8 Best TikTok Video Downloaders to Download TikTok Videos Easily

I believe that many people like to stream TikTok videos, then you may wonder, how to download some related videos for your own convenience? If you want to know the answer, please read on.

Part 1: Why Do You Need a TikTok Video Downloader?

The TikTok downloader is very important for many reasons. First, it allows your offline access to many videos, perfect for the travelers or people with limited data. Sometime TikTok is not working for some people. Second, it helps you with content management, helping creators by facilitating the trend analysis and idea storage. Third, it simplifies the cross platform sharing, bypassing TikTok’s watermarking and sharing restrictions, so that you can share something with your friends or family easily. In addition, it can be educational and archival purposes, ensuring that the valuable content is preserved and accessed for us. Finally, it prevents the algorithm changes, ensuring the continuous access to popular content. Essentially, the TikTok video downloader enhances our experience and enables individuals to maximize the potential of the platform beyond its native features.

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Part 2: Tips to Pick the Best TikTok Video Downloader

Choosing the best TikTok online downloader requires the careful consideration of some key factors to ensure you a seamless and reliable experience. Here are some important tips to help you in making a right choice:

1. Download quality:

You should look for downloaders that can offer high quality video downloads. The ability to choose from different resolutions, including HD options, ensures you can get the best viewing experience possible.

2. No watermark:

Choose a download program that can save TikTok videos without watermarks. If you plan to share or repost videos on other platforms, it’s very important to keep a clean and professional look, so no watermark is good.

3. Speed and performance:

You can evaluate the download speed and overall performance of the tool. The best downloader can save the videos greatly and quickly with no noticeable delays or errors.

4. Compatibility:

Make sure the downloaded program is compatible with your device and operating system, whether it’s the Windows, macOS, Android or the iOS. Some tools offer browser extensions like the TikTok downloader chrome or web-based solutions that provide you the greater flexibility.

Part 3: 8 Best TikTok Video Downloaders to Download TikTok Videos Easily

With TikTok’s popularity going high, many users like you and me will find ourselves wanting to download our favorite videos for offline viewing or sharing. To meet this need, many tools have emerged, offering many useful features to make downloading TikTok videos easy and efficient. Here, we will explore the 8 best TikTok downloader, talking about their features, pros, and cons for you to choose.

1. CleverGet TikTok Video Downloader (Windows, macOS)

CleverGet TikTok Video Downloader is a very versatile tool designed to download TikTok videos with ease. It stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust features, making it a top choice for you.

  • CleverGet Video Downloader
  • CleverGet Video Downloader

    – Enable users to download online videos, movies, TV shows, live streams, etc. from 1000+ websites.
    – Detect M3U8 links intelligently with an inherent browser to download videos.
    – Download 8K video and audio at 320 kbps without quality loss.
    – Support to download TV series episodes of all/certain seasons in batches.
    – Download online video to MP4/MKV/WEBM or other available popular formats.

High quality downloads: It allows you to download many high-resolution videos, including 1080p and even 4K, which many people love.
Bulk download: It allows you to download many videos at the same time, which saves you a lot of time.
Wide compatibility: It works with many video formats, ensuring the compatibility with your different devices, which is very sweet.
Built-in browser: It has a built-in browser for you searching videos and downloading them directly from TikTok, which is also a time saver.
User-friendly interface: Its simple and intuitive interface is suitable for people of all ages without spending time learning how to use it.

It requires you to buy it after the trial period, which may not be good for people looking for free tools.

2. 4K Tokkit (Windows, macOS)

4K Tokkit is a powerful downloader specifically designed for TikTok, offering high quality downloads and many advanced features for us.

tiktok downloader

High resolution downloads: It lets you download many videos up to 4K resolution.
Smart mode: It saves video metadata including subtitles and tags, and automatically downloads, which is very useful.
Auto-update: It automatically checks for the new videos and downloads them from the accounts you follow, which is great.
Multilingual support: It’s available to you in many languages, catering to the global fans.
Ad-free experience: It also provides an ad free download experience for us that enhances our convenience.

It requires you to subscribe to use the all features, which can be a drawback for some people. And it’s limited to Windows and macOS, with no mobile version, which may not be as good for you.

3. SSSTikTok (Web-based)

SSSTikTok is a popular online tool that allows you to download TikTok videos without the need for any software installation.

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No installation: Since it is web based, it does not require your downloading and installing software, which is nice.
Ease of use: It has a simple interface, and all you have to do is paste the TikTok video URL.
Free service: It is free to use and makes it available to everyone.
Unwatermarked: It allows you to download unwatermarked videos, providing clean videos to you.

The bad thing is that it requires you to have a stable Internet connection to work. And it doesn’t have advanced features like bulk downloads or resolution selection. And it also contains ads, which can invade your device during your download process, which is not good.

4. TikTok Video Downloader by SnapTik (Android, iOS)

SnapTik is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS, designed to download TikTok videos directly onto your smartphones.

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Mobile convenience: It gives you easy access on your mobile device, allowing for downloads at any time.
High quality: It supports the original quality of the videos you download.
TikTok Integration: It integrates seamlessly with the TikTok app, making it easy to share videos with your friends and family.
Free to use: It offers a free version with basic features to you.

It contains ads that may cause you trouble. Compared to the premium version, its free version has limited features that don’t satisfy you. And it requires access to some of your devices, which could affect users like me who may focus on the privacy.

5. TTDownloader (Web-based)

TTDownloader is another web-based tool that offers you a simple way to download TikTok videos without watermarks.

tiktok downloader

Ease of use: Its simple process only requires the video URL.
Unwatermarked: You can download videos without TikTok watermarks, which is great.
Multiple formats: It allows you to download videos in many different formats including MP4 and MP3.
Free service: It allows you to use it for free at no cost.

However, advertisements appear on the website, which may make you feel very annoying. And it doesn’t support downloading multiple videos in bulk, which is bad. It also requires a good Internet connection to use.

6. ByClick Downloader (Windows)

ByClick Downloader is a very useful downloading tool that supports many platforms including TikTok, offering high speed downloads.

tiktok downloader

Extensive platform support: In addition to TikTok, it also lets you download videos from YouTube, Facebook, which is very friendly.
High-speed download: It gives you fast download speeds and enhances your experience.
Bulk download: It allows you to download multiple videos at once.
Multiple formats: It allows you to download videos in many formats and resolutions.

It is limited to Windows users and does not include people using macOS and other operating systems. And it requires you to pay to use all the features, which may leave some people feeling bad.

7. TikMate (Web-based, Android)

TikMate is both a web-based tool and an Android application, providing you the flexible options for downloading TikTok videos.

tiktok downloader

Flexible access: It’s available as a website and Android app, giving you two choices.
High quality: It allows you to download high quality videos.
Unwatermarked: It allows you to download unwatermarked videos.
Free to use: It can give you a free download service.

It may have a lot of advertisements that will waste your time. Compared to the desktop software options, it only has basic features for you. Mobile apps require access to some of your phones, which is not very good.

8. VideoProc (Windows, macOS)

VideoProc is a comprehensive video tool that includes a good TikTok video downloader among its many features.

tiktok downloader

All-in-One Tool: It combines video download, editing, and conversion into this software for your convenience.
High quality: It supports you to download high resolution videos.
Bulk download: It also allows many videos to be downloaded at once.
Video editing: It also includes video editing tools, such as customizations after downloading for you.

It requires you to purchase, and if you’re looking for free tools, this may not be a good fit for you. It may also require higher system specifications for optimal performance.


When it comes to downloading TikTok videos, you have many options to choose from, each with its own unique features, pros, and cons. Whether you prefer a web-based solution that downloads quickly without installation, or a desktop tool with many advanced features, there’s a TikTok downloader extension for every need. From CleverGet TikTok Video Downloader and 4K Tokkit to SSSTikTok and ByClick Downloader, each tool offers you advantages to suit your different preferences and requirements. Make sure you know your needs and choose the download tool that best suits you for the best download experience.


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