• Jobs Back – the Movie will be Shown on the 16th

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    Steve Jobs

    August 15, 2013, Shenzhen, China – The biographical drama movie of Steve Jobs, “Jobs”, is going to be released on the 16th of August. The movie will introduce the life of Steve Jobs from 1971 to the introduction of the iPod in 2001. Steve Jobs is portrayed by Ashton Kutcher, with Josh Gad as the co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak.

    Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

    The movie, “Jobs”, is going to tell a story of Apple former CEO, Steve Jobs, starts with the year 1971, when Jobs was still a student at the Reed College. After a journey to India, Jobs made up his mind to build a computer, and he teamed up his buddy, Steve Wozniak, and finally made the Apple Computer came into being. Of course, story in 1984 of Jobs being kicked out of the company is also described in detail. The Apple fans will never forget that the company went straight down when Steve Jobs left since 1984. The Return of Steve Jobs in 1996 was a turning point for the company, and it is Steve Jobs who brought Apple back to life and finally made it a success. This will probably be the climax of this movie.

    Steve Jobs can be treated as one of the most genius people in this world. He founded Apple and created thousands of wonderful products. Steve Jobs’ life is an inspirational story for the people who are fight for their lives. The movie, though only describes the story of his life for 1971 to 2001, is still impressive and will encourage people to carry on their dreams. The movie will be shown on the 16th of August, Friday. Apple fans may not want to miss this movie.

    The movie may not describe the products that Jobs created in detail, but we all have good knowledge of how the Apple products changes people’s lives. Listening to music downloaded from iTunes, watching a movie transferred from the computer, or playing games bought from the App Store. Though people were able to do those stuffs before Apple was born, the Apple iPad have introduced a totally new experience to do those things. Maybe that’s why Jobs is called “Father of Digital Revolution”.

    Jobs with an iPad

    All in all, this movie will bring watchers a close look at Jobs’ life, and whether dramatic or real, this movie is sure to make Apple fans moved.

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