• A Letter to Foreign Friend about Thanksgiving Background Music

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    Dear Jane,

    Many thanks for your kind and warm letter. At the dawn of Thanksgiving Day, wish you a kind word, a reassuring touch, and a warm smile in everyday life.

    The annual Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, you and your family must be busy in preparing everything for the upcoming festival. I’ve got that Thanksgiving is the holiday of thankfulness, of warmth, and of togetherness. For many Americans like you, Thanksgiving is the only time when all members of a family can get together, share together, and have fun together. Ah-ha! That sounds great! A huge Thanksgiving dinner and a large group of intimate members, eating and drinking to full content, chatting this and that till the end of the night, soaking up the festival atmosphere as hard as you can. WOW…so wonderful!!!

    So attracting the Thanksgiving is! If I were you I do not have to daydream about the heartwarming scene. Just kidding! OK, in you letter, you ask me to recommend you some ideas about background music during Thanksgiving dinner. You ask the right person this time, my dear!

    I remember you have ever told me that you were really fond of the background music in “the Thanksgiving dinner” scene in the TV play “Gossip Girls”. You can extract the background music directly and save it for displaying during dinner time. Before you get the target audio, you may need some tools to push you to achieve the effect. Good things need to be shared between bosom friends, so now I share my favorite tools with you. When I have to handle with my videos & audios & photos I will access to these handy software tools which are available for me. I believe it will certainly help you a lot. For extracting the pure music from video, I list two tools that I commonly used here: DVD Ripper & Video Converter, by using which you can obtain the needed background music in almost any audio formats according to your music player. Wait, I nearly forgot that you have got an iPad, and then you have to turn to DVD Ripper for Mac & Mac Video Converter. Well, you can use what I recommend for you or choose the one to your preference.

    Well, to share the delicious food in the lilting melodies, both the harmonious atmosphere and the appetite are enhanced. I admire you can appreciate such beautiful music in such sweet and placid day. I guess it will not only be a marvelous travel of music, but also be the impressed Thanksgiving-colored memory in your life.

    Believe it or not, I can feel the anticipation of Thanksgiving in the air now and I can not wait to see you pictures about your special Thanksgiving potluck. Have fun!

    Best regards,


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