How to Transfer TV Shows from iPad mini to Computer

What role is TV show playing in people’s daily entertainment? It is no exaggeration to say TV show to couch potatoes is what water to fish. Thanks to advanced technologies, TV show is not only accessible to TV sets but also available on portable devices like iPad mini. In fact, more and more people prefer to play TV shows on iPad mini rather than enjoy TV shows with TV sets. There are reasons for it. For one thing, the 7.9-inch IPS display not only makes iPad mini a walking TV set, but also guarantee the video quality of the TV shows. For another, iPad mini allows users to gain direct access to the best American TV shows via iTunes Store. Besides that, factors like low price strategy tag and good market reputation have also made iPad mini a favored choice for watching TV shows. As a consequence, people are looking for ways to transfer TV shows from computer to iPad mini.

However, as every coin has two sides, users may also desire to manage TV show transference from iPad mini to computer at times. In general, the transference process from iPad mini to computer helps users to back up the TV shows that they may delete with wrong operations. Since the storage of TV shows require large storage space which is far beyond the reach of the built-in memory of iPad mini, users can transfer TV shows from iPad mini to computer to make room for new TV series. Therefore, the transference of TV shows from iPad mini to computer is of great benefits to users.

However, since neither USB cable nor SD card work in the TV show transference from iPad mini to computer, users need to refer to third-party apps. To this extent, two methods on transferring TV shows from iPad mini to computer will be covered here.

Method One: Store TV shows with iCloud

As one of the most famous services created by Apple, iCloud is now widely employed by almost all Apple devices. Viewed as iTunes in the cloud, iCloud enables users to transfer TV shows from iPad mini to computer at ease. Theoretically, users are allowed to upload TV shows to the cloud with iPad mini and then download TV shows from the cloud with computer. However, in some cases, users find this method is not a feasible one.

Only purchased iPad mini TV shows can be uploaded to iCloud on the premise that those TV shows are still available in iTunes Store. Moreover, the uploading of TV show from iPad mini to iCloud is only accessible to users in America. Besides that, transferring TV shows from iPad mini to computer via iCloud is not only data-eating but also time-consuming. The limited cloud space provided by Apple also fails to meet users’ expectations.

Method Two: Transfer with Leawo iTransfer

Designed as a professional iPad mini transfer, Leawo iTransfer enables users to transfer data between iPad mini and computer at ease. As a consequence, users can only utilize Leawo iTransfer to transfer photos from iPad mini to computer but also TV shows from iPad mini to computer. Moreover, both the purchased TV shows and free-downloaded TV shows on iPad mini can be transferred to computer within a few clicks. Users can even choose the output location for the transferred iPad mini TV shows. However, Leawo iTransfer only works when users have iTunes installed beforehand.

iPad transfer

Download Leawo iTransfer

Download and launch the latest Leawo iTransfer and iTunes to make sure newly-released devices like iPad mini can be supported. Then connect the Apple mobile with computer via USB cable.

Choose iPad mini TV shows

Choose TV shows

Open Leawo iTransfer and then click “TV Shows” tab to list all TV shows on iPad mini in the right part. Choose those TV shows needed to be transferred from iPad mini to computer, right click the mouse and then choose “My Computer” option in the drop-down menu of “Transfer to“.

Transfer iPad mini TV shows

Start the transference

After all those steps, set the location of output file with “Save to folder” bar and click “Transfer Now” to start transferring TV shows from iPad mini to computer.   

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