How to convert iTunes M4V to MP3

February 13, 2012 / Posted by Irene on Video/Audio Tips

I need to convert a m4v podcast to get it on my iPod. It has to be a mp3 file. How do I do it??” We may all meet such kind of questions in our everyday life, especially people who use portable media players or MP3 players frequently for music enjoyment. The iTunes store provides a big collection for music fans to download the favorite music videos. For the DRM protection of iTunes M4V videos, users could only watch these music videos with some Apple devices like iPod, iPad, etc. When you want to extract audio from protected iTunes video and convert iTunes videos to MP3 to listen to music on your own music players, you have to use a iTunes M4V to MP3 converter, an iTunes to MP3 converting program to handle conversion between iTunes videos and MP3.

An ideal M4V to MP3 converter should include both the ability to convert iTunes M4V to MP3 and remove DRM protection of iTunes M4V videos, while Leawo iTunes M4V to MP3 converter meets these two requirements exactly. This iTunes to MP3 converter performs excellently in helping you to convert iTunes videos to MP3 and extract audio from protected iTunes videos with advanced DRM protection removal ability. This iTunes M4V to MP3 converter could convert iTunes M4V to MP3, AAC, M4A, etc. audio file formats for various audio players.

Check the bellow guide to know how to convert M4V to MP3 with Leawo M4V to MP3 converter within several simple clicks.

Full Guide

Import source iTunes M4V video files

Start Leawo M4V to MP3 Converter and import source M4V video files to convert M4V to MP3 audio by clicking Add button.

Choose output profile for MP3

Choose MP3 as output profile in Profile panel within this M4V to MP3 Converter for your MP3 players.

Authorize your computer

As your DRM protected M4V files are downloaded from iTunes, you need to authorize your computer to be able to remove DRM protection and convert M4V to other video files. Click convert button on the bottom right and the program would automatically lead you to the authorizing page. Input your ID and password to autorize your computer.

Convert M4V to MP3 video

Convert M4V to MP3 freely by clicking the Authorize button. After conversion, you can transfer M4V to MP3 players to enjoy MP3 audios in iTunes M4V videos freely on the go.

  • The program would automatically remove the DRM protection of the source M4V videos you import. No technique operation requires.

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Extended Knowledge

M4V is a file container format used by Apple’s iTunes application. The M4V file format is a video file format developed by Apple and is very close to MP4 format. The differences are the optional Apple’s DRM copyright protection, and the treatment of AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio which is not standardized for the MP4 container.Apple uses M4V files to encode TV episodes, movies, and music videos in the iTunes Store. The copyright of M4V files may be protected by using Apple’s FairPlay DRM copyright protection.

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