• Rumors of the next generation of Apple iPhone: iPhone 4S to be released before this September while iPhone 5 to be released next spring

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    The 2011 Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is going to kick off June 6 and Apple will be going to announce new products for sure, just like new iOS 5, Mac X OS, etc. As for the next generation of iPhone, there are big speculations that Apple would release iPhone 4S in July or Augest while iPhone 5 would be delayed to be released in the spring of 2012.

    iPhone 4S or iPhone 5

    The rumored upcoming Apple iPhone 4S is said to be an intermediate iPhone version between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. It would come with an 8 megapixel camera along with a SIM built-in design, which will not require SIM cards. Though there were contradictory reports that UK carrier Orange is developing new and smaller micro-SIM cards for Apple.

    The iPhone 4S will also be equipped with ARM technology in its Cortex A9 processor, while iPhone 5 is mostly rumored to equip with an A5 processor. As for the network connectivity, the rumored iPhone 4S would work with Sprint, T-Mobile, and China Mobile along with AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

    Apple iPhone 5

    The iPhone 5 release date has been rumored for long. And this time the 2012 spring release date seems to be more possible on strategy. As the iPhone 4 white was just released in April and still owns great market share in smart mobile phone market, it would be less possible for Apple to release an upgraded iPhone to compete with its own white iPhone 4. Yet, as an intermediate product, iPhone 4S might meet people’s speculations.

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  • Top-notch iPhone 4 Converter-Leawo iPhone Converter

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    The international launch of iPhone 4 is coming to 17 countries, despite of its antenna problem or other defects. Are you excited to get your iPhone 4 at local stores in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerlan? Have you dreamed of watching diverse videos on your cool iPhone 4? Here is a good solution for you.

    Leawo iPhone Converter Suite upgrades to generate iPhone 4 format. So as an iPhone 4 fan and engaged user, with this iPhone 4 converter software you can convert the iPhone 4 incompatible videos for playback on your iPhone 4 while enjoying the excellent video/audio quality and smooth playback.

    Key features of iPhone Converter Suite

    Leawo iPhone Converter Suite can powerfully convert all popular videos to iPhone 4 format for enjoying video entertainment on iPhone 4. The main features of it are as following:

    Leawo iPhone Converter Suite helps you convert almost all kinds of video files such as AVI, MPG (MPEG), WMV, MP4, MOV, VOB, ASF, RM, RMVB, 3GP, to iPhone MP4 video formats. You can also convert DVD movies for iPhone 4 and watch movies on-the-go.

    For your convenience, batch conversion is supported by this iPhone 4 converter. You only need to select the files that you want to convert, then set up the formats and specify parameters for the target files, then put Convert button and start the conversion.

    Leawo iPhone Converter Suite also facilities multiple edit features like cropping, trimming, adjusting video effect, adding logo, etc. So you can create distinctive videos, then watching your personalized movies on your iPhone 4 will not be a further problem.

    The last but not least is that with Leawo iPhone Converter Suite, there is no limitation for highest speed. So you can intuitively click to convert the videos in a flick of time.

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  • Best DVD Converter for Your iPhone 4

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    Good news! Good news! The upgraded Leawo Mac DVD Ripper V1.0.5.0 generates iPhone 4 format. And it brings you even more new powerful functions and enhanced features with brand optimized interface. When you are waiting for a bus, on the subway, or even during lunch break, you will want to enjoy your favorite DVD movie on your cool iPhone 4. Then you need a DVD converter to rip DVD for your iPhone 4 and Leawo Mac DVD Ripper is surely your best choice.

    Mac DVD Ripper is a three-in-one DVD ripper, DVD converter and DVD editor for you to operate on Mac OS. You can rip DVD directly from disc; convert DVD to all kinds of popular video and audio formats; edit DVD movies by cropping, trimming, watermarking, customizing the effect and codec parameters of the source DVD files. And now Mac DVD Ripper begins to support iPhone 4, which is attractive to all the apple fans.

    Now, let’s look at what Mac DVD Ripper can do for you:

    • DVD to iPhone, DVD to iPod and DVD to iPad conversions are already available in the previous version. And now it fully supports iPhone 4, letting you enjoy DVD movies anywhere anytime on your new gadget with excellent audiovisual quality.


    • Rip your favorite DVD to video file in all popular video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, M4V, VOB, etc.
    • Convert DVD soundtrack to audio in file formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, etc. This helps you enjoy the best original movie dialogues or just the beautiful background music as you like.


    • Copy DVD video to backup on hard disk.
    • No quality loss during conversion.


    • Set the codec parameters including bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, etc.
    • Specify preferred output subtitle and audio track.


    • Support altering the output effects, such as contrast, brightness, saturation, etc for a better output.
    • Powerful functions to trim video length, crop video size and add watermark.


    • Faster DVD loading and reading speed with intuitive click to save your time and effort.
    • Convert interlaced video into a non-interlaced form, so you can get higher resolution, better quality at lower bit rates and easier conversion.


    Click here to download free DVD Ripper trail version.

    For more info about Mac converters, come to our page: http://www.leawo.com/formac/

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  • Major differences you should know between the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS

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    Ever since June, 2007, Apple has debuted three generations of iPhone, marking the advancement of this miraculous invention annually. The iPhone 2G, the first generation of iPhone, introduced the first and the only mobile device exclusively made by Apple. A year later, the iPhone 3G upgrades transmitting module to meet faster 3G mobile network. In June, 2009, the latest iPhone 3GS sees breakthrough on performance and speed. Needless to say, the newer is the better. If you are preparing to purchase an iPhone, or you want to know your iPhone better, come with us to review the differences between the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS.

    How to identify iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS?

    Basically, the iPhone 2G has a distinctive aluminum back casing with a black strip on the bottom, while the iPhone 3G and 3GS features a smooth glass plastic back lid either in black or white. The iPhone 3G’s and 3GS’s back lids are fashionably rounded and slightly extend out further than that of the iPhone 2G. To speak of build quality, iPhone 2G is no doubt the winner.

    Functional comparison between iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS

    Although they are one year apart, the iPhone 2G and the iPhone 3G share basic hardware configurations like the CPU, RAM, GPU and camera, except 3G connectivity and GPS modules which the iPhone 2G lacks. If you have your iPhone 2G jailbroken, you can access external GPS device via Bluetooth with third-party apps. But for 3G accessibility, you need an iPhone 3G or 3GS.

    Practically, the iPhone 2G still supports the newest iPhone OS 3.1 and most apps, but some apps developed to take advantage of 3G network won’t run on the iPhone 2G any more. As 3G technology is quickening its pace of dominating mobile communication, the iPhone 2G will not hold much edges against its older brother, the iPhone 3G, not to mention the iPhone 3GS. Let’s see some compare charts and screenshots to get a clear picture of the differences, or specifically, the evolution.

    CPU & GPU Performance:

    The iPhone 3GS’s S stands for "Speed": CPU, RAM, GPU and camera are all upgraded. With higher frequency, double internal cache, double RAM capacity and enhanced GPU capability, the iPhone 3GS extends extraordinary performance and can accommodate complex, CPU-stressed apps such as 3D games. As you can see in the charts below, the iPhone 3GS tops all three ranks.

    CPU Performance Test for floating-point calculation

    CPU Performance Test for Web Browser JavaScript Execution

    GPU Speed Test for Rendering 1/10 Million Objects


    What is the tangible benefit brought by doubled RAM size? It is huge.

    This is a test conducted on the iPhone 2G and 3GS. The gauge represents the current RAM usage of the iPhone at the same status. Although on the right the app doesn’t change the threshold to match 3GS’s actual RAM size, it clearly indicates there is still 120.30MB, almost half of the RAM, available while 2G’s RAM is pitifully about exhausted. Perhaps the poor margin of RAM in the iPhone 2G/3G can account for the absence of multitasking. Even if we do have multitasking ability, there won’t be enough RAM to run tasks simultaneously and smoothly at all. But for 3GS, with an app called "background", we can listen to music, log on to IM apps and browse the web without interruption. The potential of the iPhone 3GS will be further exploited in the next iPhone OS 4.0.


    The iPhone 2G and 3G share the same camera with video capability disabled; however, the function can be revived by jailbreaking the iPhone, though it is not suggested by Apple. The new camera installed on the iPhone 3GS has competitive 3 Megapixels, compared to 2 Megapixels of its predecessor. The white balance of 3GS’s camera is improved to present real environmental color. The iPhone 3GS also enables unprecedented auto-focus feature with an ingenuous tap-to-focus interface.

    Network Speed on iPhone 2G, 3G & 3GS

    3G Network vs. EDGE Network

    As for connectivity, the iPhone 2G only supports EDGE network. EDGE network runs at 384 Kbps bandwidth, almost 11 times slower than 3G network supported by the iPhone 3G/3GS.

    iPhone 3G (3.5Mbps HSDPA) vs. iPhone 3GS (7.2Mbps HSDPA)

    The iPhone 3GS further upgrades its connectivity capability to support 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, which allegedly provides WiFi-like network data speed, though the actual test above doesn’t show much difference between iPhone 3G and 3GS. As we know, the network speed is quite dependent on the quality and the usage of the network. It is another potential yet unrecovered on iPhone 3GS.

    Other New Features on iPhone 3GS

    The latest iPhone OS 3.0 takes a large stride from where iPhone OS 2.2 stands. In conjunction with the latest hardware configuration of the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone OS 3.0 scores considerably better than its predecessor.

    Another fascinating feature added to iPhone 3GS is the built-in digital compass. Cooperated with this Compass app, the Map will rotate to match the orientation you face. When hiking in mountains or groping at starless night, you will find this Compass come in handy.

    Efforts have been made on the iPhone 3GS’s screen as well. The screen has been applied an oleophobic coating. Finger prints and smudges will easily come off to make the screen as shiny as the new.

    Obsolete Features on iPhone 2G

    • No 3G network support
    • No built-in GPS module
    • No standard 3.5mm headset slot
    • Uses a non standard slot requiring users to purchase an adaptor
    • Old iPhone OS 2.2

    To wrap up, this table will give you a straight-forward comparison on the major differences between the three gen iPhones.

    Have a stack of DVD and want to watch them on your iPhone without paying to get them via iTunes? Get the best video quality without hassles? Try Leawo DVD to iPhone Converter, the best DVD to video solution for iPhone users.

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  • Remember Isaac Newton, watch FLV videos on your iPod/iTouch

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    Sir Isaac Newton has been a famous figure of science for centuries. He is very well known for being hit by an apple from a tree and later devising the laws of motion we still appreciate a lot today. As a physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist and theologian, Sir Isaac Newton’s magical life has been illustrated into videos and movies by people who love him.

    On the 367 birthday of Sir Isaac Newton today, it is a great occasion for us to get to know this Supernova in science history and his magical life. Thanks to the internet, we can easily download a number of FLV videos about Sir Isaac Newton. And with a gadget like iPod/iTouch, we can easily carry the video to share on the go. On this anniversary for the scientific giant, our friends and families would appreciate us for presenting them Newton’s amazing stories via videos. Our children would love to watch videos about young Isaac Newton and this could engage them into the pursuit of their noble life. We could get to know Newton better as we watch more and more videos about him. But there is one difficulty to overcome: how to convert the online FLV video to iPod/iTouch MP4 format?

    Do you have a good iPod/iPhone converter at hand? If not, check out the latest version of Leawo iPod Converter, it can very likely be the one you are looking for. Get Leawo iPod Converter for a trial first and we will start converting online FLV videos to iPod/iPhone MP4 format right away.

    Why use Leawo iPod/iTouch Converter for iPod/iTouch MP4 conversion?

    1. It is easy to get started. Most functions are called up in one or two clicks. Whether you are professional or amateur, you can make good quality iPod/iTouch MP4 videos in no time.
    2. It converts fast. The program can convert video in 200%-300% real time.
    3. Complete video quality control. Users can adjust codec parameters to make any output from the smallest file size to the best playback quality.
    4. It consumes less memory. The program has a good management of memory consumption, thus runs steadily and smoothly.

    Let me pick you up on how to convert FLV videos to iPod/iTouch for playback:

    Step 1: launch Leawo iPod Converter and import the FLV video files.

    Leawo iPod Video Converter

    Leawo iPod Converter conveniently allows you to drag and drop the files for import.

    You may preview and screenshot the video before you convert it.

    Then organize the file order and rename the file as you like.

    Step 2: apply an appropriate output profile and check the codec settings.

    Leawo iPod Converter has preconfigured MP4 profiles for video output for iPod/iTouch. There are different profiles addressed to different screen resolution.

    Leawo iPod Video Converter

    Apart from the presets, you may find codec parameter settings very useful for custom outputs. Advanced codec parameters include Bit Rate, Video Size and Frame Rate.

    Leawo iPod Video Converter

    Step 3: use video editor to customize the video as you like.

    As part of Leawo iPod Video Converter, the video customization feature is a useful approach to help improve the display effect of the video.

    Go to Effect tab to find adjustment controls of audiovisual effects.

    Leawo iPod Video Converter

    Go to Trim tab to split the video in millisecond precision.

    Leawo iPod Video Converter

    Go to Crop tab to cut the display size of the video.

    Leawo iPod Video Converter

    Go to Logo tab to apply an image as a watermark.

    Leawo iPod Video Converter

    Go to Text tab to insert a text as a watermark.

    Leawo iPod Video Converter

    Step 4, start the FLV to iPod/iTouch MP4 converting process.

    Leawo iPod Converter can batch convert the video files on the standby list. You can easily keep track of the progress in the process monitor. If you need to get away for a moment, you can check "Shut down the computer" to let the program helm for you.

    Leawo iPod Video Converter

    Now, take a rest and turn your iPod/iTouch to video mode. I believe you must have now successfully converted any Isaac Newton videos you have to playback on iPod/iTouch. Have video conversion problem with your iPod/iTouch? Let Leawo iPod Converter help you through easy and fast.

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