• Two more films Johnny Depp contracted with Disney – The Night Stalker and Midnight Ride in Paul Revere story

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    Ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Walt Disney Studios seems to try its best to hold cooperation relationship with the Captain Jack, Johnny Depp. It has been confirmed that Walt Disney Studios and Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil have contracted two more movies for Johnny Depp as the leading role. One is the silver screen adaption of 70s movie “The Night Stalker“, while the other is the movie “Midnight Ride” which reflects the Paul Revere story during the War of Independence of America.

    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 - Johnny DeppThe Night Stalker tells about a tabloid journalist Carl Kolchak (most possibly starring Johnny Depp) who tracks a serial killer. This serial killer always kills strippers in Las Vegas. This TV movie was expended to be a series of TV set later. And the targets who Carl Kolchak keeps tracking are extended to supernatural things like vampires, living dead corpses, werewolves, aliens, etc.

    The Night Stalker

    Paul Revere was a famous hero and patriot during the American Revolution. He is a silversmith in Bostonian and patriot in the American Revolution. He is most famous for alerting Colonial militia of British invasion before the battles of Lexington and Concord by a continuous midnight ride. This Disney movie, Midnight Ride, is based on this story and the whole time span of this movie is defined within 24 hours.

    Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

    Of course, that doesn’t mean Johnny Depp will not star characters of other film companies. The ongoing Dark Shadows directed by Tim Burton belongs to Warner Bros, while The Rum Diary to be released in theater on October 28th this year is cooperated with GK Film. Also, Johnny Depp would make a guest appearance in Martin Scorsese‘s Hugo 3D, to be theater released on November 23th by Paramount. The director of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Julian Schnabel reveals that there might be the movie In the Hand of Dante in the future, yet not confirmed.

    Anyway, Depp and Disney are a profitable team. Their most recent collaboration, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and the 2010 “Alice in Wonderland” have been greatly popular among the world, especially its Pirates of the Caribbean series. These classic movies have now been on Blu-ray and DVD for better home theatre enjoyment.

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  • Top 10 anticipated Apple products for the Apple Store’s 10th Anniversary big event

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    Today, May 19th, 2011, is the 10th anniversary of Apple Stores, which began on a Saturday, May 19, 2001, in Glendale, Calif., and the Tysons Corner mall in McLean, Va. This year, May 19th follows on Thursday, but it is reported that the anniversary celebration would last to this weekend. Apple has provided global consumers with the most charming retailing experience with their excellent products.


    There are rumors on the big events Apple has been prepping for the Apple Store 10th Anniversary and new products may be released for this important day. Apple has been tight tipped in what the big event would be. But for Apple users and fans, there are many products long anticipated to be launched on this special day. The bellow is the list of the top 10 long anticipated products from Apple users and fans:

    1. iPad tablet with 4G connectivity

    Apple iPad 2 has been proved a great success, while one big flaw is the disability of 4G connectivity. The 4G connectivity of iPad tablets has been a great anticipation from users, but seems to be less possible. If there would be a 4G connectible iPad, it would be a great surprise for users.

    2. iPhone 4 with 4G connectivity

    Just like the iPad tablets, Apple iPhone 4 is also disabled for 4G connectivity. And as the iPhone 5 will not be released in the near future, an upgraded iPhone 4 with 4G connectivity will really surprise users a lot.

    3. New Apple TV

    Some people think the Apple TV should be upgraded for a better way to entertain users with stream media. The upgraded Apple TV should include the on-board storage and App store visiting features.

    4. The long anticipated Apple Television set

    There have been rumors for years that Apple would push out a brand new TV set, which is able to surf internet and visit Apple App Store. Now, this has been greatly anticipated on this anniversary celebration.

    5. Mac computers with iOS

    Along with the Chrome OS computers named Chromebook to be released next month, there would be a new era for computer. The desktop computers with powerful functions have been history in computer industry. And now, computers with mobile OS will be the trend. It has been rumored that Apple is going to launch light notebooks or Nettop with iOS operation system. Due to the release of Chromebook, users are eagerly to know something about Mac computers with iOS.

    6. Apple iCloud music service

    As Amazon and Google released iCloud music service one after another, it seems to be the right time for Apple to launch Apple iCloud music service. It has been said Apple has been negotiated with music record companies for the cooperation of iCloud music service.

    7. Brand new iPod player

    It will be not surprised for Apple to launch new iPod audio players. iPod has played a great role in the success of Apple Stores. And on this special day, it is reasonable for users to think there will be an upgrade of iPod.

    8. New MacBook Air notebook

    The MacBook Air notebook upgraded last year needs to be upgraded now. Currently there have emerged many competitors of this admirable designed gadget, not only in design, but in prices as well. These have made it necessary for Apple to upgrade its MacBook Air notebook.

    9. Sprint version iPhone

    Along with the launch of Verizon iPhone, consumers and business users are all curious on when Sprint iPhone would be released. As the AT&T is just now prepping for purchasing T-Mobile, T-Mobile iPhone may be a soon products if the deal succeeds. The Sprint iPhone will be a big gift for all Sprint users.

    10. More new products

    On the anniversary celebration, many people hope to find more new products from Apple. Apple is famous for its unexpectable products for users. So, on this celebration, there may emerge new products that are not iPhone, iPad, nor new Mac computer or Apple TV set, but anything else.

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  • Rip DVD to iPad 2 on Mac with Leawo DVD to iPad 2 Converter for Mac

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    The Apple iPad 2 is really a powerful portable movie player, whose enhanced features have made it a best choice for you to watch your favorite DVD movies like Inception, Iron Man 2, the upcoming Alice in Wonderland, etc. The only flaw of iPad 2 is that you have to convert DVD to iPad 2 friendly file formats before you can watch your favorite DVDs on iPad 2, as it is not friendly with DVD files. Leawo DVD to iPad 2 Converter for Mac is exactly the tool you need to convert DVD to iPad 2 on Mac, an easy-to-use yet practical Mac DVD to iPad 2 converter to enable you watch DVD on iPad 2 on Mac freely as you like. This “How to” would make a guide for you to convert DVD to iPad 2 on Mac with this Mac DVD to iPad 2 converter.

    Free download this Mac DVD to iPad 2 Converter, then install and launch it for Mac DVD to iPad 2 conversion. Step-by-step tutorial on how to convert DVD to iPad 2 on Mac with DVD to iPad 2 Converter for Mac:




    Step 1: import DVD to this Mac DVD to iPad 2 converter by clicking the “Load DVD” button.

    Step 2: choose your desired output profile by clicking “Profile“.

    Step 3: click the big “Convert” button on the home interface to start conversion from DVD to iPad 2 on Mac with this Mac DVD to iPad 2 Converter.

    Once you have converted DVD to iPad 2 recognized file formats, you can transfer/sync the converted videos to iPad 2 via iTunes for ultra video enjoyment anytime and anywhere as you like.

    Some useful tips when you convert DVD to iPad 2 with this Mac DVD to iPad 2 converter:

    Tip 1: after you add DVD to this Mac DVD to iPad 2 converter, you can select subtitle, audio and angle, rename Destination File, re-order DVD chapters, preview DVD videos with the built-in player, snap screenshot, etc.

    Tip 2: This Mac DVD to iPad 2 converter provides powerful video editing features for you, like trimming video length, cropping video size to remove black margins, adjusting video effects, adding text or image watermark, as well as change codec settings of your desired output profile. For detailed operation about these, you can check the “Video Edit” part of how to rip DVD to video with Leawo DVD to iPad 2 converter.

    Tip 3: You can set after-done settings in the “Converter” interface to save your time and energy for cases of emergency.

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  • New Features Presentation of iOS 4.2 Updated Newly on iPad: Consolidating Tablet Computer Position

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    It is reported that Apple has released the new version4.2 for iOS at the dawn of Christmas Day, just like a surprising gift from Santa to Apple users. The debut of iOS4.2 has received various sounds of criticism and praise in all direction. It is controversial that what iOS4.2 has brought to iPod/iPhone/iPad. Aside from the groundless rumors, what can be sure is that the emergence of iOS 4.2 strengthens the iPad’s position as tablet computer.

    As we know, products in app store usually get attracted by the extremely gorgeous shape designs and get trusted by the highly comprehensive function settings. And this time, with iOS4.2 iPad will appear in what an appealing manner. At the same time, many iPad users will bring up doubts such as: I have planned to purchase Mac DVD to iPad Converter from Leawo’s Christmas sales promotion, and I wonder if the output formats still compatible to iPad. I guess you may hardly wait to clear out the question. Hold your horses! Let’s access to the new features of the iPad iOS4.2 at first and afterwards I will unpack the doubt in your mind.

    Multitasking and Fast App-switchingIn iOS4.2 compatible to iPad, it begins to support multiple tasks. You can realize fast app-switching among Mail, Text Editing, Safari Browser and Twitter Client, just like iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4, multitasking can be achieved in the background as well as can be animated by re-clicking the “Home” button.

    AirPrintAirPrint can successfully smell the printer in home network and then sending texts and pictures to the printer directly by connecting to WiFi. At the very beginning, iPad equipped with Airprint can only type on part of HP printers.

    AirPlayThe HQ music service not only supports music playing, but also allows video and picture playing through WiFi.

    GamecenteriOS4.2 services as the beginning for iPad users to apply to Apple SNS Gamecenter. iPad users can invite friends to involve in a game and make comparisons on scores and achievements with one another.

    FoldersThe detrusion of Folders helps iPad users a lot in desktop application programs placement. You can breezily get rid of the trouble that sundry application programs cramming over the desktop.

    Universal Mail InboxThe adoption of universal mail inbox integrates inboxes of several mail accounts. Users only need to focus on one interface and can check out all the mails conveniently.

    Since so many new features have been added to iPad with newly updated iOS4.2, it is unavoidable that lots of doubts will hit on you. According to your doubt, I refer to Leawo’s Technical Support and get YES answer. So you can pouch Leawo’s Christmas gift—Mac DVD to iPad Converter and playback your DVD videos on iOS4.2 iPad at ease.

    My friends, if you still want to know more details about iOS4.2 and have the other doubts about iPod/iPhone/iPad with iOS4.2, please pay attention to my blog updated. I am sure you can get what you really want to a large extent.

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