• Microsoft plans to unveil Windows 8 on the Microsoft Build Conference

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    The 2011 Microsoft Build Conference is being held in Anaheim of California during September 13 and September 16. BUILD is a new event that shows modern hardware and software developers how to take advantage of the future of Windows. The latest news showed that Microsoft would be going to unveil the new Windows 8 details on the beginning day of the conference.

    The biggest appeal of Windows 8 is that it will offer the Windows platform on tablets for the first time in addition to personal computers. The biggest question is whether Microsoft is too late to make a stand in the tablet war raging between Apple’s iPad and various Google slates.
    Windows 8This is a very important moment for Microsoft. Since the popularity of tablets smartphones, especially Apple iPad and other tablet devices, owns the functions to replace PC, the sales volume growth rate of PC has been slowed down. And by far, Microsoft has output no competitive solutions to the sharp competition from tablets. Microsoft needs to innovate now to keep a hold on its market share. If the company can really find a way to bridge the gap between mobile computing and desktop computing, then it could have a winner on its hands.

    Here are the highlights of what we know about Windows 8:
    1. It supports ARM architecture, creating a threat to the “Wintel” partnership Intel and Microsoft has shared for years.
    2. The interface is similar to the “live tiles” in the Windows Phone 7 system — and phones are supposed to get a flavor of Windows 8 at some point.
    3. It’s supposed to have faster boot times, USB 3.0 support and Hyper-V integration.
    4. The interface was designed as a touch-first interface, though it will work “equally well” with a mouse and keyboard.

    Stay tuned for more detailed information.

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