• How to keep Fonts and Videos in PowerPoint 2010

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    People always say PowerPoint is an easy-to-use tool for making PowerPoint presentations. That depends. After you have learnt all those PowerPoint skills and tried yourself, the answer is yes. But for many people, problem happens all the time, especially when you need to send the PowerPoint to others. In this article we will show you how to deal with the font and video problem in PowerPoint.

    1. Font in PowerPoint

    Different computers are likely to have different fonts, especially when the two computers have different languages. If you send a PowerPoint presentation to another computer, the font differences may cause some formatting issues.

    Microsoft has offered the solution, but not enabled by default. Below is how to keep the fonts you have used in the PowerPoint file.

    Step 1: Start by clicking “File” on the top-left and then click “Options” on the left pane.


    Step 2: Once you have the PowerPoint Options window open, select the “Save” tab and then check the “Embed fonts in the file” checkbox.


    Step 3: You then have the option to include all of the characters (increases the file size) or only the characters used (reduces the file size).

    2. Video in PowerPoint

    Unlike pictures and music, videos are usually bigger in size and in order to keep the output PowerPoint file small. The video may not be embedded, but hyperlinked. That is to say, the video is still on your computer, so the receipt cannot view the video on his computer.

    The following method will show you how to make use the Windows Media Player to play video in PowerPoint. The advantages are that you can easily control the video path and options like play, pause, skip and volume of the player in PowerPoint.

    Step 1: Enable the “Developer” tab. In the PowerPoint Options → Customize the Ribbon → select the Developer option.


    Step 2: Under the Developer tab, click the “More Controls” icon and a dialog window will pop up.


    Step 3: In the More Controls dialog box, select “Windows Media Player“, and click “OK” to apply. Drag you mouse to draw a frame for the player.


    Step 4: Right click the frame and choose “Properties“.


    Step 5: Input the full path and name of video file in “URL” option.


    Then you can view the video in PowerPoint using Windows Media Player with all its control options.


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  • Free Method to Make PowerPoint to Video Using Windows Live Movie Maker

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    Although PowerPoint is widely used in our lives and generally regarded as the best program to make presentations, yet if you want to share your PowerPoint on YouTube, you will find that you can’t. Because YouTube accepts only video formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, WebM and so on. One of the solutions is to convert PowerPoint to video.

    Leawo PowerPoint to Video converter helps you to save PowerPoint as video formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, etc. and preserve animation, transition, music and video clips in the PowerPoint files.


    A time-effective method, but not free method. If you like, you can use the Windows Live Movie Maker to create a movie from your PowerPoint slideshow or photos. You can get the Windows Live Movie Maker here for free. Then follow the steps below to turn your PowerPoint to video using Windows Live Movie Maker.

    Part 1: Save PowerPoint as pictures

    PowerPoint formats are not supported by Windows Live Movie Maker, so you need to save PowerPoint slides as pictures first.

    Step 1: Open your PowerPoint and click “Save As”, in the popup windows, choose an image format as “Save as Type”, like JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF.


    Step 2: A prompt will show up, choose “Every Slide” to save all the PowerPoint slides as pictures.


    Part 2: Create video using Windows Live Movie Maker

    After saving PowerPoint as pictures, all the features like animation, transition, music and video clips will be removed. But don’t worry, they can be added again in the Windows Live Movie Maker, although not exactly the same as the original.

    Step 1: Import the pictures into Windows Live Movie Maker. Click “Home” → “Add videos and photos” and import all the output PowerPoint pictures.


    Step 2: Add background music. Click “Add music” to insert songs as background music. Because the timeline has been removed in Windows Live Movie Maker, you have to go to “Options” of “Music Tools” to set the timing of the songs.


    Step 3: Add animations to the pictures.


    Step 4: Add visual effects. These visual effects can be found in the picture format of PowerPoint.


    Step 5: Save the movie. The output video format is WMV.


    The function of Windows Live Movie Maker is limited, but it does provide a free method to save your PowerPoint as video for publishing on YouTube.

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  • How to Make a Photo Album using PowerPoint 2010

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    You may have taken a number of precious photos from time to time. In the past you may print it out and carefully put them in the family photo album book, but now they may be lying silently in your digital camera or one folder on your hard drive. Why not make a photo album with PowerPoint 2010, which helps you store and display these photos in a digital way?

    Why choose PowerPoint? Microsoft PowerPoint should be installed on most of the computers, so you don’t need to find and buy other software to make a photo album. Besides, you should be familiar with PowerPoint so you don’t need to learn how to use it. PowerPoint is consisted of several slides, which are easy to be organized for you to tell a story in the right order. Besides, you can also add dynamic effects like animation, transition, background music, video clips and more to your PowerPoint photo album.

    Now let’s take a look at the steps to make a photo album in PowerPoint 2010.

    1. Open PowerPoint program, point to Insert tab, click the Photo Album button.

    PowerPoint photo album-1

    2. In the pop up window, click File/Disk button and choose the photos you want to include in the photo album from your hard drive. (The Photo Album function enables you to insert multiple photos to PowerPoint at a time.)

    PowerPoint photo album-2

    You will see the selected photos in the Picture in Album list. You can change the order by choosing a photo and clicking the Move Up or Move Down button. Below the preview of the photo, there are six buttons, which you can use to adjust the rotation, contrast and brightness of each photo.

    Click Create to insert the photos.

    3. The photo album can be editable, any time you want to change the photo, order or effect, you can click Edit Photo Album. On the left of the preview, you can select Captions below All pictures to add subtitle for your album.

    PowerPoint photo album-3

    To add title for each photo, you should click Picture layout and choose x picture with title.

    PowerPoint photo album-4

    Click Update to apply the changes.

    4. Apply a theme to your album

    You can directly select an PowerPoint embedded theme by clicking Browse, or choose a theme from the Design tab of PowerPoint.

    5. Add animation, transition, background music and video clips to the PowerPoint photo album.

    Now you have finished your own photo album using PowerPoint 2010. Do you want to share your photo album with others? You can upload your self-made photo album to YouTube and let other people enjoy the happiness with you. To upload your photo album to YouTube, you should convert PowerPoint to video formats that YouTube accepts. Tool you need: Leawo PowerPoint to Video Converter.

    Want to store your photo album permanently? In order to store the photo album forever and prevent from being edited, you can burn it on a DVD disc. Leawo PowerPoint to DVD Burner helps you store photo album on DVD disc for playback on TV whenever you like.

  • PowerPoint Tips – Grow/Shrink Animation to Photo

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    In this article we are going to tell you about the Grow/Shrink animation in PowerPoint 2010. Maybe you haven’t used it before, never mind, this is the right place for you to learn how. Grow/Shrink is one of the animations that original come along with PowerPoint 2010. Just like its animation brothers, it can be added to text or picture. But I think it would more useful adding to picture.

    Assume that you’re making a Photo slideshow and PowerPoint is really an easy and powerful tool for you. Now, click “Insert” → and choose “Photo Album” to import all your photos into PowerPoint at one time. Each slide will have one photo on it.

    Grow/Shrink Animation to Photo-1

    Now you need to add some animations to these photos to make them alive. We have already used animations like “Fly In”, “Float In”, “Zoom” or “Bounce” too often, let’s try Grow/Shrink today!

    Step 1: Select one photo and click “Animations” → “Add Animation” to add an animation to the picture. For PowerPoint 2007, this is a little different. You should click “Animations” → “Customize Animation” → “Add Effect” to add an animation.

    Grow/Shrink Animation to Photo-2

    Step 2: In the drop-down list, you will see many animations you can add to the photo and the “Grow/Shrink” animation is the one we need.

    Grow/Shrink Animation to Photo-3

    Step 3: Now click the mouse and the photo will expand to 150% larger by default (you can change the size too, you will see it later). The problem is that once clicked, the photo will remain the 150% size, and we need to shrink the photo back to normal. Insert the “Grow/Shrink” animation again. And click the “Animation Pane” to adjust the second animation.

    Grow/Shrink Animation to Photo-4

    Step 4: The “Animation Pane” section will appear on the right of the slide section. Right click on the animation 2 and click “Effect Options”.

    Grow/Shrink Animation to Photo-5

    Step 5: In the pop up window, you will see the default size is “150%” (you can change the Grow size here), to click the mouse again and shrink the photo back to normal size, you should set the size as “67%” (100/150) and press “Enter”.

    Grow/Shrink Animation to Photo-6

    Try it! Click on the photo once and it will grow to 150% larger, click again and it will shrink back to normal, like:

    Grow/Shrink Animation to Photo

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  • Google Docs: Expand Your PowerPoint Presentation Experience

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    When we want to create a presentation document, we would probably think of the almighty Microsoft PowerPoint. In the past, it’s the best way and the only way. But now we have a lot more options. There are many free alternative ways for us to choose to make presentations like Open Office, Libre Office, Kingsoft Office, SlideRocket and today’s star Google Docs. And they can be divided into two groups: software you need to install on your computer and online applications. Google Docs is the spokesman for all those online PowerPoint-like applications which enables you to view, create and sharer PowerPoint online.

    What can Google Docs do?

    1.Create PowerPoint presentations online.

    First login Google Docs with your Gmail account. Gmail account gives access to Google Docs and other Google services. Your Google Docs homepage is like this, click the “Create” button on the left to start creating a presentation online.

    Google Docs -1

    Google Docs is corresponding to Microsoft Office, so it can create Document (Word), Presentation (PowerPoint), SpreadSheet (Excel) and more other document files.

    Google Docs -2

    Click “Presentation” and you will enter this presentation page. With concise interface the Google products always have, you have nearly all the tools you need here to make a good presentation, like add pictures, video clips, transitions, animations, etc. But it’s a pity that you cannot insert music in Google Docs.

    Google Docs -3

    2.Save as PPTX format compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

    After you have finished, you can download your presentation to your computer as PPTX format. PPTX is the latest format for PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2010 so your Google Docs presentation will be compatible with PowerPoint 2007 & 2010. This simple function seems nothing, but it is very useful in fact. Imagine that you need to create a PowerPoint presentation for school, but you don’t have Microsoft Office. Then you can create in Google Docs, download as PPTX and bring to school computer to play. Together with PowerPoint to video converter, you can even publish your Google Docs to YouTube.

    Google Docs -4

    3.Download as PDF format

    If you search PowerPoint to PDF, you will find that there is great demand that people need to save PowerPoint as PDF format for all kinds of advantages that PDF format has. PowerPoint 2010 supports save as PDF directly, but for those PowerPoint 2007 or 2003 users, they will need a converter to save PowerPoint as PDF file. Now Google Docs serves as another solution to convert PowerPoint to PDF for free.

    4.Upload Microsoft PowerPoint

    Bring Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Docs even closer, upload PowerPoint files to Google Docs for viewing, editing and sharing with others. Adjacent to the “Create” button, click the “Upload” icon, and choose “Files” from the drop-down menu. Then select the PowerPoint file you want to upload and click “Open”.

    Google Docs -5

    Check the “Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs format” box if you need to edit the PowerPoint in Google Docs. Click “Start Upload”.

    Google Docs -6

    Now you can edit the uploaded PowerPoint file in Google Docs, like reset images, background music, etc. Let’s skip that part and directly click “Share” to publish it online.

    Google Docs -7

    In the pop up dialog box, click “Change” in the “Private” line to choose who has access to the PowerPoint presentation.

    Google Docs -8

    Now you can choose who can view or edit the PowerPoint file.

    Google Docs -9

    Have fun with all the best functions that Google Docs provides. What else can Google Docs do?

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  • How to Reduce SWF File Size on Mac

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    If you have ever created or administrated a website on your own, you may feel more deeply how it affects your website traffic when the SWF banners, movies or slide shows are too big in size.

    Then your will need to reduce SWF file size and keep a reasonable output video effect. If you’re looking for a solution that will help you compress SWF files on Mac, then you’re at the right place. Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac helps you to compress your SWF files with high quality. You don’t even have to know Flash technology well to compress SWF files. SWF files can be reduced up to 60% to 70% depending on the file properties.

    Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac

    Here’s how to compress SWF files with Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac:

    1. Download Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac – http://www.leawo.com/download/macswfcompress_setup.dmg – and install it on your computer following easy and familiar installation steps.

    2. Run the program, click “Add” button or drag and drop the SWF files in.

    Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac: add files

    3. You will see your SWF files displayed in the file list.

    Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac: file list

    4. For your convenience Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac provides selection of predefined optimization settings: Best, Good, Basic, Medium, Sprite and Custom. Just select one of them and you are ready to start optimizing.

    Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac: presettings

    5. If you want, you can dig deeper into each SWF parameter setting, just press the “Show More Options” button and you will be able to choose more profound settings up to your needs.

    Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac: show more options

    6. Detailed SWF parameters are separated into 5 groups: image, shape, video, audio and font. You may get to know the meaning of each parameter in the user guide of SWF Compressor for Mac. You can save your settings as a new profile.

    Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac: more options

    7. After all settings are applied, press “Compress” button to start optimization process.

    Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac: compress

    Want to compress your Flash videos and reduce SWF file size? Free download Leawo SWF Compressor for Mac:

  • Top 10 best camera apps from Play Store for Android mobile phone devices

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    Google Play is a digital content service from Google which includes an online store for music, movies, books, and Android apps and games, as well as a cloud media player. The service is accessible from the web and Google TV, and mobile app Play Store on Android mobile phones as well. If you like shooting photos or images with your in hand Android smartphones, you may want to get some powerful but simple assistants to make the image or photo quality higher. And you may also know, there are bunch of apps in Android Play Store that can make your photos and images look better. These Android camera apps could improve your photos and images simply by fioltering or spicing them up with a cool effect. That’s to say, these apps could make some simple editing work for you. Of course, if you want to edit your photos and images for better look, you have to use professional image editor.

    Today we could present you ten of these useful camera apps that will help you make your photos and images look better. Just check out the content below and feel free to download any single app that grabs your attention.

    1. Paper Camera

    Paper CameraWant your photos to look like hand-drawn cartoons? That sounds like a job for Paper Camera. The bunch of cool effects in the app’s arsenal can easily cartoonify your images, and since all processing is done in real time, all you need to do is to press the shutter once you have the perfect frame in your viewfinder. Price: $1.99

    2. Lightbox

    LightboxThink of Lightbox as a virtual community where people share their photos and where you can share yours too. The app offers a good selection of effects that you can apply to an image after taking it. Once you are happy with the result, you can easily post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Lightbox. Price: Free

    3. PhotoFunia

    PhotoFuniaPhotoFunia is a fun app that can put your face on a billboard, a stamp, or a work of art such as the Mona Lisa. It has over 150 scenes and counting. All you have to do is to capture a photo of yourself, and the app takes care of the rest with the help of a little face detection magic. Price: Free

    4. Retro Camera Plus

    Retro Camera PlusAs you might expect, Retro Camera Plus is an app that can add an old-school look to your photos. It simulates a number of vintage cameras and has a nicely drawn interface too. And if you are not sure whether it is worth the $2.99, you can always try out the free version first.

    5. Pudding Camera

    Pudding CameraPudding Camera is another app that you can use to customize your photos with. With its effects, it can make your photos look as if they have been taken with an analog film camera. Best of all, it is free, so checking it out won’t hurt, would it? Price: Free

    6. Fast Burst Camera

    Fast Burst CameraThe title says it all. The Fast Burst Camera app comes in handy when you want to capture a moving object as it can take between 10 and 30 photos per second, depending on your device. And that is something that your stock camera interface cannot do. Bear in mind, however, that the images will not be taken at the camera’s maximum resolution. Still, if 30 photos per second is not enough, check out Ultra Burst Camera ($5.70), which should be even faster, yet shoots in only black and white in order to speed up the process. Price: $3.99

    7. Camera360 Ultimate

    Camera360 UltimateCamera360 Ultimate may be just another app that can manipulate images with filters and scene modes, but it should be on this list as it has tons of them. And the results are pretty good too, especially when you consider that the app does not cost a dime. Price: Free

    8. HDR Camera+

    HDR Camera+HDR stands for high dynamic range, and dynamics are something that images taken with camera phones usually lack. In plain words, if the lighting conditions are not optimal, only some areas of the image are properly exposed while others remain obscured. HDR Camera+ tackles that problem by capturing several images at different exposure values and combining them in a single HDR image. Not sure if it works? Then try the free version of the app first. Price: $3.99

    9. MAGIX Camera MX

    Magix Camera MXYeah, MAGIX Camera MX may be another set of photo filters and effects, but what makes it stand out is that the result can be seen in real time. And as an added bonus, you can sign up for a 500MB online album where you can store your masterpieces. Price: Free

    10. Camera Effects

    Camera EffectsCamera Effects is a simple and easy to use camera app with a neat, uncluttered interface. In fact, you might find the app’s interface better than the one on your smartphone’s stock camera app. It has a broad range of effects that can make your photos look noticeably better. Price: Free

    In case we have missed the camera apps which you like and you think should be presented here, let us know your thoughts by dropping your own idea on the comment part.

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  • 8 Reasons Why Windows 8 Tablets Would Beat Apple iPad 3

    Posted on February 13th, 2012 David Brooks | No comments

    Windows 8 is the next generation of Microsoft’s operating system for personal computers, laptops, and tablets. It upgrades with major changes, such as an integrated software store–similar in concept to Apple’s Mac App Store–and support for ARM chips. Metro is the name of the new touch-centric user interface in Windows 8. Without a doubt, the purpose of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operation system is to compete with Apple iPad. Just several days ago, I wrote a post namely Mac OS X Lion vs. Windows 8 Developer Preview speed comparison, which made a comparison between Mac OS X Lion and Windows 8 Developer Preview in speed testing. The result shows that the Windows 8 Developer Preview takes the lead a little. Today, I would like to share something with you to see whether Windows 8 tablet could beat the Apple iPad 3, totally 8 reasons for your reference:

    Windows 8 Tablet vs. iPad 21. Business users
    Currently, many iPad users handle business with iPad. But Apple has no clear plan to enter large enterprises market with their iPad for business, which Microsoft on the contrast is quite familiar with. If Microsoft could make full use of this, the market share of Windows 8 tablet would be increased enormously.

    2. New Office
    The Microsoft Office is still the killer app in Windows operation system, especially in business market. A fatal reason for the failure of Microsoft’s own brand tablets is that the Office compatibility was damaged in the versions before the Windows 8. Now, Microsoft would provide Office support for tablets with Intel and ARM processors, though it is still not clear whether Microsoft would bring out complete Metro Office.

    3. Mixed type of tablets
    The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime and Leveno IdeaPad Yoga are all multifunctional, not only as a tablet, but also a notebook device, which Apple iPad could not do.

    4. Metro user interface
    Have to admit that the Microsoft Metro user interface is really beautiful and attractive, which may snatch users from iPad cause they would prefer Metro user interface to iOS interface.

    5. SkyDrive
    Through a Windows ID, users could visit SkyDrive cloud content via any devices, including PC, Xbox, tablets, etc. while Windows 8 includes SkyDrive support.

    6. Run two apps simultaneously
    For Windows 8 tablet users, it is a quite practical function to run two apps simultaneously on one screen.

    7. Nokia tablets
    The Finland Nokia has been famous for its stable hardware around the world. It was reported that some time in this summer, Nokia would bring out Windows 8 tablet, which would no doubt arouse users’ interest.

    8. Wider options
    Apple iPad only has one option, while Windows 8 tablets are provided and supported by various big businesses, which results in wider options for optimization.

    By comparing these two tablets, now you may have your decision in your mind. But these are just for your reference. And due to the specs of the upcoming iPad 3’s are still not clear, there are always changes. So, stay clear if you want to get one Windows 8 tablet or an iPad 3.

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