• Apple’s Planning to Increase App Price in Selected Markets

    Posted on January 17th, 2017 admin No comments

    According to BBC this week, Apple is planning to increase the prices of apps and in-app purchases in specific markets, including India, the UK and Turkey.

    “Price tiers on the App Store are set internationally on the basis of several factors, including currency eschange rates, business practices, taxes, and the cost of doing business,” Apple explained. “These factors vary from region to region and over time.”

    The raise of price was the response to a weakening pound sterling against the US dollar following Brexit. In response to that move, some tech companies had chosen to raise the price of their products. One Plus 3, for instance, had its price increased shortly after launch.

    Similar pricing policy with U.S.

    Assume that users are paying $0.99 for an app in the U.S., usually they would be paying $ 79p in the UK, but now with the new pricing method, they would probably be paying 99p. BBC also said that Apple has allowed publishers to adjust the pricing to a lower level to help compensate the changes.

    Developers who spoke to the BBC suggested that they are probably not going to change the pricing of apps as it would mean more money out of their pocket. This is just a balancing of the system.

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  • Top 10 Interesting and Useful iOS Apps for iPad and iPhone

    Posted on July 8th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    Anyone who has an iPhone/iPad (or is looking for an excuse to get one) would spend a bit of time in the App Store on iTunes looking through the thousands of iPhone apps that are available. However, you busy work and fast life might let you have little time to choose proper apps for your iPad and iPhone. And meanwhile, it is really hard to get the right ones from such a wide selection of apps on App Store. Here, I have listed some top 10 interesting yet quite useful iOS apps for you iPad and iPhone.

    Chargeable IM app with wonderful interface – Verbs


    In the Verbs 2.0, developers add the Push Notification for up to one week of online state for this IM app. Verbs 2.0 owns ultra excellent interface and provides instant messaging function only with no annoying customizations. It can also send the links in the message received to Instapaper – an iOS app for reading. It charges US $2.99, with additional US $4.99 for the Push Notification function, totally pricing at US $7.98.

    Wrapped inside serial game – Continuity 2 (US $0.99)


    Continuity is in fact a serial game, in which users could rearrange video game levels to open the “red door”. Different levels require for different procedures and users have to connect with the wire. It is a really challenging game for all users.

    History record app for Facebook – MyLine for iPad (US $1.99)

    Myline for iPad

    MyLine is a fresh new iPad application, which collects the original Facebook data and shows the record to users via beautiful charts, Timeline and maps. Users could check the record of status renewal, photo, sign in and others. The only shortage existing is that still some bugs are not fixed.

    Nevus check for cancer prevention app – SkinScan (US $4.99)


    SkinScan is a quite creative iOS application. It could tell whether users have the symptoms of melanoma by analyzing the nevus of skin for cancer prevention. Of course, it should not replace diagnosis from doctors.

    Play Dead –disguise app for battery out (Free)


    This funny Play Dead app could launch the background picture of your iPhone’s battery is running out (1%-2%) so as to cheat other people who want to use your iPhone for a call or message.

    Music Producer – TNR-i (US $19.99)


    TNR-i lets users adjust time crosswise and adjust musical note. It could automatically play music customized by users. The fatal function of this app is that it could send your customized music to your friends or other users and allow them to modify. It has both iPad and iPhone versions.

    MedCoach –remind users to take medicine (Free)


    MedCoach could record the medicine note and time to take medicine for users with its Push Notification function. MedCoach also features with built-in tools to record detailed information of medicine, contacts, additional medicine, etc.

    TriviaFriends – get to know everything of your Facebook friends (Free)

    Trivia Friends

    TriviaFrinds app lets users compete with Facebook friends to get who knows more about each other. This application will provide users with multiple questions like which city your friend comes from and which movie is his/her favorite.

    Tumblr – for Tumblr blog management (Free)


    The iPhone application Tumblr performs well in managing multiple Tumblr blogs. Browsing dashbard, viewing blog, replying notes, and changing blog templates are all very convenient.

    Bizzy app – unify Yelp and Twitter (Free)


    Bizzy is a new crowdsourcing social network app. It allows users to “sign in” restaurant and entertainment spots and make a simple evaluation by marking. Users could write a short comment after marking, and add image to it. It also allows users to send the news to Twitter. It could make a recommendation to users via the marks of other users.

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  • Top 10 iPhone Augmented Reality Applications to Enhance User Experience and Easy Users’ Life

    Posted on March 29th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    Along with the fast development of the internet, various demands from users are gradually explored. In the great popularity of Apple iPhone and iPad, augmented reality applications have attracted enormous attention in current market. What are augmented reality applications? Generally speaking, augmented reality applications are the utility software that can enhance the reality information perception for users with virtual internet resources so to help people in different businesses.

    heads up navigation

    These augmented reality apps could help users conveniently find out restaurants, service stations around them with their smart mobile phones like iPhone. Users could write comments and share their comments with other users via link. With some augmented reality app users could only place their iPhone to a direction, and then the iPhone would tell users subway stations and the public transport lines to that direction. Here, I would like to list some top 10 most useful augmented reality apps for iPhone, all of which helps a lot in people’s daily life.


    ARSoccer could virtualize a 3D soccer. Whenever you go, you are kicking a 3D soccer. Really fantastic for football fans. Free on Apple App Store.


    Car Finder

    Car Finder is used to help drivers easily find out the spare parking lot around them. Also free on Apple App Store.

    Car Finder

    Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

    This AR app would tell you the distance of the next hole and suggest you which golf club should be used. It costs US $19.99 on App Store.

    Goftscape GPS Rangefinder


    Layar lets you download plugins to view places, tweets, deals, and photos around you. Free on Apple App Store.


    Metro AR Pro

    Wherever you are, Metro AR Pro could tell you the metro station position around you. Priced at US $2.99 on Apple App Store.

    Metro AR Pro


    Spyglass is used to measure the distance between your position the target position you have pointed out. US $3.99 is needed on Apple App Store.


    Star Walk

    Star Walk is an “interactive astronomy guide” that allows you to point your iPad into the sky and see real-time images pointing you to constellations, stars, and planets via your device’s compass, GPS, and gyroscope. App Store price: US $4.99 for iPad, US $2.99 for iPhone and iPod.

    Star Walk


    Wikitude has been considered as a “World Browser”, which could show you the surrounding environment and related information about a certain placemark. This AR app is free on Apple App Store.



    Yelp tells you the distance of the restaurant around you, restaurant direction and the consumption level of the restaurant. Free on App Store.

    Yelp AR


    An AR app which could provide detailed information about the housing price around you. Free on App Store.


    Now that you have got the most useful augmented reality apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, make perfection for your gadgets to experience more and easy your life.

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  • Apple iPad 2 Shipment Available Today: Are You Ready to Experience the Newly Apple iPad 2

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    It must be an another exciting day for all Apple iPad fans, as today, the long anticipated iPad 2 would finally be available on market as planned. Are you ready to experience this faster, lighter, and thinner new gadget Apple iPad 2?

    Apple yesterday officially announced its iPad 2 U.S. launch plans for today’s iPad 2 sale, including revealing for the first time that online sales had began at 1:00 AM Pacific Time / 4:00 AM Eastern Time. As previously announced, in-store sales at Apple retail stores and other retail partner stores will begin at 5:00 PM. In line with Apple’s plan, many retail stores and retail partners have made correspondence plan for this magic iPad 2’s debut sale like AT&T, Verizon, etc.


            Every customer who buys an iPad 2 at an Apple retail store will be offered free Personal Setup service, helping   them customize their iPad 2 by setting up email, loading new apps from the App Store and more, so they’ll be up and running with their new iPad 2 before they leave the store. iPad 2 will also be available beginning at 5 p.m. local time at AT&T, Best Buy, Target, Verizon Wireless, Walmart and select Apple Authorized Resellers.

    Many people have predicted the unit sale of this new iPad 2. Some predicted that the unite sale would reach 600,000 when iPad 2 firstly debuts this weekend. Another evaluation about the unite sales of iPad 2 is expected to half a million. These evaluations all seen to be reasonable as the Apple iPad 2 currently occupies really crowed market, especially upon the comparison with the unit sales of its predecessor, which was 300,000 in its first debut day.

    Anyway, for Apple iPad 2 fans, all the mysteries of iPad 2 would be uncovered today ever since its shipment. Rather than predicting the unit sales of this great iPad 2, why not go to Mac App Store for some useful tools to enhance the performance of your iPad 2? Recently so many new software programs have been created and added to the Mac App Store for Mac users to download, like Mac video converting tools, Mac DVD ripping programs, etc. There are even some free giveaway products like the Leawo iAm Ringer, an iPhone ringtone maker for iPhone users to make customized ringtones, becoming free on Mac App Store for a time limited activity to all Mac users.

    So, what would Apple fans say after they receive their eagerly iPad 2 and make a hurry experience with this new tablet? Compared with its predecessor, what this faster, thinner and lighter Apple product would bring to fans? It would be quite soon for us to get these feedbacks on Apple iPad 2.

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  • Hot Wire from Leawo Software: iAm Ringer and Video Converter Are on App Store Now

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    Successive pieces of good news come along with the advent of Saint Valentine’s Day, Leawo Software brings its first hot wire in 2011 that the smart user-oriented multimedia software Leawo Video Converter joining hands with Leawo iAm Ringer are on App Store today—12, February.

    More surprisingly, you win the chance to get access to both of them for free at the point of Saint Valentine’s Day. If you are interested in the above multimedia tools, you just need to contact us through macpro@leawo.com, and as soon as possible we will send you a free code of the product. For the sake of improving our products, the only thing you need to do is to write a product review on our App Store’s product pages. By the way, the once-in-a-lifetime chance start to hit on you from today, February 12, 2011 and each product with only 50 free codes, so grasp the rare opportunity firmly and never let it slip away.

    Committing to providing users with the best multimedia solutions, Leawo Software works vigorously with long-term pioneering and enterprising spirit. Video inclined Mac users can seek out multimedia solutions for Mac on App Store with doubt from now on.

    As an easy-to-use yet all-round Mac video and audio converting tool, Leawo Video Converter deals with popular formats such as AVI, MP4, FLV, MP3, AAC, M4A, etc. Meanwhile, it is equipped with powerful editing features like clipping, cropping, effect editing, watermarking, detailed parameter setting, screenshot capturing… Mac users can have any visual enjoyments on any portable devices beyond all doubts. When comes to Leawo iAm Ringer, it is really an all-inclusive iPhone ringtone maker for Mac. With it you can make iPhone ringtone of sorts from any media files: popular videos and audios, media sources in your iTunes. More useful features are added to it, as a result, you can get any individualized iPhone ringtones without limit.

    Saint Valentine’s Day will come soon, so why not seize the chance to win our products on App Store? I do believe that no matter you create personalized sweet videos with Video Converter for your beloved or DIY individualized iPhone ringtones with Mac iPhone ringtone maker for your dearest, Leawo Software will promise you a totally different Valentine’s Day on 2011.

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