• Top 15 Cooling Gadgets to Make a Cool Summer for Home, Work and Play

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    The long summer holidays not only bring people nice time to fully enjoy funs, but some inconvenience to our life at home, work or play as well. Have you got well equipped to beat the hot waves in the long hot summer days? Whether you have done or not, it should not be missed for you to take a look at this post, which provides some popular and effective cooling gadgets to make a cool summer for your home life, work or play. Thanks to Gloria Sin, who wrote the following content in zdnet.com with the purpose to create a cooling summer for all people.

    Besides blasting the air conditioner and fanning yourelf with modified a spray bottle, here are 15 hot products that can help you stay cool at home, work and play in this unusually hot summer.

    1. Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

    Dyson Aire Multiplier Fan

    One of the most innovative cooling device for the home is the Dyson Air Multiplier. Rather than just spin blades to move the air around us, the Dyson design pushes air through a tiny crack along the edge of the fan, to create its own steady and powerful blast of cool air. Available in national retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond and Best Buy, the 10″ Table Fan starts at $299.99.

    Photo Credit: Dyson.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    2. Brookstone Bed Fan

    Brookstone Bed Fan

    Suburbia’s favorite gadget store Brookstone has a Bed Fan that can draw 100 cubic feet of air every minute to direct at your bed. Its height is adjustable so you can aim it precisely at your sheets, and comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust the temperature from your bed. Available in Brookstone stores and online for $79.95.

    Photo Credit: Brookstone.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    3. ecobee Remote Control Thermostat with iOS and Android app

    ecobee Remote Control Thermostat with iOS and Android app Say goodbye to coming home to an oven after a long day at work, as the Wi-Fi enabled ecobee thermostat offers full remote control of your home’s heating and cooling systems — through a website, or via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Available from home hardware stores like Home Depot and online retailers Smarthomes.com for $395.00.

    Photo Credit: ecobee.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    4. New Ice Suit

    New Ice Suit

    With special pockets built into the jacket to fit removable ice packs, the Haruyama-designed New Ice Suit will keep you refreshed en route to work. And when you get to the office, you can simply freeze the ice packs in the fridge, so they’ll be nice and cold by the time you go home. Unfortunately, the New Ice Suit is only available in Japan, which costs the equivalent of $520 USD (as of 2009) according to CrunchGear.

    Photo Credit: CrunchGear

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    5. MaxiFresh Anti-Odor Astronaut Undershirt Vest

    MaxiFresh Anti-Odor Astronaut Undershirt Vest

    Developed in collaboration with the Japanese space agency JAXA, these t-shirts are designed to fight against the micro bacteria that causes body odors and are said to reduce “body odor by 82%, and sweat odor by an amazing 92%.” Available from JapanTrendShop.com for $52 USD plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: JapanTrendShop.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    6. USB Portable Cooling Pad

    USB Portable Cooling Pad

    This USB Mini Portable Cooling Pad cools your hands and wrists as you type by positioning air vents underneath them, which also offers some support for your wrists thanks to its half-moon shape. Currently out of stock at USB Brando.com, this device retails for $19.00 USD plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: USB Brando.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    7. USB OptiWind Mouse

    USB OptiWind Mouse

    With a built-in fan and air vents that shoot cool air into your hand from the mouse, the USB OptiWind Mouse can help your hand stay cool and your mind alert as you work. Available from USB Brando.com for $22.00 USD plus shipping (compatible with Windows 98 to XP).

    Photo Credit: USB Brando.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    8. Mobile Air Conditioner

    Mobile Air Conditioner

    The next best thing to carrying a personal air conditioning unit wherever you go is this Mobile Air Conditioner-in-a-can from Japan. It claims to create a blast as cold as -49 degrees Fahrenheit that you can spray on your clothes and even your skin. Too bad it’s only available in Japan.

    Photo Credit: Strapya.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    9. USB Desk Fridge

    USB Desk Fridge

    This USB-powered Fridge-shaped cooler for your desk keeps your drink (up to two cans) at the right temperature, so you can stay at your desk for longer bouts and (hopefully) do more work. Available from USB Brando.com for $39.00 USD plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: USB Brando.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    10. Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper

    Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper

    Ladies who need to maintain a professional appearance (read: makeup) while on the job would be interested in the Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Papers, as they “contain antiperspirant and deodorant ingredients to prevent body odor.” They also cool your face/body down and help minimize your shinny glow from facial oil and sweat. Available from YesStyle.com for $9 USD plus shipping for a 10-sheet pack.

    Photo Credit: YesStyle.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    11. iPhone 4 Dock Fan

    iPhone 4 Dock Fan

    The iPhone 4 Dock Fan attaches to most i-devices’ dock connector — from the first-gen iPod touch to the current iPhone 4 — which makes it a handy gadget to keep in your bag for short cooling sessions. Available from Japan Trust Technology for about $16 USD plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: Japan Trust Technology

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    12. USB Cooler Cushion

    USB Cooler Cushion

    With more and more cars becoming equipped with a USB connector, this USB Cooler Cushion from Thanko could keep your seat, um cooler, on your next road trip. Available from GeekStuff4U.com for $32 plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: GeekStuff4U.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    13. Cooling Foam

    Cooling Foam

    The Hokkyoku Monogatari Cooling Foam is extremely malleable so you can either shape it into a wristband or necklace, or just rub it into your skin for some invisible relief. It’s only available in Japan so don’t go looking for a can in your local CVS.

    Photo Credit: JapanTrends.com’s YouTube video

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    14. White “iPhone 4″ Air Cooler

    White “iPhone 4″ Air Cooler

    Stay cool by holding up this iPhone 4-inspired portable fan to your face wherever you need some instant cooling action. Available from KOGadget.com for $9.90 plus shipping.

    Photo Credit: KOGadget.com

    Captions: Gloria Sin

    15. Wi-Fi Fan

    Wi-Fi Fan

    No power, no space to tote more gadgets in your bag? No problem. You can always cool yourself with this plastic Wi-Fi fan by the whimsical French design company ATYPYK. Available from ATYPYK’s eShop for $12.15 USD (shipping excluded).

    Photo Credit: ATYPYK’s eShop

    Captions: Gloria Sin

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