Converter for a spin.

    Why watch movies on iPad?
    Free download movies online no doubt saves your dollars and the more important is that when you transfer the movies to your iPad gadget, you can bring them anywhere and enjoy them anytime as you like. As a popular device, iPad will give you cool experience of watching movies including Hollywood movies in this hot summer.

    How to convert videos to iPad with Leawo iPad Video Converter?
    Step one: Free download Leawo iPad Video Converter here and launch the program. Click "Add" or directly drag in the movies from file browser.

    Step two: Navigate to the "Customize" panel and here you can edit the movies like cropping, trimming, adjusting effect and adding watermark, etc.

    Step three: Choose the desired output profile for iPad. Leawo iPad Video Converter provides optimized profile along with profiles for common video and audio formats.

    Tips: Each profile is connected with a set of parameters which is available with "Settings" button.

    Step four: Click Start button to start converting movies and you can enable one of the two after-done actions.

    So, how to convert movies for your iPad shouldn’t be a question concerns you anymore, and what you need to do is search the free movie resources online. And as for downloading movies online I have a good recommendation here: Leawo Free Youtube Downloader, it will help you a lot in downloading videos and you can free download it here.
    Now, free download movies and convert them for your iPad, then sync the generated movie files to your iPad with iTunes. Then enjoy the Hollywood movies on your iPad anywhere anytime as you like. Have fun.

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