• Where’s the Large-Screen iPhone?

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    What's Next?

    The new iPhone will be unveiled on the 4th of September. How I wish it would be the large-screen iPhone, I have dreamed of owning a large-screen for years ever since I bought the iPhone 4. iOS is excellent, the appearance design of iPhone is wonderful, if the screen of iPhone can be larger, it will be perfect. I believe that most of the iPhone users will have the same opinion with me.

    Where’s the large-screen iPhone? It appears that the iPhone 5S will be another 4-inch screen iDevice. No!

    I have been waited for a larger-screen iPhone for so long, but all hopes came into a pile of ashes. I have got the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The 3.5-inch screen iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are too small to handle, so is the 4-inch screen iPhone 5. I’m jealous that the Samsung Galaxy S4 users can enjoy a movie on the metro, because I can barely see the captions of the video on my iPhone 5. Well, I can choose iPad for watching videos transferred from my computer, but this 9.7-inch “big guy” is too heavy to carry on the metro with one hand.

    I do hope Apple can release a large-screen phone or phablet. I like iOS, and I think this operating system is excellent. But with a small iPhone, I don’t think this operating system can be made full use of. When the rumors of iPhone 6 came out months ago, I was excited because the rumors said that Apple was testing larger screen for iPhone and iPad, and I was looking forward to see the larger-screen iPhone being released. However, the iPhone 5S comes out, alongside with the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is still 4 inches, as far as I know, the iPhone 5S only updates the iOS and the CPU, no hardware changes on this new iPhone. Meanwhile, Apple says the large-screen iPhone may come next year, but it is hard to believe. Next year, iPhone may unveil the iPhone 5C for the emerging market, and even a larger iPad a 13-inch screen, still no large-screen iPhone.

    I do think Apple make this upside down. To my thinking, the iPad should reduce the bezels to the size just like the iPad mini. A tablet with 7-inch screen is perfect, it will be handful and convenient to take with. If iPad mini has the Retina Display, it would be terrific. However, Apple just does the opposite, no smaller iPad, no larger iPhone. Is Apple too arrogant of itself? Apple carries on a strategy which is against the present mainstream of the smartphone market. Couple of days ago, the ReadWrite posted an article, “Apple Needs a Road Map, Again”, I definitely agree with some of the opinions in this post. Apple is now in the “Zombie Mode”, if it cannot adjust itself to the market, it will fall sometime. The iPhone 5S is yet not to say will be good enough to win the market back, and Samsung will unveil new products after the unveiling of iPhone 5S. So even if iPhone 5S is like iPhone 5 and has more new functions, Samsung has multiple devices to against it.

    iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

    Why am I talking about the iPhone 5S so much? Because I am a little disappointed that Apple is on a way which will let go many users of Apple products. They will pay less to get even or more functional Android devices. Actually the larger-screen iPhone is just a common expectation, and if Apple can release this large-screen iPhone, it will call back many consumers. After all, iOS and the extraordinary design of the iPhone appearance are really attractive to customers. Apple should not addict itself to the success of iPad and ignore the development of the market. iPhone needs to have a larger screen, and iPad is in need of a smaller size. If Apple still be out of the plan of making a large-screen iPhone, I will probably switch to Samsung Galaxy S4 or other larger smartphones.

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