How to Play Blu-ray Folder on PC with the Best Professional Blu-ray Media Player Software

Without doubt, the Blu-ray movies provide higher quality visual effect. Blu-ray movies are becoming more and more popular. However, to play back Blu-ray discs, a BD-drive is a must have. Another way to watch Blu-ray movies is to play Blu-ray folder for HD movie enjoying. People may ask how to play back Blu-ray folder on Windows, especially on Windows 8. This guide would tell you how to play Blu-ray folder on PC with the best Blu-ray media player software.

Leawo Blu-ray Player is considered as the best Blu-ray media player software in the world to play Blu-ray movies and HD movies with flawlless quality. Being the best Blu-ray player software, this comprehensive Blu-ray media player could play videos and DVD movies for totally free. It could play back Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray folders with high quality. The below steps would show you how to play Blu-ray folders with Leawo Blu-ray Player.


Full Guide

Launch Leawo Blu-ray Player

After you download and install this free video player software on your PC, launch it. On the home interface of this free video player software, you can see two options: Open File box and disc box.

Select target files

As the target files are Blu-ray folders, you need to click "Open File" button. Then you only need to browse the Blu-ray folder on your computer.

  • Notice: If you want to play back Blu-ray folder, you only need to figure out the .m2ts file in the Stream folder of the BDMV folder, like "\BDMV\STREAM\00000.m2ts"

Subtitle setting

This professional Blu-ray media player software allows you to set subtitles for easy enjoying. On the upper left of the playback screen, people could click the "T" icon to set subtitles.

Video settings

On the upper left of this best media player software, you could also do video settings during Blu-ray movie playback.

Audio settings

To set audios, just take a click on the audio icon on the upper left corner of the playback screen. If you want to play movies with DTS 5.1 audio channel, go "Audio Settings" and select DTS 5.1 audio channel in "Audio Stream" option.

  • More settings are available: Users could choose to play back and watch Blu-ray movies with this professional Blu-ray media player software in full screen, freely choose to play back chapters or bonus features of a Blu-ray/DVD disc, etc.

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