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    When the movie the Great Gatsby was finally on the screen on the 1st of May, many people went to cinema to watch Leonardo Decaprio’s acting of Jay Gatsby and reminded themselves of the collapse of the American dream in 1920s. When finished watching, some people wanted to know the whole and detailed plots of this novel, so they surfed the Internet and got the novel online. For some people who don’t have much time to read the novel, this post is for you. This post gives you the synopsis of the Great Gatsby.

    The Great Gatsby Movie

    The Great Gatsby was written in first person, and the narrator, Nick Carryaway, is a Yale Graduate who rents a small house in the West Egg of Long Island, and lives next to Gatsby. At first, what Nick knows about the neighbor is a millionaire and holds party in almost every night. Finally, he gets an invitation of Gatsby’s party and attends the Party. Then what make Nick surprises is that Gatsby is so young and Gatsby and he used to be a comrade in battle with Gatsby, so Gatsby and Nick get familiar and become friends.

    Then Nick gets to know that Gatsby deeply loves Daisy, but Daisy already has husband, Tom BUchanan, who is a college acquaintance of Nick’s. Tom has an affair with Mrytle, whose husband is Wilson, and this Wilson killed Gatsby.

    Gatsby is eager to meet Daisy, so he wants Nick to make a reunion for Daisy and him. Nick does, and I think the tragedy begins from this moment on. Gatsby and Daisy starts an affair, which is noticed by Tom, so after a luncheon in Buchanan’s house, Tom forces the group to drive to New York. A confront begins between Tom and Gatsby in the Plaza Hotel in New York, then the group drive back to West Egg, but Gatsby and Daisy accidentally kills Myrtle, Tom’s lover, when they drive past Myrtle’s house, and then Nick learns that Daisy is driving the car when Gatsby and Daisy the accident happens.

    Myrtle’s husband, Wilson, is out of rage, and implements a revenge for his wife. The poor guy goes to Tom’s apartment with a gun, but Tom tells him that Gatsby owns the car. So Wilson goes to Gatsby’s house and murders Gatsby then commits a suicide.

    The tragedy is not over. When Nick wants to invite some people to Gatsby’s funeral, he can find few ones. Tom and Daisy are out for a vacation as if the murder were not existed and Daisy were not guilty, others who attend in Gatsby’s parties never show up after the murder, let alone the funeral. Nick finally finds out that the people around him are disgusted so he leaves West Egg and goes to New York.

    The Great Gatsby shows the corruption of American dream with the materialism. Gatsby is a millionaire, but he has no real friends, all people surround him are gathered by the wealth and opulence. So after he dies, only a small funeral show people are careless. Maybe Gatsby is too romantic of his dream, or maybe the society is too greedy, the collapse of the American dream of that time is the real tragedy which this novel wants to warn all of us.

    You may want to read the novel now, if you find the novel online, you can transfer the ebook to your iPhone or iPad with Leawo iTransfer so that you are able to read the Great Gatsby anytime you want. Or you want to see the movie, you can also transfer the movie to your iPhone or iPad, I’m sure that Leonardo and Toby Maguire’s performance will leave a great impression on you.

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