• True or Rumor: iPad 3 with up to 2048*1536 high resolution screen display

    Posted on October 27th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    After the release of Apple iPhone 4S, the next most anticipated Apple produce might not be the next generation of Apple iPhone, but the iPad 3, which is rumored to be out in the first quarter of next year, which, absolutely, would be a false guess. The next generation of iPad is said to feature with a 10-inch large screen display. And to make the large screen display comfortable with users’ eyes, the iPad 3 screen display resolution must be high enough, which has been proved to be a big step for tablet and a big challenge for manufacturers. The latest rumor from CNET shows that the iPad 3 would feature with a 2048*1536 pixels high resolution screen display, which has really excited all iPad fans, even though still needs to be confirmed. If this is real, the visual effect on iPad 3 would be showed just as bellow:

    Apple Retina DisplayApple has always been trying to have a Retina Display-like resolution on the iPad 3, according to the source who is in contact with Asia-based suppliers who, in turn, are familiar with Apple’s plans. Apple makes a definition for Retina Display as having “pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels.” The iPhone 4S features a 960×640, 3.5-inch display that packs in 326PPI. At about 12 inches from the eye, this is the most amount of detail the human retina can see, according to Apple. If the iPad 3 would get such high screen resolution, the iPad 3 would absolutely become the best choice for you to watch HD Blu-ray on iPad. Also, playing HD videos on iPad 3 would be an enjoyable experience for you in your spare time.

    However, such high resolution screen display might still be a big challenge for manufacturers. “They have production plans for 2048×1536 displays. Starting in November. But those are only plans at this point,” said the source, referring to LG and Samsung.

    Thus, whether we can get 2048*1536 pixels HD screen display on iPad 3 or not is still in question. It still needs to be confirmed. Stay tuned for more information about iPad 3.

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