How to Transfer Movies from Computer to iPad retina

Do you like watching movies? I’m sure most of you like, and most of you do not go to cinemas to watch movies, you prefer to sit in front of the computer and watch movies on the Internet. At first, I thought watching movies on the Internet was far more different from watching movies in the cinema, so I went to cinema to watch movies. But with the work getting hard, I had little time to go to cinema. So I downloaded many movies on my computer and prepared to watch them on weekends.

It’s OK to watch movies on computer, but sitting in front of the computer for long will do harm to health. So I want to make transfer between computer and iPad retina, then I’m able to watch movies anytime I want. I’ve tried some ways, and some of them are simple, so I’d like to show you 3 ways to transfer movies from computer to iPad retina.

Method 1: Using iTunes

You are allowed to buy or borrow movies in iTunes, and the movies are usually with high quality. When you finished buying or borrowing, sync them with your iPad retina and you can enjoy the movies on iPad. You should take care of the files which are not downloaded with iTunes, the files may lose while you are syncing.

Method 2: Using iCloud

iCloud is an online storage service developed by Apple. Log in with your Apple ID, and you will get 5GB for free use. Upload the movies you want to transfer to iCloud on the computer, and download the movies on your iPad retina. Be careful that the WIFI should be connected while you are downloading movies.

Method 3: Using iTransfer Software

iTransfer software is used for transferring files among i-devices, other portable devices and PCs. Leawo iTransfer is one of the iTransfer software , it can achieve iPhone, iPad, and iPod transfers to various kinds of devices. This software is easy to use and the transfer is fast and stable, now I will show you how to transfer movies from computer to iPad retina.

Click to download Leawo iTransfer Windows Version:

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The Software will Scan and Show Your Files

Run the Software

Run the software and connect your iPad to computer, the software will scan your iPad and show all the files in the window of the software.

Choose Files from Computer

Choose Files from Computer and Start Transfer

Choose the movies you want to transfer from computer to iPad, click “File” and add movies to the software or just drag and drop the movies onto the window of the software.

Finish Transfer

Finish Transfer

A dialog will come out to show the progress of the transfer with a progress bar. When the transfer is finished, the movies will be in your iPad retina.

These three methods are simple and easy to achieve iPad transfer of movies. But transferring movies with iTunes may take the risk of losing files, and transferring with iCloud is limited by the storage space. So Leawo iTransfer would be a good choice to transfer movies from computer to iPad retina. As is regarded as the best iPad transfer software, Leawo iTransfer is helpful to people who are in need of transferring files from computer to iPad. Next time, if you want to transfer files among i-devices, portable devices and computers, you can try Leawo iTransfer yourself, you’ll find it provide much convenience for your daily life.

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