How to Convert 2D Video to TS 3D Video?

In you are inclined to 3D videos for its lifelike display effect, you must have the desire to convert 2D videos at hand to awesome 3D videos, right? The rise of various 3D display devices add to the 3D visual entertainment. Some 3D players support TS 3D videos so if you want to enjoy common 2D videos on these 3D devices, what you need to do firstly is to convert 2D to 3D TS video. After 2D video to 3D TS video conversion is done, you can watch the fantastic 3D TS videos with professional 3D glasses. In the following, there is a simple guide for you to refer to. Just within a few simple steps, you are able to master the way on how to convert 2D video to TS 3D video. To convert 2D video to 3D TS video, 2D to 3D TS Video Converter plays an important role.


Full Guide

Add 2D Video Files

This 2D to 3D TS Video Converter supports batch importation so that you can import video files one by one or load video folder at a time, by means of "Add Video" icon or "File" item or direct drag-and-drop. You will see the imported videos presented in the processing list, you can choose a 3D Setting Modes (Red/Cyan, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, Side by Side) in this step or in the next step. You are also allowed to change video name and video order, get access to video information, preview video and take video screenshots and more in this step.

3D Settings

In this step you are permitted to add some 3D features to the output. Pick up a 3D Setting Mode referring to your 3D glasses, and adjust 3D Depth effect by dragging the sliders or directly inputting an exact value in 3D Depth box. You can have a real-time preview of the 3D video effect.

Choose TS as Output Format

Back to the main interface and go to "Profile" to pick up "TS" as the output file format. In order to fast get approach to the wanted format, you can turn to profile search function. Type the wanted file in the searching box and then you can successfully search and position the target TS output file format.

Start to convert 2D Video to 3D TS Video

Click on the big "Convert" button to start to convert 2D to 3D TS video. And without waiting, you can get the 3D TS video for the fast video conversion speed within this 2D to 3D TS Video Converter. You can then enjoy 3D TS videos anytime anywhere.

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Extended Knowledge

TS video format stands for Transport Stream which is specified in MPEG-2. It is a standard format for video, audio, data transmission and storage, and is used in broadcast systems such as DVB and ATSC. Compared to PS which is developed for reliable media like DVDs, TS is designed for less reliable transmission like broadcast. TS format has been adopted by some 3D players, which is the reason users have to convert 2D to 3D TS video format for enjoying 3D videos.


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