• Current Xbox One S Buyers Have to Wait for Update to Play 4K Blu-ray/Medias

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    Can Xbox One S play 4K Blu-ray disc? This seems to be sure according to the released features of Xbox One S 2TB console. However, this new feature may be a little long to be realized.

    Microsoft Corporation had officially announced the new Xbox console – Xbox One S on June 13, 2016 during its Microsoft Xbox news conference in LA. Microsoft would offer 5 different versions of Xbox One S Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundle (1TB), Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundle (500GB), Xbox One S Madden NFL 17 Bundle (1TB), Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle (2TB) and Xbox One S 2TB Console, starting from $299 to $449. All these Xbox One S models would be available on August 2nd, 2016.
    The shining point of the new Xbox console is that the 4K Blu-ray/media content playback would be available in the Xbox One S 2TB console. However, Microsoft Corporation has confirmed that “users who want to experience 4K with the Xbox One S Console will be required to download an update first to do so and the console will not recognize 4K content out of the box.”

    According to Xbox representatives, the first Xbox One S consoles will be the 2TB console launch edition on August 2nd, which upon start-up, will begin downloading the latest Xbox system update to enables 4K functionality. That fact is that a number of 2TB Xbox One S consoles were delivered to fans in Norway prematurely via a retailer prior to the launch date, and the owners of the first 2TB Xbox One S consoles pointed out that there was no option for 4K.

    Some Norwegian gamers got their Xbox One S console early and were not sure as to why they could not play a 4K Blu-ray of Deadpool. One of the gamers showed his happy unboxing of the new 2TB Xbox One S on YouTube but soon sadly realized that his new Xbox One S does not support 4K UHD video right out of the box. According to him, his Xbox One S would not play 4K Blu-rays even after the 4.5 GB update that the console downloaded and installed. Therefore, he still have to get other ways to watch and play 4K Blu-ray disc (this Top 5 Best 4K Blu-ray Disc Players might help you if you also search for this).

    He pointed out that there was no option for 4K. They had to do about a 4.5 gig update when it first powered on and checked the display settings and it was 1080p. They later changed HDMI cables and changed HDMI ports on the TV and nothing fixed the issue.

    Upon this, Microsoft has issued the above note about this topic mentioned, confirming this feature won’t work until day one, when a dedicated patch will be released.

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  • Microsoft to Launch the Sale for Xbox One S on August 2

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    Microsoft’s Xbox consoles are very popular not only among video game lovers but also among Blu-ray movie fans. The smaller version of the Xbox One is Mircosoft’s first console that supports 4K Ultra HD video, of course including 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. Xbox fans can get the Xbox One S soon as Microsoft is going to kick off sales of its new Xbox One S starting from Tuesday, August 2.

    The Xbox One S will be available in three different capacities and price tags: a 500GB version at the price of $299, a 1TB version at $349 and a 2TB version at $399. However, according to Matt Lapsen, general manager for Xbox Devices Marketing, only the 2TB version is available on August 2.

    The Xbox One S will initially arrive in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and the US, altogether 25 countries. Other regions will get dibs on the new console later this year.

    All three models are currently available for preorder through Microsoft, Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop. Anyone who preorders the 2TB version of the console will be able to grab it on August 2. People can also try walking into local Microsoft, Best Buy or GameStop store. However, “availability is limited and demand is high,” according to Lapsen, who advises preordering the console soon.

    The Xbox One S represents a new shift. The console is smaller, cheaper and throws in support for 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs and 4K streaming services as a way to do battle with both gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. By supporting 4K (3,820×2,160-pixel) resolution, the Xbox One S will display more vibrant colors and darker blacks. The higher resolution works with movies and TV shows natively but will also support games by upscaling them to 4K. However, people will need a 4K compatible TV.

    Those who have a 4K TV and are looking for a 4K Blu-ray player may be tempted by the Xbox One S since it offers the option to play games. The new console also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) for video and gaming, which means certain games will look better due to a higher contrast ratio.

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  • All things about Microsoft’s new Xbox One game console you should know

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    As rumored, we all know that Microsoft would release its new Xbox this year. But what we don’t know is what the next Xbox would be called and what it would bring to us. There’re rumors that the next Xbox would be called Xbox 720 with amazing specs. Now, the rumors about the next-generation of Microsoft Xbox have finally come into an end. Microsoft has unveiled the new Xbox, and it’s called Xbox One. It’s Microsoft’s first new console in more than seven years. Yes, we’ve had many expectations for this console, especially since Sony and Nintendo have already taken their first steps in the next-gen landscape. Today, let’s take a look at what the Xbox One is, in various aspects like design, specs, final release date, etc.

    Microsoft Xbox One

    The original Xbox debuted in the fall of 2005, which feels like a million years ago…even if it’s only seven and a half. It’s high time for a new console, even if some tech pundits are questioning the value of gaming hardware platforms in the current age.

    The Xbox One is large, sleek, and black, and looks like a piece of AV equipment. The controller and Kinect unit are redesigned, too: the Kinect and Xbox One, in particular, sport sharp-angled, glossy-black boxy looks. As a set, the Xbox One really does feel like some elaborate piece of home theater gear…and considering its mission to knit entertainment together into a modern all-in-one package, that’s clearly intentional. It also looks awfully big, compared with current-gen consoles and how they’ve slimmed down.

    The name “Xbox One” suggests a reboot, a fresh start. Maybe from this day forward, Microsoft’s connected living-room PC strategies will spring from the Xbox One. Or, it’ll just a be a very good gaming console.

    Home entertainment
    Microsoft promises that this is a better-connected way of linking TV, games, and entertainment in one unit — something the Xbox 360 already does, but will do more via commands like “Xbox, on.” As was said during the initial presser, you’re “going to have a relationship with your TV.” The elevator pitch: take on a living room that has become “too complex,” and make a system that knits games, TV, and entertainment.

    So, how will that happen?

    There are universal gestures such as grab-and-pan and swipe up; watching live TV will involve maximizing and minimizing the screen in a top corner. Live TV will be part of the Xbox One experience, via HDMI-in. Yes, cable TV looks like part of the package.

    Microsoft Xbox One

    But we haven’t seen, other than some picture-in-picture overlays, how exactly TV is piped in and more deeply interacted with…and who the partners are. Comcast was mentioned, but what other companies will contribute to letting the Xbox One hook in and become a true TV accessory? That was the challenge that daunted Google TV and the Wii U. Right now, it doesn’t look like the Xbox One replaces your cable box or your DVR, even though it’s large enough to be both.

    The Xbox One does knit together new voice commands to do some PC-like stuff: you can order movie tickets, for instance, engage in Skype, or pull up fantasy sports stats while watching a game. The conversational, Siri-meets-Google Now-like voice commands hopefully will have clear menu representation on the console, as otherwise it could get confusing.

    “It’s an all-in-one entertainment console” is a pitch we’ve heard before, dating back to the PlayStation 3 and before that — really, going back all the way to the 3DO. It hasn’t always worked, but the Xbox One is better positioned because the Xbox 360’s already pretty successful at being an excellent streaming-video device.

    Under the hood, details so far include an eight-core processor and graphics made by AMD, 8GB of RAM, Blu-ray, USB 3.0, HDMI in/out, and a 500GB hard drive. Besides all of this, Microsoft is promising a new operating system fusing Xbox and Windows.

    Xbox One architecture has “three operating systems in one”: Xbox, a kernel of Windows (perhaps like Windows RT), and a multitasking interface. The idea seems to be that this console will be a multitasker at heart. Check out a head-to-head comparison with the PlayStation 4 specs known so far, however, and you can see that the distance between Sony and Microsoft, in terms of hardware, will be shorter than ever.

    Microsoft Xbox One

    New Kinect
    A new Kinect comes with the Xbox One, complete with improved accuracy. It has a 1080p camera, Skype connectivity, and understanding of rotational movement in a structure like a skeleton. Microsoft even claims the new Kinect can read your heartbeat. It can also recognize your controller, not just your hands — suggesting uses that sound a little like the ones for PlayStation Move’s wand.

    New controller
    The Xbox controller’s gotten a revamp with an integrated battery, improved ergonomics, a better D-pad, and improved response triggers. It looks similar but has gotten a bunch of gamer-oriented tweaks.

    The tablet-based SmartGlass experience will center on Xbox One, and will work as before with a variety of phones and tablets. Baked-in Wi-Fi Direct on the Xbox One will allow Bluetooth-like direct communication between external devices, which could come in handy for other future peripherals, too. Second screens will be a major method of interacting with the Xbox One, but details were scarce at the Xbox event — how will it be better than, and more profound than, SmartGlass as it currently exists?

    Microsoft Xbox One

    Xbox Live
    Built on the existing service and usernames, the new Xbox Live promises 300,000 servers for Xbox One, a whopping number. Matchmaking services will work while you’re doing other tasks like watching movies or Web browsing, and bigger, more quickly connecting matches are promised, too. Microsoft has discussed some cloud services on the Xbox One that seem promising: user-based cloud game saves, uploaded game recording, and even the potential for cloud-processing-enhanced games. How that will play out isn’t clear.

    Microsoft plans eight new franchises for the Xbox One in the first year, a hopeful sign for a platform that’s become too sequel-dependent. Of course, Forza 5 was shown off, but a new game called Quantum Break from the developers of Alan Wake looks like the sort of game we’re more used to seeing from PlayStation, with a big-studio design and cinematic feel. But there is some bad news: like the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One isn’t backward-compatible with Xbox 360 games. For more, read what we know about Xbox One’s games so far.

    TV on Xbox
    “Xbox is going to be the next water cooler.” That was said during the event to suggest the Xbox One’s role as a social-TV platform. To that end, it sounds like Microsoft is developing TV shows and original programming for the Xbox One, making a greater leap into Netflix-like original programming. Steven Spielberg announced a new TV series based on Halo, and the NFL demonstrated some level of interaction with fantasy stats and Skyping with NFL broadcasts.

    The Xbox One will be available “later this year,” so that means 2013 after all. Price and a specific date will have to wait…after all, E3 is just weeks away. In short, there are still several things about the Xbox One we don’t know…and would like to.

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  • Top 8 Bright Spots of the Newly Released Xbox One

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    Xbox One has been revealed by Microsoft at a live press event today in Washington, and it is Microsoft’s new next generation console right after its Xbox 360 gaming machine. The latest next-generation console brings many highlights better than its predecessor. Check below top 7 new features to know more.

    1. Xbox One runs the game without CD and needs payments for second installation
    Xbox One’ Blu-ray video game is only used to install the game and is limited to just one Xbox Live account. Users who want to install it again, extra payment is required. All the games of Xbox 0ne will be installed on the hard disk, thus making it easy for users to play the game without inserting the CD (Playstation 3 needs CD inserting).

    2. Voice control is available for TV programs
    New console will build a good relationship with your TV. It will establish a system to provide games, television and entertainment. Microsoft also enhanced voice commands, for example, when selecting a TV station, users can directly give voice command to this Xbox One, and it will play desired channel smoothly.3. AMD 8-core processor
    Xbox One is backed by powerful hardware that features an eight-core AMD processor and a very powerful graphics processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 500GB worth of memory storage.

    4. Improved performance on New Kinect

    New Kinect will be sold together with Xbox One with greatly improved accuracy. It equips with 1080P camera and supports Skype connection. Microsoft said the new Kinect can not only recognize hand, but also recognize controller.

    5. Outstanding HD movie enjoyment
    The up to 1080P HD movie playback plus the 250GB external memory extension for HD movie storage of Xbox 360 must have made you want to watch HD Blu-ray on Xbox. However the 8GB of RAM and a better 500GB hard drive on Xbox One will aslo give you plenty of memory for your wondrful HD movie watching.

    6. Updated controller
    Microsoft mentions that the new Xbox One controllers will have 40 new features to make them easier to use. Xbox One’s controller is actually slightly different in its shell and edges. It has sharper angles in its design, and the thumb-sticks have a deep groove. It features updated ergonomics and an integrated battery compartment that just fits better for gamers of all ages.7. Xbox One will not play Xbox 360 games
    Currently the Xbox 360 games will not work on Microsoft’s new Xbox One due to the incompatibility, but Microsoft has committed to brings 8 new games to Xbox One this year.

    8. Smart Glass brings Internet experience
    Tools like Smartglass will automatically pair the game console with compatible smartphones and tablets, so these portable devices can interact with the TV as a remote control.

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  • Xbox 720 Supposed to Be Released in E3 2013 by Microsoft’s Countdown Clock

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    For a long time, we have been speculating the new Xbox from Microsoft, the Xbox 720. There’re quite a lot of anticipations on the official release date and detailed specs upon the next console. And for long, there isn’t any official news from Microsoft. But now, things seem to change. Microsoft seems to have finally given us a hint, and all indications point to a major reveal at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The hint is from Microsoft spokesperson and public personality, Major Nelson, who has posted a giant countdown timer on his blog.

    Xbox Logo

    Nelson posted the giant countdown timer on his blog with a simple note above the timer: “And it’s on…” The timer shows a deadline on June 11. And very coincidently the E3 venue, which runs from June 11 – 13, is used by most gaming companies to reveal new. The countdown on the giant timer of Nelson’s blog meets exactly to the E3 event, which no doubt guides visitors to Major Nelson’s blog certainly to believe this means Microsoft will be revealing a new Xbox at E3.

    E3 Xbox 720 countdown

    The convention may still be five months away, but it seems that Microsoft is keen to get gamers excited and raise some adrenaline levels with plenty of advance notice. We are still hearing murmurings around the web that are suggesting Microsoft may blind-side us all by revealing the next-generation Xbox console before E3 actually begins and use the convention as a forum to go into greater detail about the hardware but there is no evidence to back those claims up.

    As for the detailed specs of Xbox 720, there’re also quite a lot of rumors, one of which suggests that the Xbox 720 has 18-core CPU and extra HD 7680×4320 screen display. Of course, other features could also be found in this post. What do you want from a new Xbox?

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