• Free Download 2011 Easter Wallpaper: Happy Easter, Happy Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

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    Hi everybody, 2011 Easter Sunday is just around the corner. Have you got any plan on what to do to celebrate Easter Sunday? At Easter Sunday, you can play Easter holiday games like playing Easter Eggs game, Bunny running game, puzzles or word games as you like. Don’t forget your computer on Easter Holiday. It is also a great time to decorate your computer with Easter elements like Easter wallpapers, Easter songs, Easter flash videos, etc. These would add more fun and holiday atmosphere to you. Here I would like to share some popular and sweet Easter wallpapers with all of you guys. All these wallpapers are in 1280*1024 pixels. To download the 1280*1024 pixels wallpaper, you just need to drag-and-drop your desired wallpaper to see it in another page and then save the picture to folder.

    Happy Easter Wallpapers

    Happy Easter 2011 1

    Happy Easter 2011

    Happy Easter wallpaper 2011 2 

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter 2011 3

    Happy Easter Painting

    Happy Easter 2011 4
    Happy Easter Chicken

    Happy Easter 2011 5
    Happy Easter Wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 6
    Easter Wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 7
    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter 2011 8
    Brown Rabbit with Pink and White Flowers Wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 9
    Brown Easter Rabbit

    Happy Easter 2011 10
    Easter Wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 11
    Happy Easter Bunny Hug Egg wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 12
    Pink Easter Bunny

    Happy Easter 2011 13
    Happy Easter Rabbit at Forest wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 14
    Easter Bunny and Coloured Eggs

    Happy Easter 2011 15
    Happy Three Easter Rabbits wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 16
    Happy Two Rabbit wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 17
    Virtual Easter Eggs

    Happy Easter 2011 18
    Cute Easter Eggs wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 19
    Design Easter Eggs wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 20
    Easter Eggs wallpaper

    Happy Easter 2011 21
    Easter Eggs wallpaper

    You can freely download wallpapers you like to decorate your computer. If you want more free resources, you can check the following links:
    For free converters from Leawo: http://www.leawo.com/resources-centre/
    For free flash cards: http://www.leawo.com/promotion/flashgiftcards.html

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  • Play Easter Word Puzzle Game, Win Our Best-Selling Converter Software

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    What will you like to play with your families on Easter holiday? Let me guess. Word puzzles, word game, word search, something that can be very entertaining and challenging, right? So here is Leawo Easter Egg to Chicken Converter, a game in a thousand that you won’t regret to play. Use your wit and knack to clear the levels, you will get great rewards to your efforts.

    What is Leawo Easter Egg to Chicken Converter?

    Leawo Easter Egg to Chicken Converter is a cross-word puzzle game for Easter happiness. You are invited to play this traditional game with your kids in Easter. In this game, you are required to find words like easter, egg, chicken and converter etc. to clear the levels. The word puzzles can be reset in each level. All of them are created randomly.

    How to play:
    1. The word puzzle game is in 4 levels, only the last 3 levels give rewards.
    2. The words box displays the words to be found, no word search order is required.
    3. Draw a line across the letters to pick the word each time, the orientation of the words can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal, given the game level.
    4. Submit your score and contact information to get rewards in the end.

    Now during the Easter holiday period, by playing this game, you can also win serial keys for our products like Youtube Video Accelerator, Video Converter and DVD Ripper from Leawo.com.

    So do you think you are a good Easter hunter, and you want to make your kids proud of you? Just take the challenge and have fun with your families.

    Find more details here:
    Leawo Easter Promotion: Egg to Chicken Converter

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