How to Realize 2D to 3D Conversion for Enjoying Anaglyph Videos?

3D movie fans like you may look for 2D to 3D conversion software to convert 2D to 3D video with the best effect. So many 2D videos at hand but few 2D to 3D conversion videos available, you may find it rather frustrating when you want to enjoy 3D videos on weekends, on holidays or on the way to scenic spots. It would be rather heart-stirring if there is a way to achieve 2D to 3D movie conversion. Actually, if you desire to fulfill 2D conversion to 3D, with only a smart 2D to 3D Video Converter, you can carry out 3D movie conversion flawlessly. In the following, there is a simple guide for you to conduct 3D video conversion. Go through it and you will get 3D videos successfully with the best 2D to 3D conversion software.


Full Guide

Add 2D Video

To achieve 2D to 3D film conversion, you should first browse 2D video files on your local computer via "Add Video" or "File" button. Choose the ones you want to convert to 3D and load them to the program by one click. To see which type of 3D glasses you own and choose a 3D Setting Mode (Red/Cyan, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, Side by Side) for 3D Settings in the next step.

For users’ preference, you can also do the following jobs:

  • Rename the video and rearrange the video order
  • Get original video detailed information
  • Preview video and take screenshots
  • Do video and audio parameter settings
  • Set video and audio quality
  • Merge all video files into a single file
  • Apply all settings to all video files

3D Settings

To get the best 3D video display effect, you need to do some 3D settings in this step. If 3D Setting Mode has not been chosen in the previous step, you can as well pick up one here. 3D Setting Mode is about the type of 3D glasses you are going to use, so check out your 3D glasses when you make a selection on it. You can also get the proper 3D Depth effect by dragging the sliders or inputting the value into the 3D Depth box.

Choose Output Format

On the main interface, go to "Profile" to select the output file format according to your unique needs. Different 3D players corresponds to different file formats, so make sure the output file format is compatible with your 3D device.

Start 2D to 3D Movie Conversion

With this 2D to 3D movie conversion software, you are able to get the output videos with high quality within the shortest time. By clicking on the big "Convert" button, you can get 2D conversion to 3D done soundly.

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Extended Knowledge

3D stands for three dimensions, so 3D film refers to three-dimensional film or stereoscopic film. 3D film is a motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception. 2D is the computer-based generation of images in two geometric dimensions. With the development of 2D to 3D technology, there have been many 3D players that can help users play 3D videos at home, so 3D video conversion software emerges as the 3D era requires.


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