• Is Windows 7 design following Mac OS X at all?

    Posted on November 13th, 2009 Maky | No comments

    There have long been rumors on Windows 7 imitating the design of Mac OS X, and just days before Microsoft official reportedly admitted the inspiration by Apple’s OS, which had splashed quite a lot of critics and reviews. But just overnight, Microsoft pulled down the quoted statement and denied all possible influence Apple had on Windows 7 design.


    Windows 7 does look very similar in graphical user interface to its main rival Mac OS. The task bar in Windows 7 or the dock in Mac OS is the focal point of similarity where both systems do almost the same thing to combine program icons for both launching and activating windows. In the window UI, Mac OS is always being commented as fantastic, while Windows OS before Vista went all the way with little innovation ever since Win95. Vista is the turning point, paving the way for the now best Windows OS with a brand new look. The preview feature and Aero effect in Windows 7 do make people think of Mac OS X, but some reviews would vote for Microsoft saying the design is better.


    Maybe Microsoft has foreseen the benefit of user experience reflected in the success of its rival with a charming look, and what accounts for the biggest part is the UI design. Apple’s proven intelligence in UI style is a good example to study, if not to follow. Microsoft must have known it. There is a famous saying in Chinese, “those who know both themselves and their enemies are bound to win”. It is just unlikely that Microsoft could circumvent its rival and turn out a better product. However, there are reasons to deny such “irresponsible” statements, such as avoiding unnecessary law suits and user loyalty drop.


    In fact, when we look inside the system structure, Windows 7 and Mac OS X are obviously different. Mac OS X derives from UNIX system. The advantage it has in fast booting and shutting the system is what Windows 7 strives to overcome but has not yet succeeded. The file system, the way the program is loaded and the security structure are all the way disparate. Similarity in UI design could only suggest that they have same insights in promoting user experience.


    It remains an assumption that Windows 7 design is somehow inspired by Mac OS. But we have to admit Microsoft is striving in the right direction to promote user experience. The Windows system is considerably faster than any of its predecessors and provides good compatibility to many software we are using on Windows XP and Vista.


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  • Intriguing merits of Windows 7, the best Windows system now on earth

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    So far since the debut of Windows 7, it has hauled millions of users into its arms. Compared to Windows XP, it has significantly upgraded security measures when the former is susceptible to security breaches by worms such as Blaster and Slammer. The interface has all the way deviated from the less impressive appearance since Win95.

    Windows 7 gathers numerous merits of ease of use and shut away the annoying features which come with Windows Vista. It resurrects the concept which is supposed to bring about but spoiled by Vista, making the system to the point where users can use it just by instinct and freedom.

    As a favorable renovation for Windows Vista, Windows 7 boots and sleeps faster, consumes less resource which allows it to run on low profile or older machines, and shows more awareness of user’s habit and preference.

    Here is a list of merits that can convince you Windows 7 is the best Windows system as yet.

    1. System is more secure.

    Since it inherits Vista’s system structure, it upsets the ways hackers and virus used to attack and infect the system. Windows XP is a famous target for security attack. Hundreds of patch upgrades still find no way to plug the leaks. It is yet sophisticated for a computer illiterate to pull up protection measures against security threats.

    2. Interface is more beautiful and smooth.

    The interface is straight forward but not dull. It is less bloated than Windows Vista, but more agreeable than Windows XP. Enhanced mini Preview feature, Aero Snap, Aero Peek and Aero Shake give users an easy and fast experience in multiple tasking. Mini Preview now will show the full size on desktop when hovering on. Aero Snap lets you put two applications side by side for easy comparison and copy-and-paste. Aero Peek makes open windows temporarily transparent so you can see what’s on your desktop. Aero Shake means that if you shake a window, all the other windows will disappear. All are both useful and fun.

    3. It runs on lower resource dependency than Vista.

    It is just possible for your working Windows XP PC to experience Windows 7. 1G memory can meet the demand to run it smooth. Some geeks even show off by installing Windows 7 on unsuitable PC like those with Pentium 3 chips. It has a better resource management which reduces the chance of system crash due to resource shortage.

    4. Windows 7 is an energy-efficient system.

    The battery can last 10% longer on Windows 7 system than Windows Vista. It is critical for business people who use handheld computer or laptop on the go. For them, Windows 7 is no doubt a better choice.

    5. Windows 7 integrates DirectX 11 graphic rendering engine.

    It is a real boon to multimedia and game fans. DirectX 11 is likely to be the exclusive component of Windows 7, while Windows XP totes DirectX 9 and Windows Vista DirectX 10. We have seen great stride forward in the graphic effect in DirectX 10 video games. Many more next-generation effects are expected to come true in DirectX 11.

    6. Old Windows applications have been dramatically improved.

    Windows accessory tools like Paint, WordPad have taken on "Ribbons" like Office 2007. Powershell and Calculator are much more powerful than before. Users won’t need to seek professional solutions since their daily routines can be well tackled by these very old windows utilities.

    There are more to go – Windows 7 knocks on many more weak points of previous versions of Windows. It has made up for the widely blamed predecessor Windows Vista and cracked in the market with awesome user friendliness. We are glad this time Microsoft has made a right decision to research user data on using system prior to conceiving the system structure. At a preferential price range from $50-$126 for Windows 7 (Home Premium and Ultimate), if you are not an inveterate Windows XP loyalist, there is no good reason that you should avoid it. For the moment, Windows 7 is simply the best version of Windows you can get.

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