• Want a cute puppy to clean your iPod/iPhone screen everyday?

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    This is a practice on how to convert SWF to iPod/iPhone MP4 format.

    This lovely puppy screen cleaner applies to the lazy ones who are reluctant to clean their screens. As you see it below, the little pug is enjoying its mischief "licking the screen clean in its way" as it is wary of the screen owner suddenly showing at its back.

    Very cute, isn’t it? You can keep him cleaning the screen as long as you want him to. And if you like, you can by the way call him to duty of cleaning your iPod/iPhone’s screen as well. To make it like doing the extra job, you need a right SWF to Video Converter to fit it into your iPod/iPhone first.

    Download Moyea SWF to Video Converter, a powerful solution for SWF to any video format conversion.

    Here is a quick guide:

    1. Drag the puppy screen cleaner SWF file into the program.
    2. Click "Export", then select "iPhone H.264 Video (480×320)(*.mp4)" from the "style" dropdown box.
    3. Click the checkbox of "Always forward" under the "Conversion Mode" label.
    4. Click "Convert" and then click "Play and Capture".

    For more information, please refer to this more detailed guide on using the software.
    As to how to transfer videos to iPod/iPhone via iTunes, helpful information is found here.
    From now on, you have a screen cleaner puppy for your iPod/iPhone that could amaze your friends. Enjoy!

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