• Rumors – iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and Next-Gen iPad mini Specs

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    Rumors - iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and Next-Gen iPad mini Specs

    iPhone 5, iPad 5 and the next-gen iPad mini are about to be released on the 10th of September. The Apple fans may concern about the specs of the coming new products, however I can only get some rumors about the specs of these products. If you are interested, check it out.

    iPhone 5S: Nothing Much Have Been Changed

    iPhone 5S Concept

    Probably the biggest change of iPhone 5S is that it will run with iOS 7. With this flat-design iOS, this new iPhone 5S may have a faster speed than former versions. However, the appearance of iOS 7 is controversial, some users who have tried iOS 7 Beta versions are not satisfied with the appearance of iOS 7. But iOS 7 is sure to be used on iPhone 5S so it’s no use to argue about it.

    The IZGO screen is likely to be used on iPhone 5S, and this screen will bring increased brightness for iPhone 5S. The display of iPhone 5S will inherit from iPhone 5. iPhone 5S will still use the 4-inch screen and the thickness, width and length are exactly the same as iPhone 5.

    iPhone 5S will run with an dual-core A7 processor, which is the upgraded version of A5. It is said that the A7 processor will bring a better CPU and GPU performance, and the iPhone 5S is going to run faster than iPhone 5.

    The battery life is increased in iPhone 5S by about 8.6% than the iPhone 5’s. The rumors on the iPhone 5S’ battery life are not that many, but I hope it is true.

    iPad 5: Bigger iPad mini?

    iPad 5 Concept

    iOS 7 is about to be used in iPad 5.

    The Screen of iPad 5 will be the same as iPad mini. GF2 touchscreen technology will be applied on iPad 5, which is about to make this 9.7-inch tablet thinner and lighter than the former versions. The iPad 5 will also reduce the bezels of the screen which will make it looks like the iPad mini. What’s more, iPad 5 may be equipped with a new touchscreen technology which may make iPad make response even when users wear gloves.

    iPad 5 will run with the dual-core A7 processor. Compared with the A6 processor on the iPad 4, it is believed that the A7 will be faster than the A6X processor. But still, some rumors say that iPad 5 would use an updated A6X processor.

    It is said that the iPad 5 will update the rear camera to an 8 mega-pixel one, and the 5 mega-pixel camera would no longer be used. For the users, who like taking pictures with iPad, would be able to transfer pictures to iPad 5 from former versions to make a comparison.

    As the iPad 5 would like to reduce the bezels and use new touchscreen technology to make it lighter and thinner, so the battery is about to smaller than the battery of iPad 4, and the battery life may be shorter.

    Next-Gen iPad mini: No Retina Display, More Colors

    Next-Gen iPad mini

    The coming next-gen iPad mini are expected to have the Retina Display, and most of the iPad mini users want to have that change. But it seems that Apple will release a non-Retina Display version and the next year, the iPad mini with Retina Display will be released. So this coming iPad mini may not have the Retina Display.

    The current iPad mini only has black and white versions. But it is said that the coming iPad mini would have the rainbow colors just like the iPhone 5C. If it is true, the iPad mini will have plastic covers as well.
    The iPad mini would also use an upgraded A6X processor to instead of the current A5X processor. The rear camera of iPad mini would also be upgraded from 5 mega-pixel to 8 mega-pixel.

    Those are some rumors of the coming iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and next-gen iPad mini. The prices of these new products are various on the Internet, so let’s just wait and see, but as far as I am concerned, the prices of these coming products would not be higher than the former products.

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