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Zune is a digital media brand owned by Microsoft which includes a line of portable media players analogous to the iPod, a digital media player software for Windows machines, a music subscription service known as a ‘Zune Music Pass‘, music and video streaming for the Xbox 360 via the Zune Software, music, TV and movie sales, and the media software for Windows Phone. Zune Music Pass is for Music only and as of October, 2011 was reduced to $9.99(USD) a month for unlimited music rental and music video streaming.

Zune’s distinguishing features are HD radio (on the Zune HD model only), the Zune Pass subscription model, its multi-platform nature, and the Zune Social. FM radio is available on all Zune devices. The FM radio features RBDS, which displays Artists and Song Titles in conventional FM radio broadcasts. Subject to restrictions, files can be shared wirelessly between Zune devices. Zune’s primary competitor is the Apple iPod product line.

Each user has a personal Zune Tag, which corresponds with their Xbox Live Gamer Tag if they have one. The Zune software is used to manage the Zune, and runs exclusively on Windows. It can rip CDs, manage music and access Zune Marketplace. Purchasing media through Zune requires Microsoft Points, but a subscription model, Zune Pass, is also available. Zune Pass is a subscription music service that allows the user to temporarily download an unlimited number of songs for the length of the Zune Pass subscription, as well as permanently keep up to 10 tracks per month.

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