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When referring to the widely-used MP4 format, MPEG-4 should be mentioned. MPEG-4 is a standard that still be developing, and it’s divided into a number of parts. It is a compressed multimedia container format that can hold both video and audio file with a smaller file size without too much loss in quality. MPEG-4 can make distinctions among different objects in the video (such as people and background) intelligently, then isolated them and compressed one by one. And the video and audio tracks are compressed separately. Video is compressed with MPEG-4 video encoding while audio is compressed as AAC. That’s why MPEG-4 can reduce the file size essentially. With this way, the transmission for audio / video also speed up to a large extent.

What’s we mentioned MP4 video format is MPEG-4 part 2. The key parts also include MPEG-4 part 2(Advanced Simple Profile which used by codes such as DivX, Xvid and Nero Digital) and MPEG-4 part 10(h.264/MPEG-4 AVC which used by the X264 encode, Quicktime 7 and Blu-ray Disc ). MPEG-4 now can be supported by most portable devices with the format of .MP4. MP4 is also known as “MPEG-4 file format version 2”. For instance, from the newest released HTC Vivid to Nokia N73 which had been released for over 5 years, you can find MP4 video format in the Tech-support page. It is supported by many video programs and various hardware devices, including the Microsoft Zune portable media player. Most people are aware of MPEG-4 part 10 because of the devices from Apple. Almost all of the newest Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch support H.264 mp4 video format. MP4 files can also be played back on Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime Player, Winamp, Real Network’s Real Player 10, foobar2000, or any other player that supports MPEG-4.

The MP4 is a container format, allowing a combination of audio, video, subtitles and still images to be held in the one single file. It also allows for advanced content such as 3D graphics, menus and user interactivity.

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