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DivX is video format created by DivX, Inc. DivX became quite popular due to the ability to compress videos to almost 15% of the original size (i.e. 2Gb doen to 700Mb). That means that a full film can be fitted into a CD. What is important, the .divx files retain much of the original quality of the DVD, sometimes the result is even indistinguishable from the source. DivXNetworks creates and distributes this technology which often referred to as the “MP3 of video”. In a nutshell, DivX has revolutionized the creation, playback and distribution of high-quality digital video.

DivX has become the most popular MPEG-4 compatible video compression technology on the market due to its very high compression ratio which enables DVD-quality video and audio at typically 7-10 times smaller storage requirements than standard DVD/Mpeg2 compression technology.

A commercial DVD title which takes 4.7 gigabytes of storage can be converted to DivX format with no noticeable loss of video and audio quality within less than 700 megabytes of storage which can be archived on cheap CD media. DivX technology allows broadband users to encode and distribute DVD-quality video at 500-700 Kbps. According to Viant Research, there are over half a million DivX video files traded daily on the Internet.

When you install DivX on your system it basically works as an add-on to your system with instructions how to compress and decompress (playback) video in that video format. Once DivX is installed on your system you will be able to play DivX movies using Windows Media Player or any other DivX-enabled player.

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Leawo Video Converter (DivX Converter): an easy video and audio solution for any format conversions, with fast speed and excellent output guaranteed. Equipped with 3D conversion function, you can get 3D DivX video as output. This DivX Converter not only converts common videos to video with DivX encoder, but also converts DivX video to other video formats.

Leawo DVD Ripper (DVD to DivX Ripper): a useful DVD ripping program for users to rip DVD to video in various formats. So with it you can enjoy great convenience to convert DVD to DivX for appreciation. This DVD to DivX Ripper enables you to convert DVD to DivX with fast speed and excellent video quality. 3D DivX video as output is also supportable.

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