3 Best Free DVD Ripper Software

You may have some DVD movies and want to rip the DVDs so that you can watch them on tablets, smartphones, or other media players. However, you are unwilling to spend a fortune on a DVD ripping software. So under such an occasion, today I will share 3 best yet completely free DVD ripper software to help you guys along. Just choose your favorite one and rip the DVD movies with ease.

Top 1 Free DVD Ripper for Windows – HandBrake

HandBrake is my top choice for free DVD ripper software. The program supports any DVD source which is NOT copy protected as input. It’s apparent that copy protected DVD is not supported. It outputs MKV and MP4 videos with H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 codecs, and has preset profiles optimized for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Apple TV and Android. HandBrake comes with quite excellent video quality output. It offers a wealth of tweaking options to help you get the best possible file as the output. HandBrake is also quite easy to use thanks to its simple and understandable interface.

Pros: Excellent video quality output; easy to install; easy to use; support multi-platform;
Cons: Transcoding speed is slow; cannot rip protected DVDs unless paired with another software.

Tip: How to Rip DVD with HandBrake

Top 2 Free DVD Ripper for Windows – WinX Free DVD Ripper

Surely the second best free DVD converter is WinX Free DVD Ripper. The program enables you to rip encrypted DVD to videos in AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPEG and FLV formats, or rip DVD for playback on devices including iPod, Apple TV, iPhone, HTC, Samsung and PSP. It even allows you to rip DVD to music. With its presetting profiles, you could finish the DVD ripping task in a jiffy. This freeware DVD ripper additionally offers some settings and options for quality output. WinX Free DVD Ripper is very easy to use thanks to its well arranged interface. For the basic DVD ripping requirements, WinX Free DVD ripper is a great tool to have.

Pros: Fast ripping speed; easy to use; ideal for newbies;
Cons: Doesn’t support DVDs encrypted by Disney X-project DRM adopted by Disney, Paramount and Warner; no multi-core CPU support; poor image quality; limited outputs and inputs.

Top 3 Free DVD Ripper for Windows – DVDFab HD Decrypter

Here comes the third free DVD ripper software option – DVDFab HD Decypter. The program not only decrypts nearly any DVD movies by removing all kown DVD protections, but copies any DVD to your hard drive as DVD folder or ISO image file. Far as I know, the program also supports to remove part of the Blu-ray protections and copy Blu-ray to hard drive. In addition, you can customize copies with 2 copy modes and advanced settings. It’s a pity that this powerful DVD ripper has no support for ripping DVD to common video, so you have to use a third party video converter like HandBrake to convert copied, unprotected DVD movies to common video for freely playback.

Pros: Easy to operate; remove nearly all DVD protections; multiple settings;
Cons: Can’t rip DVD to common video unless paired with another video converter software like HandBrake.

Another Great DVD Ripper Software – Leawo DVD Ripper

You must find that above mentioned 3 free DVD ripping software are with varying degrees of flaws. For instance, HandBrake cannot rip copy protected DVD; WinX Free DVD Ripper is with limited inputs and outputs; DVDFab HD Decrypter only copies DVD to hard drive as DVD folder or ISO Image file.

So if you need a piece of DVD ripper software to handle all those flaws, you can turn to Leawo DVD Ripper. The program could rip DVD to video and audio in over 180 formats. No matter the source DVD is copy protected or unprotected, Leawo DVD Ripper could rip it easily. Meanwhile, high video/audio quality output and fast ripping speed are completely ensured.

Further, no matter you want to customize the quality output through "Video size", "Video code", "Bite rate" or other output parameters, hands-on edit video or make 3D movies, Leawo DVD Ripper could match the needs to the fullest. It also supports multi-core CPU, batch import, subtitles and audio tracks selection …… Actually Leawo DVD Ripper comes with richness of DVD ripper features.

Leawo DVD Ripper even has a friendly user interface without any settings difficult to access or buried deep inside it, and it only takes you about 30 seconds to know how it works even if you are a newbie. Wanna take it a try now? Just download it via below link. There is also a Mac version of Leawo DVD ripper.


Check here to know how to rip DVD with Leawo DVD Ripper.

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