• Top 10 iPhone 4 Cases: Choose the Right iPhone 4 Case for Your iPhone 4

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    iPhone 4 case is what iPhone 4 requires given some iPhone 4 models have problems with reception and antennas. A case will improve reception and signal strengthen of those phones experiencing the problems. Here is a list of the top 10 iPhone 4 cases for your choice. These iPhone 4 cases offered are ones from our own review, not all iPhone 4 cases available on the market.

    10 iPhone 4 cases

    iPhone 4 case 1:

    Agent18 ShockBand ranks No.1 on the iPhone 4 case list because of its terrific combination: an iPhone 4 case that provides protection, addresses the antenna problems and are fairly low in price.

    iPhone 4 case 2:

    SGP Ultra Silke R Series may be the most economical iPhone 4 case, since it offers a solid iPhone 4 case, an overlay screen protector as well as a screen-cleaning with only $2o. However, no amazing design or features may be its drawbacks.

    iPhone 4 case 3:

    A.G. Findings Vandelay has a fashion concern of cell phone belt clip and this is a versatile iPhone 4 case offering the comprehensive protection and various ways to use.

    iPhone 4 case 4:

    Cygnett WorkMate is rubberized iPhone 4 case and the screen protector isn’t integrated into the case, but a stick-on protector is available to you.

    iPhone 4 case 5:

    Ballistic HC is not a right iPhone 4 case for everyone because of its big size and high price, but it is definitely a good choice for those who are working in extreme environment and need extensive protection for their iPhone 4.

    iPhone 4 case 6:

    iSkin Revo 4 is a series of iPhone 4 cases in multiple colors and the removable hard plastic cover protects your screen and attaches to the back of the case then you are using the phone.

    iPhone 4 case 7:

    Trident Cyclops is also a quite durable iPhone 4 case with multiple colors.

    iPhone 4 case 8:

    Hard Candy Cases BubbleSlider is an iPhone 4 case which is high in price and hard to get to the buttons of iPhone 4.

    iPhone 4 case 9:

    Gumdrop Cases Surf Slider is a solid iPhone 4 case with a slider style. However, the iPhone 4 buttons stick on the case sometimes making it difficult to remove the phone.

    iPhone 4 case 10:

    Apple iPhone 4 Bumper is something same as Agent 18’s ShockBand with $10 more.

    One iPhone 4 Solution

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  • Top-notch iPhone 4 Converter-Leawo iPhone Converter

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    The international launch of iPhone 4 is coming to 17 countries, despite of its antenna problem or other defects. Are you excited to get your iPhone 4 at local stores in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerlan? Have you dreamed of watching diverse videos on your cool iPhone 4? Here is a good solution for you.

    Leawo iPhone Converter Suite upgrades to generate iPhone 4 format. So as an iPhone 4 fan and engaged user, with this iPhone 4 converter software you can convert the iPhone 4 incompatible videos for playback on your iPhone 4 while enjoying the excellent video/audio quality and smooth playback.

    Key features of iPhone Converter Suite

    Leawo iPhone Converter Suite can powerfully convert all popular videos to iPhone 4 format for enjoying video entertainment on iPhone 4. The main features of it are as following:

    Leawo iPhone Converter Suite helps you convert almost all kinds of video files such as AVI, MPG (MPEG), WMV, MP4, MOV, VOB, ASF, RM, RMVB, 3GP, to iPhone MP4 video formats. You can also convert DVD movies for iPhone 4 and watch movies on-the-go.

    For your convenience, batch conversion is supported by this iPhone 4 converter. You only need to select the files that you want to convert, then set up the formats and specify parameters for the target files, then put Convert button and start the conversion.

    Leawo iPhone Converter Suite also facilities multiple edit features like cropping, trimming, adjusting video effect, adding logo, etc. So you can create distinctive videos, then watching your personalized movies on your iPhone 4 will not be a further problem.

    The last but not least is that with Leawo iPhone Converter Suite, there is no limitation for highest speed. So you can intuitively click to convert the videos in a flick of time.

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  • Discount for Hot Summer-Download Mobile Converters Now!

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    Are you ready for summer holiday? Have you got any good ideas for the past time on the long summer journey? Well, why not watch your favorite videos on your mobile devices, especially on your recently obtained cool iPhone 4? Now Leawo portable solutions offer cool discounts for hot summer promotion: from 20% to 40% off. Save up to $20!

    Why choose Leawo portable solutions?
    Leawo portable tools enable you to watch videos on your mobile devices. They convert most popular video formats, so you can play them on mobile gadgets such as iPhone 4, iPod, iPad, PSP, Zune, etc. They support most popular formats while still maintaining the best audio and video quality. Batch conversion is also available.

    What Leawo portable solutions can do for you?
    Easy iPhone Converter Suite-a perfect tool for all common video and audio files as well as DVD movies to iPhone 4 format conversion. It assures format compatibility, playback smoothness, powerful customizations and fast conversion with iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS, also iPhone 4.

    Easy iPad Converter Suite-an handy toolkit for iPad users to convert both DVD movies and common videos to have the best playback on iPad. It incorporates advanced video technology to provide you with flexible customizations and low time consumption.
    Easy iPod Converter Suite- an excellent utility for all video to iPod format conversion with flexible customizations. It is the best choice for iPod users to easily watch videos, movies and enjoy music on iPod Classical, iPod nano, iPod touch and etc.
    Easy PSP Converter Suite- a toolkit for PSP users to convert kinds of video formats to PSP with excellent output quality. This suite provides you powerful functions like merging files, editing videos, etc. Thus you can enjoy favorite videos on your PSP/PS3.
    Hurry up, it is time-limited! Take the time to find your desired movie-watching solutions for iPad, iPod, PSP and iPhone 4 here.

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