• How to Switch from One PowerPoint Presentation to Another Smoothly

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    In the past weeks I have attended a lot of presentations using PowerPoint on Windows. The problem is that whenever the first presenter finishes his speech, the next presenter has to close the PowerPoint, search for his own PowerPoint file and open again. Normally this would take a few minutes and the audiences begin to lose patience and get distracted.

    Question: What can I switch from one PowerPoint presentation to another smoothly without losing audience’s attention?

    The simplest way is to create an invisible hyperlink between the two PowerPoint presentations.

    Preparations: Create a new folder and copy all PowerPoint presentations and any linked files (music, video clips, and documents) into that folder.

    Step 1: Add a new slide to the end of the first PowerPoint file. The new slide will automatically apply the template of the presentation. So we will need to change the slide color to pure black so that it looks like the presentation really ends.

    Step 2: From Insert > Shapes, draw a rectangle to cover the whole slide.

    Step 3: Right click on the rectangle and choose Format Shape….

    Step 4: In the Format Shape dialog box, select Fill > Solid Fill. Choose black from the Color drop down selections.

    Step 5: Right click on the rectangle again and choose Hyperlink. In the Link to: section on the left side of the dialog box, choose Existing File or Web Page and locate the second PowerPoint presentation file.

    Now when the second presenter clicks on the last slide, his PowerPoint file will open immediately.

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