2 Methods to Transfer Apps from iPad 4 to Computer

Without much notice, the fourth generation of iPad tablet was released along with the loftily expected iPad mini. As an updated version of The new iPad 3, iPad 4 sports more advanced A6 processor, more attractive 8-pin Lighting connector and more powerful Retina Display running at a higher resolution. Besides that, iPad 4 was also released as an iOS 6 device. With the help of the latest iOS system, iPad 4 can not only be compatible to old iPad apps but also take full advantages of the latest apps in App Store. Therefore, a method to transfer apps from iPad 4 to computer may be quite desirable in some situations.

Usually, along with the evolution of iPad tablet goes the increasing space occupancy of iPad apps. Therefore, the latest iPad 4 app requires much more place than that of The new iPad 3. However, as Apple neither increases the built-in memory of iPad 4 nor add Micro SD slot to iPad 4, users need to figure out ways to make full use of the limited storage space. Deleting iPad 4 apps is one way and transferring apps from iPad 4 to computer to make room for new apps is another.  Moreover, without built-in NFC, users need to figure out ways to share apps between one iPad 4 to another. A practical way is to transfer the apps from iPad 4 to computer and then transfer them from the computer to another iPad 4. Therefore, this post will introduce two methods to transfer apps from iPad 4 to computer.

Method One: Sync with iCloud

As one of the most eye-attracting services provided by Apple, iCloud is now widely employed by various Apple products ranging from MacBook Pro to iPod touch 5. Defined as iTunes in the cloud, iCloud enables users to manage app transference from iPad 4 to computer without iTunes involved. Generally speaking, users just need to upload the apps they desire to transfer to the cloud via iPad 4 and then download those apps from iCloud via computer. Moreover, Apple has provided free iCloud space for iPad 4 users.

However, the method to transfer apps from iPad 4 to computer via iCloud is not that flawless. For one thing, the uploading of app from iPad 4 to iCloud is data-consuming and energy-eating. An upload attempt without Wi-Fi will lead to the drain of the data plan. For another, as the limited free iCloud space may be far from enough to meet users’ storage demands, most users need to pay for extra iCloud space. Besides that, those apps one has downloaded for free may not be downloadable in iCloud.

Method Two: Transfer with Leawo iTransfer

As a professional iPad 4 transfer, Leawo iTransfer can provide perfect solutions to manage app transference from iPad 4 to computer. With Leawo iTransfer, users can not only manage app transference from iPad 4 to computer with just a few clicks but also without referring to iTunes. Besides that, the gaming process of those transferred apps will be retained so that users can continue the gameplay with the new iPad 4. One thing to notice is that Leawo iTransfer only works when users have iTunes installed beforehand.

Find iPad 4 apps

Get Leawo iTransfer

Download the latest version of Leawo iTransfer and iTunes to make sure iOS 6 devices like iPad 4 are fully supported. Then connect iPad 4 with the computer via USB cable.

Choose iPad 4 apps

Choose apps from iPad 4

Open Leawo iTransfer and then click “App” tab to list all the iPad 4 apps in the right section. Then choose those apps one desire to transfer from iPad 4 to computer, right click the mouse and then choose “My Computer” option in the drop-down menu of “Transfer to“.

Transfer iPad 4 apps

Start the transference

After all those steps, specify the output folder as a computer folder with “Save to folder” bar and then click “Transfer Now” to begin the app transference process from iPad 4 to computer.

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