Best Blu-ray player software – How to play Blu-ray movie on Windows 8

Play Blu-ray movies on Windows 8 computer requires a qualified Blu-ray player software program that is compabitle with Windows 8. In the Blu-ray player software market, you could get quite a bundle of outstanding Blu-ray player software to enjoy Blu-ray movies on Windows 8. Among all these wonderful players, Leawo Blu-ray Player is provides the best solution for you to play Blu-ray movies on Windows, be your computer a Windows 8 computer or Windows XP computer.

As one of the best Blu-ray player software for Windows 8, Leawo Blu-ray Player not only provides extraordinary performance in playing Blu-ray movies on Windows 8 with high quality video and audio, but also comes with ultra-easy to use and Windows 8 oriented operating interface for user friendly operating. This Blu-ray Player could play back Blu-ray discs, even the latest released, in quality lossless. Besides, it is also totally free DVD player software for Windows 8 to play DVD discs on Windows OS. It is still a free HD video player and a free audio player to play HD video (up to 1080P videos), common video and audio on Windows 8 for totally free.

The below guide shows you how to play Blu-ray movies on Windows 8 with Leawo Blu-ray Player. Firstly download this Windows 8 Blu-ray Player, install and launch it on your computer.


Full Guide

Launch this Windows 8 Blu-ray Player

After you download and install this Windows 8 Blu-ray player software on your PC, launch it.

Select target files

If you want to play Blu-ray disc on Windows 8, make sure your computer has a Blu-ray drive and you have inserted Blu-ray disc into the BD-drive. Or if you want to play back Blu-ray folders on Windows 8, get source Blu-ray folders ready. On the home interface of this Windows 8 Blu-ray player software, you can see two options: Open File box and disc box. If you want to play Blu-ray disc on Windows, click the disc box that indicates your disc name. If you want to play Blu-ray folder, click "Open File" box and then browse Blu-ray folders for playback.

Notice: If you’re going to play back Blu-ray folder, you only need to figure out the .m2ts file in the Stream folder of the BDMV folder, like "\BDMV\STREAM\00000.m2ts".

Subtitle, video and audio etting

This professional Windows 8 Blu-ray player software allows you to set subtitles, video and audio for easy enjoying. On the upper left of the playback screen, you could click the "T" icon to set subtitles, click video icon to set video effect and click audio icon to set audio effect. You can even load external subtitles in SSA, ASS, and SRT formats to this program for playback. If your source movies include DTS 5.1 audio and you want to play movies with DTS 5.1 audio channel, go "Audio Settings" and select DTS 5.1 audio channel in "Audio Stream" option. You can also double click the program for fullscreen playback.

To know the detailed guide on using Leawo Blu-ray Player, check how to play Blu-ray/DVD/video/audio with Leawo Blu-ray Player on Windows


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