How to Restore Deleted Movies from Nexus 7

Recently, the rivalry in the tablet market is becoming increasingly fierce. Amazon released Nexus 7, Google dropped Nexus 7, Samsung announced Galaxy tablet and Apple launched iPad 4. Among the four devices, only Nexus 7 and Nexus 7 are on the medium- and low-end market. Of course various comparison between these two slate can be seen everywhere on the internet. Now let us look at how the internet users review the Nexus 7.

“The Nexus 7 tablet is the first device you can buy that comes with the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, known as Jelly Bean. I like it very much”.

“This 7-inch tablet offers a high-definition screen, which means it can make even small text and icons look crisp and clear. If you hope to get through your favorite eBooks on it, I am sure you’ll be able to read for hours without feeling the strain. It’s bright and colorful too, making it perfect for enjoying movies download from the internet”.

“It comes with a premium price of only £160 when performs far better than any other device I have used. It really deserves more fans.”

The above is the reviews of the Nexus 7 from most of its users. We can infer that Nexus 7 is the best investment for those who extremely love watching movies on tablet. So I think it is necessary for you movie lovers to learn something about how to get back deleted movies from Nexus 7 because these unfortunately accidents of data lost are quite possible to happen.

To recover the deleted movies from Nexus 7, you should to turn to a professional data recovery for Nexus 7. Maybe you would feel it is too troublesome to find out a good one from various kinds of data recovery on the internet. So I would like to introduce you a perfect one named Leawo Data Recovery for Mac which is a reliable data recovery for Nexus 7. Below is the detailed guide about how to retrieve the deleted movies from Nexus 7 with this wonderful data recovery.

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Chose File Recovery Mode

Chose File Recovery Mode

Connect your Nexus 7 to Mac and run this reliable data recovery. Immediately it will offer you three file recovery modes. They are “File Recovery”, “Photo Recovery” and “Lost Partition Recovery”. If you cannot assure what kind of file you want to recover, you’d better choose “File Recovery” which allows you to recover all the lost files by deep scan all the recognized files stored on each sector.

Select Disk

Select Disk

Choose “File Recovery” and select the hard drive the lost or deleted movie originally saved. Click “More Options” and choose the target file types and check the option of “For Deleted Files” to scan the deleted files only. This operation will help you save your time.

Scan the Deleted Files on Mac

Scan the Deleted Files

Click “Next” to start scanning the deleted files.

Recovery the deleted movie

Recover the Deleted Movie

After the scanning, all the deleted files will be shown on the left side. And at the same time, you can preview them on the right side which helps you to choose the file you want to recover easily. Here you can find the deleted movies in the “Video” category, just check it and click the big “Recover” button to start recovering.


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