• Apple Gives away Beats Solo3 Headphones for Chinese New Year

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    In order to welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year, Apple announced customers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore will receive a pair of Beats Solo3 wireless headphones with the purchase of select Mac and iPhone products as part of a one-day sale. Apple’s 2017 Chinese New Year sale involves a special edition version of headphones from its subsidiary Beats, in this case the Product (RED) variation. The color red symbolizes good luck and prosperity in many Asian cultures, and is a common sight around the new year.

    According to Apple’s Chinese website, any iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro (excluding late-2016 models with Touch Bar), MacBook Air, Mac Pro, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will receive an instant credit for a pair of Beats Solo3 hardware. The offer is valid at Apple brick-and-mortar stores or online from 8 a.m. on Jan. 6.

    Apple has in the past initiated similar sales to woo Asian market customers. In 2014 the company announced a one-day “Red Friday” sales event that garnered shoppers moderate discounts on select merchandise. Identical promotions ran in 2013 and 2012.

    In addition to the Beats Solo3 giveaway, Apple is showcasing a litany of red themed accessories on its digital storefront, including iPhone cases, audio products, toys and more. The company is also pushing digital wares like Chinese Greetings and Chinese New Year iMessage sticker packs for the seasonal event.

  • Apple to Replace Batteries of iPhone 6s Caused by Unexpected Shutdowns

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    It is announced through Apple’s website that the new program targets a “very small” number of iPhone 6s units that may exhibit unexpected shutdowns due to apparent battery problems. Apple quickly noted devices experiencing shutdown related issues do not present a safety risk, wording likely included to allay fears that iPhone is suffering from battery problems similar to catastrophic failures recently seen impacting Samsung products.

    Earlier this year the Korean tech giant was dealt a major blow when battery components in its flagship Galaxy Note 7 device began to explode under normal operating conditions. Samsung subsequently halted sales and completed a global recall. Problems persisted in replacement units, prompting the company to discontinue the device altogether.

    According to Apple, the iPhone 6s defect only affects a batch of devices manufactured between September and October 2015. Like past replacement programs, users who have experienced a shutdown issue can take their phone into an Apple store or authorized repair facility for inspection. Agents will crosscheck device serial numbers against Apple’s database and, if necessary, replace the battery free of charge. The program covers affected device batteries for three years after first retail sale. Alternatively, owners of affected iPhone 6s units who paid to replace their battery out of pocket can contact Apple for a refund.

    Apple’s replacement program arrives after the China Consumers Association last week asked Apple to investigate complaints from consumers relating to sudden and sometimes permanent iPhone 6 and 6s shutdowns. While this particular repair program is completely unrelated to the probe, iPhone 6s battery replacements for the limited range of iPhones affected are being made available on a worldwide basis.

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  • Apple Captures More Than 103% of Smartphone Profits in the Third Quarter

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    According to new estimates published on Thursday, Apple raked in more than 103 percent of all smartphone industry profits during the third quarter of 2016, despite owning roughly 12 percent of the market.

    Apple took a 90 percent share of profits in the year ago quarter, though other estimates put that number as high as 94 percent on only 14.5 percent of total volume. Samsung, Apple’s biggest rival, reported operating income of $87.9 million, down 96 percent year-over-year and the lowest in eight years., while HTC and LG ended up in the red.

    Apple’s results are all the more impressive considering fresh research published by Strategy Analytics, which noted iPhone continued to cede ground to Android during the September quarter. Specifically, iOS devices accounted for 12.1 percent of global smartphone shipments for the three months ending in September, down from 13.6 percent in 2015. Android gained ground over the same period, jumping from 84.1 percent to 87.5 percent.

    Looking at units sold, Samsung led smartphone unit sales in quarter three with a 21.7 percent marketshare. Apple came in second with 13.2 percent share, while China’s smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, managed 9.7 percent for a third-place finish.

    The estimates jibe with statistics released by market research firm IDC last month that show Apple grabbing a 12.5 percent share of global shipments. That same report saw No. 1 Samsung’s marketshare erode to 20 percent —levels not seen since 2014 —due to the recent Galaxy Note 7 recall. The Note 7 fiasco obliterated Samsung’s quarterly earnings, with the company’s mobile unit suffering a 96 percent year-over-year decline.

    Apple in its most recent earnings release reported a dip in iPhone shipments from 48 million in the third quarter of 2015 to 45.5 million in 2016. Despite continuing shipment declines, however, it appears high handset ASPs and demand for the new iPhone 7 series once again land Apple on top in profits.

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  • Apple Reportedly to Launch New iPhone Video Editing App in 2017

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    It is reported that Apple will release a new iPhone video editing app in 2017 that the new app will run on recent iPhone and iPad releases. The app is said to allow users to record video, apply filters, and send it to contacts or upload for sharing existing networks like Facebook or Twitter, which is similar to Snapchat. The design goals are reportedly one-hand use, with the complete process including image capture, editing, and uploading taking less than one minute.

    Apple may have hired Joe Weil in December 2015 to helm the service. Weil co-developed the video blogging service KnowMe, and served as the President of advertising prototype company 321 Launch. Also it is reported that underway are evaluations of more social media sharing features for iOS. The same report claims that an expansion of Apple’s adaptive assistance functionality that makes suggestions to the user based on location and time of day may grow.

    However, any growth of user data sharing is examined by an Apple panel that examines privacy issues with any proposed Apple feature. The privacy panel, as well as development issues may either delay release, or push it back past a projected 2017 release date. Information surfaced in March that three “privacy czars” must sign off on any product collecting customer data. The group attempts to keep customer data stored on a device rather than on Apple servers, and isolated in categories.

    Debates between the three executives on the privacy panel are said to last at least a month, and reportedly have stretched out over a year. Any new social sharing feature implemented by Apple in 2017 would have to be examined by the trio first.

    Apple has tried social networking in the past. Apple’s Ping was introduced in 2010 as a social way to promote music discovery. Apple CEO Tim Cook killed the product in 2012 with the introduction of iTunes 7.

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  • 10 new features people expect to get in Apple iOS 7

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    Without doubt, iOS is a wonderful platform and mobile fans are all familiar with this mobile operating system. Based on iOS, Apple has brought quite a lot of wonderful devices to the world, which greatly improved our daily entertainment and drove the fast development of mobile industry. However, even the unprecedented level of polish cannot prevent Apple’s mobile operating system from looking somewhat stale. And no wonder, after all, iOS hasn’t seen a major overhaul since its first release in 2007. Sure, Apple has been perfecting the platform ever year, adding numerous new features and improvements, but its look and feel have remained largely the same, making it appear boring and static compared to its rival, Android.

    With the fast development of smartphone and mobile industry, since the first iPhone release, people are much more knowledgeable about mobile tech, applications and the possibilities our favorite gadgets hide, which results in that people have become more desired in greater control over their smartphones. People start to want more advanced features, higher customizability, and a more open environment that allows their smartphones to be even more useful and reliable in their daily grind. With the upcoming of iOS 7, we don’t know what it would bring to us, but we could have our own expectations on what the next iOS should include.

    USB mass storage and file browser

    USB connection

    Apple will probably never allow USB mass storage mode and an open file system in iOS, but they can’t take our dreams, can they? We’re looking forward to the time when we’ll be able to just plug our iPhones in and start transferring any type of files freely.



    From all the things we’d love to see in iOS 7, widgets, or at least some form of live icons, is probably the most wanted. Sure you can do things pretty quickly with iOS right now, but this can never beat the comfort of getting info that updates in real-time by just glancing at your home screen. Widgets also unlock many new possibilities for app developers, who will be able to use them to complement their apps. Widgets for iOS do not necessarily need to take huge amounts of space, they can simply be live-updating icons, or something like that. Whatever it is, though, it’s time for Apple to make that home screen a bit more dynamic.

    Vertical App Store lists

    Verticla App Store list

    Do you remember the old App Store design? Well, we think it was actually better than the current one. The thing is that your phone screen, which has a portrait orientation, can show more items if they are listed vertically, instead of horizontally. We understand the need for a more contemporary look of the UI, but that could have been easily achieved while keeping the good old vertical orientation.

    Animated and parallax wallpapers


    Static wallpapers are cool, but how about something with a little bit more eye candy, like animated wallpapers or parallax ones? That’s surely a leaf Apple can take from Google’s book. Sure, those are going to be a bit more demanding on the system, but having a more appealing home screen will easily make up for it.

    Open access to Nitro Java Script engine

    Nitro Java Script engine

    Safari is probably the fastest browser available for iOS devices, and that includes other notable offerings such as Google’s Chrome. However, it’s worth knowing that Apple has reserved the fast Nitro Java Script engine for itself, while it’s forcing others to use a slower Java Script processing. Now, don’t get us wrong, Safari is an absolutely wonderful browser, but we think that it’s not very cool of Apple to force third-party browsers to be slower. All apps should be on an equal footing, because that would mean more competition and faster progress.

    Quick settings in Notification Center

    Notification center

    So, why do we have to go to the Settings app and then navigate the sub-menus each time we want to tweak the brightness or enable/disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? Every user nowadays would prefer to have those frequently used toggles in an easily accessible part of the interface, like the Notification Center, for example.

    Flash Player support

    Flash Player

    If there’s one thing Apple could use to blow us away with iOS 7, that’s Flash Player support! That’s actually super-unlikely, considering that even Adobe and Google discontinued Flash support for Android, but c’mon, guys, there’s still tons of Flash content out there in the web – content that’s not really accessible on a mobile device. And by the looks of it, that whole HTML5 thing is moving at a very slow pace, so why don’t these companies just do us a favor and bring Flash back to mobile?

    Changeable default applications

    Changeable default settings

    Once again, it’s all about freedom, as some people may prefer having Opera, Chrome, or some other browser set as their default one, or Google Maps set as their default maps application. Yes, we can have those apps running now, but what happens when we click on an address somewhere? It takes us to Apple Maps, without any way to set Google Maps as the default choice. That probably won’t happen, but we wanted to express our willingness to have this feature anyway.

    UI themes

    UI themes

    When you want to make your device feel like new, the easiest way to do that is by applying a new UI theme. Let’s face it – the stock UI of iOS is gorgeous, but even it can get a bit boring after a while. Here’s what we suggest: if Apple could add a number of cool themes that drastically alter the looks of the interface, then maybe people won’t complain so much about the stale appearance of the OS?

    Bigger folders


    Folders is one feature that iOS customers use a lot, but why should iPhone folders be limited to just 16 apps for the iPhone 5 and just 12 apps for all previous iPhones? Why can’t we just have an infinite amount of space inside a folder? While you can’t have that now, unless you’re jailbroken, that’s actually a very good idea for Apple here – make folders infinitely big, and let users store as much apps inside a single folder as they can. Break those useless chains!

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