How to Protect SWF Files from Decompilers

June 26, 2012 / Posted by Dupont on Utilities

SWF Decompiler is such a double-edged sword that authors who created the SWF Flash content can easily get the materials he has used back, while on the other hand someone else can steal your work, replace the logo and put on his own site with no effort. To protect your SWF files from unethical usage of SWF Decompilers, you should encrypt your SWF file before publish online.

Leawo SWF Protector is a professional SWF obfuscator to help you easily encrypt SWF files. It is not encrypt your SWF by adding a password but obfuscate the ActionScript in original SWF files to make the source code unreadable to SWF Decompilers, and thus protect your SWF files from potential hackers.

Free download Leawo SWF Encrypt and install it on your computer, then follow the below steps to protect your SWF files form Decompilers.

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Load SWF files.

There are two different ways to import SWF files to the program. Load irrelevant SWF files for common files and load relevant SWF files to ensure successful invocation of SWF files after encryption.

Choose SWF flash encryption parameters.

Now choose the SWF encryption ways like Basic Encryption to obfuscate the names and Exceptional Encryption to exclude the items you don’t want to obfuscate and Intensified Encryption to encrypt intensively for some specific strings.

You can choose encryption parameters for every sing SWF file or just select all the imported SWF files and apply the same encryption settings.

Specify an output location and start encryption.

Set output directory in Output frame to save encrypted SWF flash files. Click the right bottom Encrypt button to start to encrypt SWF flash files upon the encryption ways you choose.

1. Protected SWF files could not be encrypted again by this SWF Encrypt program.

2. The SWF encryption will protect your SWF file and has no influence on the normal running on webpages.

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Leawo SWF Encrypt

Encrypt Flash SWF ActionScript to protect SWF files from unethical stolen using SWF Decompilers

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