How to add subtitles to videos while converting videos for portable players

Watching movies on portable media players like Lumia 920, Galaxy S III, iPhone 5 and other portable handsets has been a trending. However, if your source videos include no subtitles, what should you do to add subtitles to these videos for playback on various portable media players? It is easy to load external subtitles on computer media players as long as you have downloaded related subtitles. But for smartphones, it is not quite easy.

To load subtitles for videos, you can use Leawo Video Converter. This video converter program not only owns the ability to allow you choose subtitles from source videos, but also allows you to add and load external subtitles for videos.  


It is very simple to add external subtitles to videos with the help of Leawo Video Converter. To do this, you need to firstly download preferred subtitles from the internet on your computer and get source videos ready. Then, run Leawo Video Converter on your computer and add source videos to the program. On the bottom of the left processing list, you could see a drop-down option to let you choose subtitles. Open it and you will see an option "Add Subtitles". Click it and the program would guide you to choose external subtitles you have downloaded for the source videos.

This video converter allows you to load subtitles in SRT, ASS and SSA formats. After you have loaded the external subtitles, you need to figure out the output format. You can remain the original format or convert source video to other formats friendly with your devices by clicking "Profile" box, where you can select an output format.

Then, you can click the bottom right button to start converting. The converting would add external subtitles to the output videos at your will. Then you can move the subtitles-included videos to your own portable devices for enjoying in your familiar langugaes.


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