How to Rip DVD to MKV

Dear editor, I am a really big movie fan, having hundreds of blu-ray discs in my home. Recently, I met a Canadian girl on the internet, who was also interested in movies. I would like to share my collection with her. However, transferring blu-ray discs via internet directly seems impossible for me. Is there any software which can help me rip these blu-ray discs to MKV? Thanks a lot.

Dear movie fan, it is my pleasure to answer your question. Many movie fans may face similar problems as you do. Certainly, the good quality of video and audio gains blu-ray discs increasing popularity among movie fans. As for them, enjoying a blu-ray movie on weekends and holiday is relaxing and pleasant after working for a whole week. However, enjoying a great movie without sharing may decrease the pleasure. Would not it be wonderful if you can rip blu-ray to MKV and share it with friends in another country? With Leawo DVD Ripper, blu-ray ripping will no longer be a problem. You can download Leawo DVD Ripper from the links below:

When you finished downloading, follow the guidance to install Leawo DVD Ripper.

How to Rip DVD to MKV

Then how to rip a blu-ray disc to MKV? Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 Run Leawo DVD Ripper
Open the file where you installed Leawo DVD Ripper in and double-click the icon to run the software. Here is the main interface of Leawo DVD Ripper.

Step 2 Load DVD

Click the “Load DVD” under the file menu and select the DVD drive or folder you need to rip.

Step 3 Choose the Settings
Check the files you need to rip, and choose the format you want in the profile list. Hereby, MKV is chosen as an example. You are free to choose other formats as you wish. Also, in this step, you can choose the output location in the output list. Later, you will find the ripped files you need in that location.
Tip: Users may adjust the video quality or audio quality in the list according to their own preference. If you need all these files to be ripped into one, check “Merge into one file”. Then the videos will appear by one full file.

Step 4 Rip the DVD
Click the rip button with an arrow, then the program will start ripping. This process may cost time if the DVD has a large size. Please wait patiently until it is done.
Tips: If you are using an unregistered version, there will be a window popping up. Click “Evaluate” if you would like to try it on for the time being, or click “Order” to go to the website to purchase a full functional version.

When the progress reaches 100%, you will be able to enjoy and share your video collection with your friends anywhere. If you prefer to rip your DVD in a lossless way, Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter may be a better option for you. Want to know more about Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter? This article “Best HandBrake Alternative: Rip Copy Protected DVD and More Outputs” may offer you help.


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