How to Encrypt SWF Files on Mac

Suppose you have just finished your first flash game, you really want to publish it on website to share with more people, or make money from it. You have to be aware that no matter you publish the flash game in SWF format on your own website or other websites it is actually nothing different to visitors. They can easily download the SWF flash game to their computer for playing later using Adobe Flash Player. Or worse, they steal your ideas by reverse compiling the SWF file to its source code, so that they will get close to every secret of your hard working in minutes. This is one of the reasons why there are so many similar flash games online.

Mac computer is a very good workstation for individual developers to create SWF flash games because of its stability and fast speed. To protect your SWF files from unwanted hands, there is a great tool for help. Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac is an easy-to-use tool to encrypt and protect your SWF files for safe publishing. It obfuscates ActionScript to make SWF source code unreadable to even SWF decompilers and SWF decrypt tools. The encrypted SWF files can be played with Adobe Flash Player just as normal.

Free download Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac and install it on your computer, then follow the below steps to encrypt your SWF files on Mac. If you’re operating on Windows OS computer, you can turn to Leawo SWF Encrypt.


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Load SWF files.

Download and install this Mac SWF Encrypt tool on your computer. Run it and click “Add” button or simply drag and drop to import source SWF files for encryption.

Please notice that there are two different ways to import SWF files:

Add Relevant SWF file is for SWF files that have connections with each other, this option ensures invocation after obfuscation.

Add Irrelevant SWF file is suitable for any other individual SWF files.

After you added SWF files, there will be a mark show whether the SWF file is protected or not. Only “Unprotected” SWF files can be encrypted using Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac.

Choose SWF encryption ways.

Below the processing list panel, you can choose encryption ways to encrypt SWF flash files. For each SWF encryption way, there is a diagram with explanation aside. This Mac SWF Encrypt support batch encryption and you can choose to apply one encryption setting to all SWF files or decide specific encryption setting for each SWF file.

Choose output location.

In the “Output” frame, choose a location that you can easily find to save encrypted SWF files.

Encrypt SWF files.

Click the “Encrypt” button to encrypt SWF files on Mac upon the encryption ways you have chosen.

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